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RE: Steemit Engagement Challenge Week # 3 | Defend The Statements (Be critical thinkers) | by @faizanwrites07 | 20% to @Pak-charity | Club5050

in STEEMIT PAKISTAN10 months ago

I agree with that we men should know the basics at least, and personally I do know and can cook basic meals for myself or anyone with me but we should accept that in our asian societies, the practice of men cooking is not so much appreciated. As from the childhood mothers will cook and sisters do the helpfull but brothers don't go kitchen to help, so it's the upbringing that matters.

Thank you for your time and kind words and pointing out a very good point of the men shall know the basic cooking.

 10 months ago 

Yes you are absolutely right about the upbringing part. And I appreciate you for breaking the stereotype and knowing basic cooking skills :)

 10 months ago 

These basics are essential as we can stay alone anywhere and these are helpful for ourselves. So, no matter we are men or women we should know the basics of life.

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