The Diary Game - April 2, 2022 | Pre-Ramadan Preparations and Activities

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Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is the holiest month for all Muslims. The rewards for virtuous deeds, zakat, sadaqah, prayers and fasting in this month are multiplied. Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset and by doing so practice tolerance, learn to control worldly desires and appetite. In case you don't know, Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins.


Glimpse of my sanctuary

I do some preparations before Ramadan starts to spend more time in religious activities and make the most out of this month. Similarly, this time the day before Ramadan was extremely hectic for me. We did Ramadan grocery a week before to avoid the supermarket crowd on the last day.

There were some items that we still needed to buy. Therefore, we planned to go to a nearby supermarket. Another reason for going was to get some new toys for kids which would keep them occupied for a few days.

Before going, we took some time to prepare a delicious and light breakfast because for the rest of the month we had to eat healthy and nutritious food for sehri to maintain energy levels throughout the day.


Greek Omelet

On our way to the grocery store, we picked up a friend of mine as her car wasn't with her that day and she also needed to buy stuff for Ramadan. The kids were super excited and went straight to the toy section while I scanned the kitchen section for some tools like a serrated knife and a silicone spatula.

A serrated knife cuts bread, tomatoes and cucumbers very well.
Silicone Spatula is best for flipping thin items in cooking and a great tool for mixing.

When we came back, it was nearly lunchtime. I was super hungry so we ate some leftover Biryani from last night. I finished lunch with great difficulty as kids were constantly nagging me to help them with their new toys. The little one got a volleyball and the elder one got a tub of legos. I gave them a headstart with legos and returned to my work.


Legos - 37 STEEM , volleyball - 10 STEEM

I was planning to deep clean the kitchen and make items ready for Ramadan. Like I filled some jars, ground some spices, made room for Iftar essentials like dates, jam-e-shireen, ketchup and chutneys etc.

It took me an hour in the kitchen and then I sorted toys. There were a huge pile of broken and unnecessary items. I put the broken ones in the trash and the ones that kids don't play with anymore to my househelp.

I don't take pictures while I am doing chores at the home. I forget mostly and mainly because I lose momentum so I keep the phone(camera) away.

I was super tired by the evening. I had a light dinner and retired to my room. I took out my new watercolours set which is not exactly new as I bought it last month but didn't touch it again. I decided to watch tutorials to finally begin my watercolour practice.

It might be a little difficult this month, but I have limited my other physical activities and will be spending the whole time at home. So it would be good to have one therapeutic-hour of painting every other day during the long hours of the day.


Watercolors set

I have learnt quite a few things about watercolours and colour theory etc and learning more. I was thinking to share my findings and learnings with you here, it might be helpful for other beginners as well. What do you think?

I will just end this post here and return to my curatorial duties. I am curating lifestyle content this month with steemcurator08. Do read the guidelines and get a chance to earn extra rewards.

Thank you.

 2 years ago 

I also do the same, pre ramazan preparations are necessary and thanks to my mom that she has taught us the same way that Ramazan is for ibadat and we should try to make most of it <3

P.s Picture quality is amazing sharp and clear <3

 2 years ago 

Very well written! Masterpiece for those who are in learning process

 2 years ago 

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Thank you @vvarishayy 🙂

 2 years ago 

I think it is mandatory to clean the kitchen in every house before Ramadan so that the month of Ramadan can be made easier. That's what we did Before Ramadan. 🌸

 2 years ago 
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 2 years ago 

Cleaning is the toughest thing to do.
But I am waiting for your next diary about watercolor...I want to know where you buy?? what is the company?? Results ??? etc etc😍😍😍

 2 years ago 

Cleaning is tough but the satisfaction you get later is unmatched.

I will try to write another post on those watercolors soon and share every detail. 🙂

 2 years ago 

Impressive! There’re numerous things we get to learn aimlessly and I think it gives you weird satisfaction as well!😂

 2 years ago 

amazing post, no words

 2 years ago 

Superb. If you share your findings & learnings from watercolors I am sure many of users will be able to learn new things. With the Ramadan festive season you seem to have a lot of work in the kitchen. You have spent another day productively. Have a good times! ❤️

Idk much about the types of omelette but how can one call this an omelette if it still has yolk intact xD

 2 years ago 

Hahaha.. nice observation. Actually I followed a Greek Omelet's recipe but this extra yolk( I hate egg yolks) was specially placed by my husband. XD

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