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Aoa to all steemians !

Hello friends, I hope you are well. I have been very busy for many days due to which I could not post anything. Today I am posting after about eight days, so let's start the diary.
I woke up in the morning, I prayed and recited a little bit of the Qur'an, then I took a morning walk and came home about half an hour later. I had breakfast at home and went to work at my university.

About eleven o'clock was my first class. After attending, when I came home, I rested for a while and then I went to the salon. I had an appointment there today. As I mentioned in my previous diary, my cousin is getting married so I thought why not do something with the hair.

I get bored because of one look. That's why I change my hair from time to time. I would be around four o'clock and when I got there I thought of getting a high light. Hair is a very important part of our personality so I am very scared whenever I do anything with hair. Well, I turned on the high lights and I really liked the pictures I show you here.

It took about three hours and then I came home and was very tired. We also had a dinner tonight at eight o'clock which I had time to go. I quickly got ready for it. The whole family was there. All the cousins ​​were also there. We had alot of fun there.


We also had a cousin's birthday which we thought was a surprise. She had no idea that we would celebrate her birthday because dinner was planned so long ago. We were all sitting and talking. Suddenly I brought a cake and she was very surprised and very happy. This way her birthday was celebrated along with the dinner. We've all had a great time with our family and it was a great day for me to remember.

I hope you enjoyed the diary. Take care of yourself. Good Bye.

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Kind Regards;


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 last year 

I really like the new style and color of your hairs :D 😂

By the way, I want to remind you that you are not eligible for club5050 because you have just withdrawn some steem from your account and didn't powered up.

Let me remind you One more thing which is club5050 is now for 1 Month Not for 7 days.

Ok sir.

Your today diary game is good. You need some steems of your weekly earning change into power up then you tage club5050.

I don' t know the rules before thank you for reminding.

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 last year 

This was great work @eshacheema786 Your day was also too good.

Thank you @fabiha

 last year 

Wow you had a great day. And hair color suits you perfectly. 😍

Hy @eshacheema786
Your hair style is very good and attractive
and you write a nice diary

Thank you @ammarakbar

Thank you 💕

 last year 

MashAllah Hair look so pretty 💞 after reading your diary I said wow literally 👌

Thank you preety

 last year 

Pleasure 😊

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