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RE: Steemit Engagement Challenge Week # 3 | Defend The Statements (Be critical thinkers) | by @janemorane

Hello @janemorane

I quite understand your point of view about the importance of Money is our life.
However, I feel that money compliments love. Love is not a villain of this statement. Love is a beautiful thing although it can be corrupted so also money can be corrupted.

yes I agree that love is important in life but if you cannot fulfill your basic needs, your necessities love is useless in your life...

Our life does not just evolve all-around basic needs or necessities. We have people we cherish that money cannot buy. If they die we can't buy back their life we only hold on to their memories.

Best wishes on your contest post


I totally understand how important money is for us but if you cannot fulfil your basic needs you cannot survive. Love will just accompany you in your hard times but cannot help you in survival.
I respect your words and thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts as well.

Absolutely brilliant!
Thank you for your explanation

Exactly... Money compliments love. There are things money can't buy and if we have those that can stay by, and with us, we will enjoy our lives even when we can't afford some things. To me, I think love is more important than money....

Your comment is knowledgeable
It is all about our point of views
As long as we make a strong point off our statement.

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