Mother Language || My Participation in weekly contest by @drhira

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The topic of engagement is very unique and lovable i-e mother language. Thank you for choosing such a good topic, I am excited to write about it, but sometimes when we over-excited could not know how to express our deeper feelings and gratitude towards a feeling.


First of all,

  • What is the mother language?

  • A language that is sometimes called native or regional language which a child acquired as he or she opened eyes in this universe. He learned this language how fast because this language is his own, he loved to just revise the sounds of his mother. In a deeper sense, how much we are attached to these sounds; our learning capability is based on our mother language.

  • Taking into account, we can observe that nations have given worth to their mother language to such extent that internationally a day is observed to celebrate as international mother day worldwide.
    Let's know

  • The history behind International Mother Language Day:
    International Mother Language Day has been observed annually since 2000 on February 21st it started to promote peace and multilingualism around the world and to protect all mother languages International Mother Language Day is observed on February 21st of every year.
    Speak your mother language:

  • I noticed, how much we are educated, whether we are taking part in a political or academic conference or negotiating a business deal it's always important to speak your mother language.
    first, if we are speaking in our mother language, we can say exactly what we want to say with precisely the right tone and degree of formality there are no inaccuracies no compromises our message would not be watered-down.
    Secondly, we can position our message correctly choose words carefully be more diplomatic express a nuanced viewpoint there's also less chance of putting your foot in it

  • Finally, and this is the point I think often isn't appreciated if you speak your mother tongue you will sound smarter what's more your listeners will be able to focus on what you're saying rather than being distracted by your accent or any pronunciation errors if you speak your mother tongue you can be
    confident and precise.
    Dedication to mother language

  • Allah created this universe beautifully, and the most beautiful in this universe is mother.


Mom all beauty of this universe is just because of you
Your love is sweeter than honey
Everything I learned from you is just awesome
Either your way of love or teaching
Your love is so pious
Your love is precious

I feel the honor to talk in Punjabi as it's my mother language, I never female ashamed of speaking in Punjabi, I am proud of it, as it is sweet like my mom’s love.

مینوں ساڈی مادری زبان پنجابی تے فخر اے

ساڈی مٹھی زبان پنجابی


Best Regards,

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Really amazing post keep it up

Really impressive always feel proud of your mother language

you explain mother language beautifully i hope you will be winner .Always proud on your mother language best of luckk

。OH you looking so beautiful in your childhood . I am Punjabi too。

 6 months ago 

I always like your post .the way you write is wonderful. i love my mother language best of luck for contest

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