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Hello friends, how are you? I hope all is well. I am also fine with the grace of Allah. I pray to Allah Almighty to keep you happy forever. May Allaah help you to earn lawful sustenance and may Allaah bless you with wealth and sustenance in your house and may Allaah protect you from every calamity. May Allaah bless you and your family forever May God grant you success




I got up early this morning and went out to exercise as usual. I exercised for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then I came back home. Then I went to take a bath to freshen up. He told my mother to prepare my breakfast. My mother prepared breakfast and gave it to me. I had breakfast and after that I started using Facebook on my mobile phone for some time. He said where are you? Today we had to go for a walk. I said I am getting ready. I will contact you. Then you bring a motorbike. When I fell in love, I called him and he took me to his house.


About nine o'clock my friend and I went for a walk on the farm. The farm was a short distance from our house. It took some time and we reached the farm. We went there and saw that there were some employees working there. He asked them if we could see the form. He said, "Don't worry, look at the form. We first went and saw that they had installed most of the solar system. We went and saw a large number of solar panels." After seeing all this, we moved on




When we got further, we saw that there were a lot of animals tied up. There were cows and oxen of the established breed. We saw how they were taking care of them. There is an employee to take care of these animals. Then we saw that there was a very good arrangement at the place where the cows and oxen were tied. The animals were fed grass and they were eating grass. There was a separate watering system and in the summer there were enough and big fans to keep the animals cool and after seeing all this we had to move on.





When we got there, we saw that the milk of the cows was being extracted from the animals. Then the milk was being poured there. After seeing all this, we went further and further and saw that there was a separate place where the animals were bathed and the animals were put down. There was a shower system on top and then we had to walk out of there




Going outside, we saw how the grass was being cut. When we went there, we saw corn plots standing. A tractor was cutting the grass and throwing it on the other side in small pieces. At the same time, the grass was falling in it. Then a separate place was made with the grass of the tractor trolley, around which a wall of about seven feet was erected. He would go there and put the grass and There was a tractor standing there, collecting the grass with the help of a bale and collecting it, then it was saved by putting clean etc. on it and then this grass is used all the year round after seeing all this. When we got back home, he had been gone for a long time and the call to prayer had been made. This is my busy day today






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