The diary game 16/11/2021

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Hello friends, how are you? I hope all is well. I am also perfectly fine by the grace of Allah. I pray to Allah Almighty to keep you happy forever. May Allaah help you to earn lawful sustenance and may Allaah bless your house with wealth and sustenance and may Allaah protect you from every calamity. May God grant you success


I got up early this morning as usual then I went for ablution to perform the prayers. After getting up and freshening up, I told my mother to prepare breakfast. My mother prepared breakfast and I went to breakfast and then I started using my mobile. To get some luggage, I took out my motorbike and walked towards Mianwali. When I reached Mianwali, it was half past nine. I did not withdraw any money from the bank. I went to Syeda Bank. Had to


Then I had to buy a nice kind of hat for myself. I went to Attari General Store. All kinds of things are available here. I reached there and asked the shopkeeper to show me some good kind of hats. Please tell me the amount of this hat. This hat is worth so much money. I saw some hats that I liked. I paid for it and bought the hat.



After covering some distance, when I reached the shop, some people were standing to pick up the goods. They pack my luggage. They packed my luggage and packed it in one place and tied me on my motorbike. Then I took the luggage and walked home from there. I was hungry so I told them at home to give me food. After eating I rested for a while


About three o'clock I went to the towel man and asked him to give me water because I had to water the grass. I came and cleaned the food. After watering, I fertilized the grass. When I reached home after finishing the water, after taking a bath, I changed my clothes and then I went for gossip. This was my busy schedule today.





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Congratulations keep it up.


You had a great day it seems, keep up the good work brother.


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#club5050 😀

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To succeed in anything. One has to work harder. Show that you do. May Allah bless you with more success. Amen

Regards @cryptokethor

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