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Daily Diary
June 15th, 2021


I hope that you all are doing great. So I am back with my daily diary. i am very happy because my father is coming back tomorrow In Sha Allah from his job and on weekend both of my sisters will going to visit us. As my father was coming so i had lots of work to complete before he come. He wants that his bike must be up to date when he comes so i had to go visit mechanic as well for some small maintenance of his bike.
There is a very famous saying that hard work pays of and guess what Alumdulilah I got a very good GPA in my final exams so i also decided to give treat to my brother and mother because of my good result as well. I did lots of things today so without wasting any further lets get straight to my daily diary.


I have a bit issue of high cholesterol so last night i decided to do fasting so that i will be able to go for the test of cholesterol because cholesterol test required fasting of 12 hours.
After waking up at 7:30 AM i went to drop my mother and then i came back home as 12 hours of my fasting will going to complete at 9:30 AM so i decided to watch a little bit of Netflix. After that i went to nearest laboratory for the blood test.
Then oi came back home and prepared breakfast for my self. After having my breakfast i went to my cousin as he wanted to visit his university campus because of some work. After that he asked me if i was feeling hungry but i said so he insisted me to have some so i got agree on a cup of tea just. after that we left fpr the Iqra University Main Campus. After completing our work their i came bac home and because of traffic i got extremely late and it was about 1:00 PM when i came bac home.

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Then after coming back home i quickly got freshen then i picked my brother and went straight to Broadway on of the most famous Pizza place in Karachi. We ordered two things my brother wanted to try All Cheese Pizza and i wanted to try their Sandwich so after getting our ordered we came back home.
Then we had our lunch and the sauces are just mind blowing they were extremely good. I will recommend you all if you ever visit Broadway must try these two sauces i am attaching the picture below.
After lunch i rested for a while and then went to mechanic so that when my father come try he find his bike in a perfect condition. Actually what happened that we have two bike so when my father went to his job i started using his bike so that is the reason that his bike needed maintenance .
Mechanic told me that it will going to take some time so i sat their and decided to go once the bike is completely in a perfect condition. It took approximately 2 hours and then i came back home and was feeling extremely tired but i have to visit a dentist as well.

These are the sauces i was talking about

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Then i decided to go to dentist and when i reached the clinic the doctor was a bit late. When he came i quickly got my check up done and then i went to my nearest restaurant as i wanted to eat a chicken roll.
After taking the chicken roll i came back home and had my dinner. Then i got a message from DOW laboratory that my report for cholesterol is ready so i checked online but it was a little bit bad and now on wards i have to control my diet and eat healthy things only. Right now i am watchin TV and sharing my daily diary with you all.

Here Is My Cholesterol Report


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