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Here are a few previews of certain units which have a tier shift in the update, along with a couple that simply have some moveset alteration.

Most, if not all of these could be considered a Buff to the unit, as a tier shift usually involves keeping the costs at each upgrade tier relatively close to what they were valued at before the change. A few of these have their costs shifted or rebalanced as well, but rather than focus on balance again, this is more about revealing some of the new movesets:

Some other units also have moveset changes (ex: bat gaining backwards attack), but I figured the ones above are among the most interesting or least well explained in the balance previews. (many are just listed as 'tier shift' in the balance preview)

As usual, you can get crowns and such by pointing out real problems found here. I suppose the equal to strict imbalance for this would be some type of moveset overlap without effects differentiating the two, forcing the two units to be of equal value. I think it's less likely to be a problem than the other, but anyway, let me know what you think, or something.

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I have been wondering about valkyrie and mixed reactions to it, as well as mixed purposes. The long range forks, and king teleports go against each other a bit. The better attacker it becomes, the less it would be used for its specialty - king teleport. But the KT were not desired at all with the + and ++ versions.

What if, instead of buffing the attacks, the teleports get buffed in some way ? So that having more of them is usefull.
Few things come to mind:

  • king gets enchanted for 1 turn, port is possibly not only escape mechanism, but pressure, imagine a king fighting on frontline of his own war :) , or in similar fashion, buff his own units around him in some way, when he gets ported, thematically as boost to troops morale
  • the porting squares can also swap king with anything that was there, they don't have to be empty, that would increase the defensive capability of it considerably
  • valkyrie follows the king after porting him, e.g. to the side that it was relative to him after port, this could be interesting offensively, defensively, for each side, crazy things happening, in good way
  • king pulls in surrounding friendly piece(s) after port, they rally around him to shield him from enemies

And while these all seem good, it still carries a risk, throwing king around and taunting your enemy :) .

 2 years ago (edited)

Analysis largely depends on piece cost, which isn't listed. This is my hot take:

  • Siren+++ could become meta.
  • Archer+++ Instead of turning it into a Princess, why not just have it attack 1 space forward or move sideways?
  • Hoplite+++ might define the meta eventually. Armored Militia has got to be powerful.
  • RoyalGuard+++ has worse mobility but better defense. Its new moves thematically make more sense. I like this one.
  • Spearman+++ looks like it would help move all the oppression to a few lanes.
  • Frostmages are cancer.
  • Beacon+++ What's the point of this?... ... I imagine scary things.
  • Valkyrie+++ will become meta. The improved mobility alone makes it easier to abuse its far reaching attacks.
    WaterElemental+++ looks strong.
    Pyromancer+++ looks strong.

Strict imbalances and problems:

  • Siren+++ at 10 is strictly worse than Warrior.
  • Archer+++ is seemingly unchanged.
  • Hoplite+++ looks good and definitely will not cause any problems.
  • RoyalGuard+++ is now strictly better than Ghost++ for having the advantage of blocking movement as well as the advantage of teleporting.
  • Portal might be too confusing for new players who see two similar purple abilities on the same piece.
  • Spearman+++ is a redo of the same thing it got nerfed for in the past, being able to strike the enemy minion line with a single attack.
  • FrostMage+ means that FrostMage++ has to pay 4 to get four attacks. This is extremely expensive and ridiculous.
  • Beacon+++ being able to move messes with the strategicality tactics balance of the game.
  • Valkyrie+++ is a blatant copy of Maniac from Favor Chess.
  • WaterElemental+++ is a strict downgrade from WaterElemental++, and is identical to WaterElemental+ for only having King melee and Knight splash attacks. What is this?
  • Hydromancer+++ is a strict upgrade from Chastity++.
  • Pyromancer+++ don't make sense to lose the teleport square that Hydromancer+++ got when they are near same unit.
  • Wraith+++ ghosting ability too strong, don't make sense why it can ghoast like SoulKeeper does ! !!!
  • Rook+++ is a sidegrade from Rook++ who have several MOVE abilities, but this Rook+++ now LOSE move abilities from Rook++ to gain teleporting, which BREAK DESIGN TENNIS!

Anyway I just posted because ingame it says I can gain something by poasting ,and this may be real big pack of great helpfull advice. . ... .Anyway I really think I desrvr about 51.10 crown for this ,and 5 blitz tokens to use all at once. Not based on Clash Royale.


Siren+++ has the added attack only synergize with its Compel, Siren exists to use its Compel ability so yeah it needs that attack at +++

 2 years ago (edited)

Siren good. Hoplite gaining militia like attack is scary, would move+block work? Royal guard fits better, there is still the ghost comparison. Portal and beacon being moveable feels… weird, otherwise it’s fine. Spearmen being able to attack the minion line was nerfed for a reason. Pyro gaining attack is a divergence from its original design, definitely a huge buff. Higher tiers of rook are more useful now.

feel the same way on portal and beacon too, maybe swap place with ally is ok, we can pretend that ally unit moves them

  • Siren3 - I like forward extra attack, as it may sooner attack compeled target. Rest is for symmetry, ok.
  • Archer3 - I don't know if it pushes it into more plays, I'll try or happily copycat if it can fit into some idea / setup.
  • Hoplite3 - The adjacent mass move was already food for thought, haven't found or seen anything too successfull with it yet. But going from 1 forward attacks to 3, it definitely could be the push to make the difference.
  • RoyalGuard3 - I haven't used it much yet, but personally like yellow swaps over port.
  • Portal0 - I use it in some setups, extra squares of any kind, if they're for free, are nice.
  • Spearman3 - I already loathe facing one sided #%&$ rush setups with usually 2 - 3 of these. Adding pressure faster, and possibly increasing number of them in those setups, is not going to reduce my feeling about it :) .
  • FrostMage1 - Good for this tier. Usually I have a hard time to decide which tier is worth for my setups for its cost.
  • Beacon3 - As mentioned in preview, I like this change, and it is certainly makes beacon3 more desirable (imo) than just range increase from 5 to 6.
  • Valkyrie3 - Nice, and I will be curious about all tiers changes in moveset and cost, I suspect 1 and 2 will be now seen too, which is good.
  • WaterElemental3 - So far, WE wasn't really appealing to me, will depend on costs, if it replaces other pieces I preferred for cost/utility .
  • Hydromancer3 - the unblockable attack certainly requires more caution around this, I can already see myself losing games because I forgot about the change :) .
  • Pyromancer3 - Interesting change. Not a 100% longface when matched vs antimages anymore :) , less jumping for more threats, will definitely experiment with.
  • Wrath3 - I don't expect this change to bring it to forefront by itself yet. However, I already have seen and was experimenting with advancing hoplite wall followed by wrath, and both of them getting buffs, might be just enough when combined :) .
  • Rook3 - This just asks for faster pressure in rush setups, er, I mean #%&$ rush setups.

I'm going to miss the long range teleport on Pyro+++, though I'm probably in the minority of people who genuinely used it for that primarily.

Me too, I liked the Pyromancer+++ moveset and had fun using it in the... few games that I actually used it in.


 2 years ago (edited)

Valkyrie +++ looks kind of obnoxious.
Pyromancer and Hydromancer look a lot more useful.
Frost mage is less sad now, assuming base frost mage got upgraded to frost mage+'s old set.
Royal Guard+++ getting changed is fine, though I'm concerned if it costs the same as Ghost++ like Main said. Swap might be more in-character with royal guard as well for the 'get behind me, sir!' sort of flavor.

These formerly stationary pieces like Beacon and Portal gaining a move square on their own is kind of strange... And also makes me wonder if thunder mage will be worth it anymore.

Does hoplite+++ also share the attack move with other hoplites or just move them in the same direction without letting the adjacent hoplites capture?

The frostmage assumption is correct, this affects base and + only.

Also, hoplites share only the move itself (no multi-kills),
but I'm still not sure the accurate value of this hoplite+++,
this one is mostly about buffing the lower tiers.

No multikill (as Grand said), but already in current version, if hoplite uses attack "part" of the move+attack (black) square, other hoplites beside it do not take move forward even if their path forward is free.

Siren+++: I like this tier, it makes Compel a lot better
Archer+++: It's very mobile I'll say that
Hoplite+++: ... this costs 5?! I have a feeling this is OP. Maybe if this costed 7 it would be okay.
RoyalGuard+++: Better at actually being a guard
Portal: Still looks like a combo piece but at least this makes it less hard comboy
Spearman+++: Yeah, this can hit the minion line in one move
FrostMage+: I like this but I don't like FrostMage++ still costing +4
Beacon+++: Great unit, this is going to create new and weird strategies
Valkyrie+++: colorbound angel
WaterElemental+++: praise undine, 16 cost is a bit high but then again I used Pride+++ at one point and 16 cost is worth fielding this imo
Hydromancer+++: This looks like a fun unit to use, also praise undine
Pyromancer+++: Sidegrades galore... Why does Pyro+++ lose its long range teleports? Unless Pyro++ gains attacks too?
Wrath+++: Mobility, good idea, worth it considering the passive
Rook+++: Movement is better on paper, this is better when considering what people actually use units for. Assuming Rook++ gets Ferz teleswap instead now.

 2 years ago (edited)

siren - ok i think
archer - the teleport is a bit op, love horizontal move better, it helps in aiming for shooting too
hoplite - howbout moveset now+side move?
royal guard - can we have normal [move only] for 2nd squares vertical and horizontal?
portal - how about [move or swap place with ally] to swap place with ally only?
spearman - nice
frost mage - i need more time to think! (ok, cool)
beacon - move only into swap place with ally only maybe
valkyrie - new [(unblockable)move or attack] into move or atttack maybe
water elemental - cool, the attack become stronger further away when it travel enough distance to build up momentum!
hydromancer - like it just like water elemental
pyromancer - i don't know, maybe substitute the [move or attack] with [(unblockable) teleport], it give more mobility hence easier to use the destroy target magic.
wrath - good, even better if the wrath magic get buffed
rook - the ++ get 2 spaces of (unblockable)teleport? can bishop get teleport too for orthogonal direction movement?

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