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RE: v0.54 Tier Shifting Preview

in CEO Champion's Gate2 years ago (edited)

Analysis largely depends on piece cost, which isn't listed. This is my hot take:

  • Siren+++ could become meta.
  • Archer+++ Instead of turning it into a Princess, why not just have it attack 1 space forward or move sideways?
  • Hoplite+++ might define the meta eventually. Armored Militia has got to be powerful.
  • RoyalGuard+++ has worse mobility but better defense. Its new moves thematically make more sense. I like this one.
  • Spearman+++ looks like it would help move all the oppression to a few lanes.
  • Frostmages are cancer.
  • Beacon+++ What's the point of this?... ... I imagine scary things.
  • Valkyrie+++ will become meta. The improved mobility alone makes it easier to abuse its far reaching attacks.
    WaterElemental+++ looks strong.
    Pyromancer+++ looks strong.

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