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in Tron3 years ago

Hello Steemytians. It's Justin again. With a brand new post only for my favourite community.

As you have noticed I already removed the delegations from the malicious projects known as steemcleaner. They won't terrorize this chain anymore! But I want to go a step furhter and want to introduce a censorship function to the steem blockchain.

Operation Name: limit_free_speech
Parameters: account: account name, limit: true/false

This operation could only be executed by Steemit Inc to prevent abuse of the Steem blockchain. If this operation is broadcasted to the blockchain the account in question can no longer: comment or vote.

I think this operation is neccessary to stop the spreading of false information about the so called "hostile takeover" (which isn't hostile at all. It's actually pretty gentle. I even used some lube [Binance/Huobi]) Some of the malicious hackers that illegally froze my legally purchased stake are just here to hate me and they don't like me at all. This really hurts my feelings and I think we as a community need to do something to stop bullying on Steem. If you are in favour of this new operation (or against this) please vote this post.

If this post gets 15,000 upvotes we will integrate this brand new feature within two weeks.

Stay Steemy. #inJustinWeTrust #steemArmy #tronArmy #gentleTakeover


But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

Question from the Bible, Why are some children born with disabilities?

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These are definetely the right steps, there must be changes to make Steem successful.
Have a great day

Thank you for your feedback. As you seem so dedicated how about we test the new operation with your account?

Sure, why not... How can I test?

Simply post all your private keys on Steem. Then simply wait 60 days.

@justinsunsteem Feel free to have fun but don't ask for their private keys.

Why would I ask? These lemmings enter them on Steemit.Com already :)

Fair point.. =‘}

What happened to the other 14,988 upvotes?

Your shiny censorhip feature got added anyway..!! Loser.

Oh, Justin, I'm really on your side. I wish I had the money to support your side here. I am a simple beggar from Russia, but I am completely on your side.but I think the delegates did a very bad job blocking your money. I know that my community, Russian, will not support me. But, gosh darn it. YOU'RE COOL! ![image.png]
It is a pity that this account is not yours.

At least the blockchain is mine!

No, because you're fake. This is not Justin's real ACC. You're a Troll

Wow. Unbelievable. What a revelation! Here is a cookie! Good boi!1!!

It's good to laugh at San when You're basically a scoundrel, isn't it? I already looked at who the account belongs to. Blockchain is a very cool thing in this regard.

Too bad for you that this account was created using the 3rd largest account faucet on the blockchain. Hmm. Must feel really bad when you suddenly realise what bs you were talking.

I perfectly understand that a millionaire who has a war for his money and steem, will not talk to such a beggar as me. Even with the fact that I support the ideas of Justin.

I'm glad you support my ideas!

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