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RE: Hardfork Proposal: limit_free_speech operation to stop bullying on Steem

in Tron4 years ago (edited)

Oh, Justin, I'm really on your side. I wish I had the money to support your side here. I am a simple beggar from Russia, but I am completely on your side.but I think the delegates did a very bad job blocking your money. I know that my community, Russian, will not support me. But, gosh darn it. YOU'RE COOL! ![image.png]
It is a pity that this account is not yours.


At least the blockchain is mine!

No, because you're fake. This is not Justin's real ACC. You're a Troll

Wow. Unbelievable. What a revelation! Here is a cookie! Good boi!1!!

It's good to laugh at San when You're basically a scoundrel, isn't it? I already looked at who the account belongs to. Blockchain is a very cool thing in this regard.

Too bad for you that this account was created using the 3rd largest account faucet on the blockchain. Hmm. Must feel really bad when you suddenly realise what bs you were talking.

I perfectly understand that a millionaire who has a war for his money and steem, will not talk to such a beggar as me. Even with the fact that I support the ideas of Justin.

I'm glad you support my ideas!

I hope that you will not delete steemit, but only connect it to the throne and my team will launch the project on a new blockchain where I will have the opportunity to show myself.

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