Introduction to #club5050

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Steemit Team announced their new program #club5050 several weeks ago. We have seen many of you already in the battle, and today we are going to officially announce our community plan on #club5050.

What is #club5050

In your wallet, you can find the section called Steem Power. Steem Power is a form of STEEM, which you have transferred to VESTS. Your liquid STEEM can be transferred to STEEM POWER with the process of powering up.

Use of Steem Power

Steemit Team invites you to use #club5050 under your post if you have powered up 50% or more of your monthly rewards.


How to Check Whether You are Eligible for #club5050

Method 01 : Mannual

There are two ways, first, you can manually calculate the amounts that you have powered up and calculate the percentage out of your monthly income.

Assume that, you are going to use #club5050 tag in your today's post. Visit your steemworld page and scroll down to the Tools section. Use the Transfert Search tool and set up the following values according to your scenario. For the filter type, use Transfer to Vesting. Click search and you will receive the Powerups you made during the given date range.


Similarly you can take the total SBD you received during the month from the Reward Summary section of steemworld.


In this method, you have to assume the average STEEM: SBD ratio according to the current market situation. First, convert the amount of SBD to STEEM and then calculate the percentage you have powered up.

Percentage of Monthly Powerup = (Amount You Powered Up/Total earnings in STEEM) * 100%

Method 02 : Steemcryptic Tool

Now you can very easily check the % of you have powered up using Steemcryptic Tool made by @starlord28.

First visit the tool using this link and select the #Club5050 menu from the menu bar. Provide the username and the date range you want to check for. Then click on the fetch button.


Then you will receive a summary report in a graphical view on the percentage that you have powered up.


We Reccommend you to only use #club5050 tag, if your SBD powerup percentage >= 50% what you have earned.

If someone willing to powerup all their rewards, they can use #club100.

The Benifit of Joining #club5050

Steemit Team has launched a special voting package on #club5050 members depending on the % they have powered up. Please refer this announcement by @steemitblog

The vote is not guaranteed, but Steem Sri Lanka won't let you to be worried about this anymore. Please kindly keep in mind that the Steem Power is the most important thing that you need to build your account stronger. So we expect all of you will join this club with good intentions.

Please keep in mind to use #club5050 within first 5 tags to get visible

Please refer to our next post to acknowledge about Steem Sri Lanka plan of #club5050.

10% to SL-Charity

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I understood it deeply.thank you.

Nicely explained , Thank You

Lot's of Sri Lankans already powering up more than 50% of their earnings on steemit. These mentioned methods helps us to show everyone about our power-up process and others to encourage powering up. Thank you for the explanation here. Really helpful.

this is very important, keep the account strong, very important information, thanks for this way

This is very useful to have an deep idea about powering up. Thank you! 😇

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