@sandupi you can find it in our chat. Search for word binance and you'll see that, on particular day steem deposits and withdrawals in binance were blocked. Then we sold through my huobi. For Kollu charity in Monaragala.

Shehan we are not liable to explain anything to you about anything we do. But for anyone who read these comments should realize what happened. But we don't have to do it as well. We do charity to help people but not to earn tips.

I have no interest in conducting an investigation into this charity project. Because I do not want the name of our own country to be tarnished. If you had done your job, you would not have come to spoil your fellow Sri Lankans.

You have a fit of direct jealousy about us. Specially for those who are not in your community writing academy posts.

I do not think it's right for you to do that. This is not the first day you have tried to spoil the people of our country. You've been destroying people for a long time and you do not have the support of the steemit team today. I do not need to say anything against you beyond here. You are punished by nature itself.

Thank you Randula. Pare hlo thama.. :(

@shehan, I hope you had your answer.

I have no interest in conducting an investigation into this charity project.

HAHAAA... :) Seems like you are going to skip my challenge. Do you know what a bad thing you have told about SL-Charity??? I can't ignore this.

Now your time.

Accept my challenge or admit that you lied.

I didn't downvote when you post just 4tos..I did n't downvote any of them who post useless content..I downvoted on you because you have abuse the steemit using more than 100 fake accounts..Creating fake accounts and verifying them and stealing steem is also good according to you?? I didn't destroy innocent users. But I don't want to see abusers from sri lanka..So yes.I am downvoting on you.

Ane me oya wage aya spoil nokara kohomada? Oya thwa account 100k hadagena enakam balan innada kiyanne. Balanna Hive eke wenama Sri Lankan abusers kiyala list ekakuth yanwa. Ethakota spoil wenne nadda? Oya shehanda Dilip da kiyala mn danne na. Kohoma unath ekama wedene dennama kare.

not have come to spoil your fellow Sri Lankans.

See the bad name other sri lankan users got due to you 3. Are you telling me not to spoil this and allow you to continue ? When Dilip and And Dilki doing there crypto acadamy works I ddidn't even noticed them. But in the day their fake works revealed by Sara I felt ashame. I really thought they were working heard and they were loved this platform. But what happened? Your account is wrost than this. They explained something at least. You never did. Instead of Dilip came ane jumped here and there. Why all these dramas shows? Abuser like should be destroyed. Otherwise you guys spoil the oppertunities of other good users.

I never harm any legit activity. Why should I jelous you men?

do not have the support of the steemit team

I had the best support of team. Team won't support any one for ever. Not only to me but also for any one. I don't care about it. But I don't want to see people like you fooling the steemit team and milking their generousness.

Eventhough I didn't reveal your activity, some one will do it one day. You have to face same consequence now or then.

I will discuss about downvotes but keep in mind you have already milked ~3000 steem or may be more. So now best thing is turning them back to reward pool.

You are punished by nature itself.

Applicable to you as well

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