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Hi everyone,
We ended successful Contest Series contained in six contests as round 1 in today. And this is ROUND 2 of our contest series and I'm here to announce the first contest in Steem Sri Lanka contest series-Round 2.


We will try to bring you the Round 2 of our contest series in a different way. In here, we are trying to do some new experiments about contests. What kind of tools we can use with doing contests, what are the new dimensions we can use, out of box contests are some of them.


This is my second contest hosted by me. This time I thought to give you a challenging contest.


In here, you have to face to TWO CHALLENGES.

First challenge : Puzzle challenge
Second challenge : Creating Story challenge

What you have to do?

Puzzle contains with twenty words. First you have to complete the puzzle as your first challenge. (I have given you below an introductory note about how to fill and submit the puzzle with an example.)

After completing the puzzle, you have twenty words. Then you have to create a meaningful story using at least five words from that twenty words as your second challenge.


  1. All entries must be your original.
  2. Submitting both challenges is mandatory (It is not necessary to fill in all the twenty words in the puzzle.)
  3. The story you create should be at least 100 words long.
  4. Don't highlight the five words you are use to create the story(mandatory).
  5. You are free to use images relevant to the story you are creating.
  6. Make sure you make your entry in Steem Sri Lanka Community.
  7. The title of your post must be; Two in One Challenge | Steem Sri Lanka | Contest Series : Round 2 | Week 01 |Your story name)|
  8. Mention my name at the end of your post, then I can visit your post instantly.
  9. The post must include #twoinone tag as one of the first five tags - ideally the first one.
  10. The post must also include a # tag to identify your country.
  11. plagiarism is not approved.
  12. Only the first puzzle submission of all competitors will be considered.
    P.S. :- If you have any questions about the contest, please contact with @sandupi(me) or @damithudaya


1st prize - 10 STEEM
2nd prize -8 STEEM
3rd prize - 5 STEEM
4th prize- 2 STEEM

Judging Criteria

  1. The number of correct words you have find out of twenty words in the puzzle
  2. Creativity of your short story
    (The story with the best word combination has a better chance of winning)
  3. Presentation

Let's see how to fill and submit your puzzle

Link of the Puzzle : - Puzzle challenge

step 1

contest 1.png
When you open the link of the puzzle, interface shown like this. You can adjust the puzzle from 1 and you can adjust the descriptions from 2 for shown clearly.

step 2

contest 2.png
Then If you touch/click the number in the puzzle, the description of that word is highlighted. If you touch/click the description, the place where the word is in is highlighted.

step 3

contest 3.png
And also you can check your answers from two ways. How?
01)After entering our answer, if it is correct, a correct mark appears with the description of the word. If the word we entered is wrong, a wrong mark appears with the description of the word. You can get idea about what I'm saying from the given screenshot.

02)Other way is if you gave a wrong word, it takes red colour. If the word is correct it takes green colour.

Note : You can erase your answer using space bar on the keyboard.

After completing the puzzle, You have to submit it as follows.

step 4


Click the arrowhead near the print. Then select the First one (This Page). After that click/touch the print button.

step 5

contest 5.png

Then you can see a dialog box as shown. Make sure the correct detail has selected as shown in the above. Then click the print button.

Then you can save the puzzle as a PDF in your device.

step 6

contest 7.png

Then you have upload your PDF IN HERE to submit. It's essential to put your steemit username in the given space. Then you can submit your puzzle.

I hope you all are interested in this contest. Good luck everyone! I highly appreciate your participation.

Closing Date : 28/11/2020

Winners announcement on before 29thof November 2020.

I am glad to take part in "we love contest" concept of @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog.

Thank You..!


😋😋😋cross word puzzel this time😋😋😋😋 let's see what wil happen.

Fill the Puzzel

Then submit it using this : Puzzel Submissions Form

Then use 5 matching words from puzzel and make a story..


Yeah.. 🙊 let's see what will.happen 🙊🙊

My twitter link is here

Great start to the second round @sandupi. No words to say! Definitely count my entry to this! Good Luck!

 last year (edited)

Thank you so much Damith 🤗🙊💪
Hope to see your entry with nice story.... 🤗

Hola amigo, excelente reto, ahora para los que hablamos español sera complicado llenar el rompecabezas, alguna sugerencia? pues el traductor no siempre es fiel a lo que se quiere decir.
Intentare a ver que sale.
Saludos y mucho exito, la idea es genial.

Thank you dear for turning our focus for this direction. We are really testing the ability of applying this kind of concepts in to steemit contests. 😃 let's find solutions together. Can you check and tell us whether it is difficult with google translator? May be someone can help to translate descriptions to spanish. 😊 It is so appreciated if you can help with this😃

Hi friend , thank you so much for your compliments 🤗❤️ And really sorry about the difficulties... 😔 just needed to do a something different in here.. Let's try to find a solution for this as my friend Randula has said... ❤️🤗

 last year (edited)

Hii, I have submitted, just to let me know that the correct PDF is gone or not.🙈🙈

Very nice contest, I felt very good at stressing my mind after a long time(means after Be my Watson contest)


Hi my friend , I had your submission 😘💪

I felt very good at stressing my mind after a long time(means after Be my Watson contest)

Be my Watson contest was also a great one🙊🙊 Thank you so much join in 🙊 I have no patience, untill see your story 🙊🙊🙊

Wow... You girls are talented... 😍😍😍


Super challenge!! 😃
Puzzle plus story nice combination 😍

And hope to see you entry with nice story 😘😘😘

Hi myself rohit
I like your work
Guys pls support me upvote me then i will upvote u and follow back


Hi @sandupi your post has been upvoted by @steem-bangladesh courtesy of @sohanurrahman


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Thank you so much 🤗

Your post has been upvoted by Steem Sri Lanka community curator.

Join with our New concept Contest series... Try it! It's a puzzel Steem Sri Lanka - Contest Series | Round 02 | Week 01| Two In One Challange

Thank you so much💪❤️

Hey I solved it..

Great.. 🙊🙊🙊

Good idea and a good contest.
Can i take part in this?

#onepercent #pakistan

Cc : @randulakoralage, @sandupi

Why not why not.. It is open for everyone 🤗🤗 try. If you stuck when submitting plz comment us

Yeah sure. Let me join the party then :p

Hi @haidermehdi , of course you can 🤗🤗🤗

Hey @sandupi, i am facing a bit difficulty in completing the puzzle 😅😂
I need some hints lol😂😂
PS: Is it necessary to submit when the whole puzzle is solved or we can submit an incomplete one too?
cc : @randulakoralage

🤭🤭may be you can pick some words from stories submitted. You can submit incomplete but I suggest try more. May be you can google and get hints.. may be check your spellings

Hahaha no i don't want to cheat lol xD
I will still give it a try and if i could do on my own completely, i would submit then :D :p

Yeah you can... But try more... don't give up... 💪

Haha okay sure :p

That's what I call a contest 🔥

Thank you malli @sandun98 ...Hope to see your entry with nice story😘💪❤️🤗

You have been upvoted by @besticofinder,A Country Representative from SRI LANKA. we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator07 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

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nice contest @sandupi

After a long time @dilshan96 🤗💪
I'm waiting your entry 🙊🙊

Different contest Different challenge ☺️
Good luck with the contest @sandupi
I gonna take part 😊❤️

Thank you so much @madhumunasinghe.... Hope to see your entry with nice story😘💪❤️🤗

Hellooo Good evening! I have a question: If I got only 5 words then can you do it? Even if I don't have the others? I only got 5 haha

Of course yes my dear... I accept it.. It doesn't matter... You can create a beautiful story using that five words .. No? I accept it. But try to find others can do it...🤗

Good morning friend ... I got your story ... I like that to much 🔥
Thank you so much for your participation 🤗🔥❤️

Hola amiga, no me aparece la opcion para convertirlo a pdf como lo indicas en tu imagen, hay alguna otra manera de hacerte llegar mi rompecabezas, o lo que hice de el jejeje. Ya tengo mi publicacion casi lista pero no he podido enviar el rompecabezas. Gracias.

Hi friend ,

Did you select the This Page option as shown in the picture?? 😬😬

seleccione la opción "This Page" y haga clic en "Print" 🙊


Hola amigas @randulakoralage y @sandupi, selecciono "this page" y en la ventana emergente no me aparece la opcion "Microsoft print to pdf"

can you share a screenshot of what you see after click on "PRINT"

  • Select "This Page"
  • Click 'Print"
  • then send a screenshot what you see. you are so close to end. let's do this. Don't share puzzle ;)


Esto es lo que sale.
Gracias por la ayuda.

 last year (edited)

Friend @genomil , can you select the first one and see what happen😶?


If this doesn't work, no matter, submit your story I'll give you an another option to submit your puzzle

May be you can try disconnecting your printer, But

Let's go for plan B. You can upload puzzles as screenshots to the following form. Or you can just put the word list in the following form. I'm so sorry for the inconvenient you faced but I appreciate your courage :)

Gracias amiga, ya envie el formulario con las palabras, al fin jajaja
Muy agradecida, que tengas un feliz dia.

Courage ❤ Got your submission. Well done!🙏

Hola amiga, gracias por la ayuda, aun no he podido subir el rompecabezas, pero aca te dejo mi historia.

Saludos y mucho exito para todos.

Got it...😃 Good story 💪

I couldn't complete the crossword puzzle :(

Hi friend @marcybetancourt ,

It is not necessary to fill in all 20 words in the puzzle ... fill in as much as you can, create a story and join with the challenge..🙊

Amazing. I solved everything. Except the 1
But I had already sent.
I think it was a very creative contest!

Done and dusted!! 🤣🤣🤣
Here is my entry

Got it Amiga 😍👌💪

Got it friend .. Thank you so much for your participation 😍👌💪

This is my entry 😊
Thank you for this wonderful contest😍


Hola como estas, gran iniciativa este reto si que esta algo fuerte y mas porque es en ingles pero voy a tratar todo es posible

Hello amiga , I'm warmly welcome your comment 🤗🤗🤗 But the contest is over dear... Let's meet with next challenge soon amiga...❤

Hola no le vi la fecha muy cierto pero fue emocionante realizarlo estaré pendiente para próximo concurso, me gusto ese reto

But I'm glad about your participation amiga 😍.
Definitely join with us next time @rosanita 🤗🤗

Aunque fue algo difícil y me causo algo de estrés cumplí con las dos tareas de aceptar este reto y por aquí dejo mi enlace claro no se si este bien pero lo realice en base a lo que entendí no pude completar el rompecabeza era muy complicado pero si hice algunas.

Me ha encantado este concurso, me entretuve con el rompecabezas, fue muy agradable participar aquí. Dejo mi saludo y mi entrada

If you're enjoying this, that's my pleasure..😍❤️

Thank you so much friend @charjaim for taking part of this challenging contest 🔥

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