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RE: Two in One Challenge | Steem Sri Lanka | Contest Series | Round 2 | Week 01

in Steem Sri Lanka3 years ago

Hola amigo, excelente reto, ahora para los que hablamos español sera complicado llenar el rompecabezas, alguna sugerencia? pues el traductor no siempre es fiel a lo que se quiere decir.
Intentare a ver que sale.
Saludos y mucho exito, la idea es genial.


Thank you dear for turning our focus for this direction. We are really testing the ability of applying this kind of concepts in to steemit contests. 😃 let's find solutions together. Can you check and tell us whether it is difficult with google translator? May be someone can help to translate descriptions to spanish. 😊 It is so appreciated if you can help with this😃

Hi friend , thank you so much for your compliments 🤗❤️ And really sorry about the difficulties... 😔 just needed to do a something different in here.. Let's try to find a solution for this as my friend Randula has said... ❤️🤗

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