Donation for Apeksha Hospital - National Cancer Institute – Maharagama, Sri Lanka | 10% to SL-Charity

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It is great pleasure to inform you that we have done another big charity event by providing some essential items to the Apeksha Hospital – Maharagama, Sri Lanka. Actually this was initiated by @thimira. He shared with us a notice send from the hospital and they required few essential items in this pandemic situation as well. Since It was a general notice to public, normally they receiving many donations without considering the existing stocks and emergency requirement. There is one class mate who working as a nursing officer at same venue. So I contacted her to get the list of timely requirements.

She clearly explained me the situation and sent a small list of goods that required actually. I was expecting a list filled with foods, cloths etc. I wondered. It was totally different with imagination. Only one item we could find in the market. Other than that we could covered the all the items in the list as per the budget value.





Expenditure -



Actually I have to spend considerable time to procure this items. Because I don’t wanted to just spent the money and buy the goods. So I went up to the Supplier / Agents level to get maximum discount and buy more items. Actually it worked. Best example is Catoxymag Syrup. I want mentioned the supplier – Mr.Nimash who gave me 13% discount as well as additional 8 nos as free. See the comparison here.


We decided to handover the items on 12th Jan 2022. In the morning time we went and handed over the items to the hospital. And Head of the ward 12 taken over the donation on behalf the Apeksha Hospital - National Cancer Institute – Maharagama, Sri Lanka.

They have sent a letter to appreciate the service done by SSL.


And @ruwankumara also gave me a great support buy that electronic items. I want to thanks the all the people who engaged with this and made it success.

Finally I would like thank all the members in Steem Sri Lanka. Without you, this was not in the sight…


Love you guys…

10% - sl-charity
5% - thimira
5% - ruwankumara


What a great work ayye. Well done.😍

Thanks malli...Lets do more...

you look very tired when looking for things all day and even more. it's so pure to get stuff to launch. it's a great job, good luck for this charity

Good things come after good things....So do more things good...

good idea as a good hug🙊🙊😀😀

Great work ayye 😍😍 , Im So happy to be a partner of this ❤️

Thank you malli...

Im So happy to be a partner of this ❤️

Me too...

Great work. Those are people who needs special care. You have done a good job ❤️

Those are people who needs special care

Absolutely correct. They have only one hope.

You have done a great job by putting your maximum effort in this.

 last year (edited)

Thank you @inshi... Really happy to here those words...

I think this is one of our biggest and most impactable events. I have seen my eyes how painful is life in a cancer hospital. This donation will help some people today, tomorrow and the future to live another one more day comfortably.

Thank you all 3 @saman, @thimira and @ruwankumara for initiating this

I think this is one of our biggest and most impactable events.

It took bit time than we expected due to some unavoidable reasons, Somehow we managed. Thank you much your support. Good things come behind good things... So lets do more good things...

I have seen my eyes how painful is life in a cancer hospital

I had this experience as well. Because my mother had a cancer

🤩🤩🤩🤩great work ayye.....

Thank you malli...

Another sl-charity good job coordinated by @saman88. Keep it up.great work. Thank you to all Steem Sri Lankan members.

This one reflecting the unity & strength of our team...

Let's do more...

Sure sure...

Great work guys well done ...❤️

Thank you malli...

A great work brother.You are a hero..

Its the strength and unity of our SSL... Thank you for for the appreciation...

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