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Here in Sri Lanka, we experience heavy rain fall throughout the day during the last few days. The Meteorology Department says the situation will continue for a few more days. We heard some unfortunate property damages and deaths from NEWS.

I decided to organize a contest for you to talk about the situation of your area and your day today life with this bad weather situation.


  1. The contest is open for everyone who is having rainfall these days.
  2. You can use English or Sinhala for the entry
  3. At least 250 words require for your entry with at least 4 ORIGINAL PHOTOS relevant to the content.
  4. The content should be about,
  • the weather situation of your area,
  • how it affected your daily routine
  • how it affected your health and economy
  • Any bad/good things you experienced
  • Your thoughts and feelings with the rain
  • Changes of environment and surrounding with the weather.

5 One entry allowed per user
6 Contest closes on 21st of November

Please use the tag #rainyday withing your first 5 tags

Prize Pool

25 STEEM will be distributed accordingly + booming votes


Stay Safe Check Cyclone Warnings Below 👇



Very interesting contest. It's raining heavily in my area. Hope to participate😁

I should also participate this contest

Wahinawa wahinawa iwarayak nathi eke mekath hondai 🙊

wassa iwara wenna kalin liyanna honde

very timely contest! rain has become part and parcel in my daily activities these days😅

Yes yes.. join join☔☔

I like very much A cup of hot tea drink on a long drive in the rainy season. The correct contest incorrect time.

ha haa.. why no rain these days? in which part in India you live?

Sorry, It was misspelled, just have to put a space in between "in" and "correct". Now I realise that a single space can change India's weather hahaha...

Ha ha... you can join it.. this is for fun.. ☔☔☔

Contest nam ithin athrinnam nehe...Lets see how the rain is going to help me to win this...

kora wena entry ekak danna civil toppiya daan themi themi🤣


V. interesting contest.Hope to participate. 👍😏😍

mekanam danna one kohomhari. aparade ada damma post ekath wassa gana.. thawa ekak danwa dan.

this is a great contest. Hopefully with this contest we can bring out the ability to work in this great community. Of course, we who are still seniors will work hard to enliven this new contest.

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Ohh! I adore this topic n the community will fill with so many nice contents. 😍

Meka maru 😊❤️

මේ දවස්වල ඉතින් හරිම හොඳ අත්දැකීමක් විඳගන්නවා ....

Very interesting contest.

man liyanna hithana akota wessa iwara ever I like ti join this contest.

ekane appa.. math me wahinakam balan inne

Unfortunately, we have no rain in Pakistan so that I can't participate😢😢😢

I will participate❤️ I have some nice photos of rain😊

very attractive contest,i also hope to perfom sufficient details as you wish....

Ammooh Me wassak nisa mt una dewl nn kyl wdk na.. Bike ekenuth happuna me wassa nisa.. Anyway nice contest my friend..Hope to Participate this

අඩේ සිරාවටම අද වහිනකොට පොටෝ ටිකක් ගත්ත 😂😂
දාන්න ඕන එන්ටරි එකක් මේකට නම්

dakkane. mn hena buddimath dewal krnne 😂

Last two days it becomes normal but today it starts again 🙈😂, nidaganillak thamai thiyenne ithin , nice contest akke 😍

Interesting contest akki. Hope to participate.

very interesting contest. I hope to participate. <3

hey in my place also the rainfall is very high I want to participate in this contest.

Here is my entry for the contest!
Sleep or Work

Hey amigo...This is my entry...

Heyy.. Here's my entry..

පොඩ්ඩක් පරක්කු ද මන්ද.. 🥲😐🥲

Hi good morning dear,result wasn't called for the last contest that was held!.

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