Steem Sri Lanka - Contest Series | Week 06 | Talk About Your Profession

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Hi 😀

Thank you for being with us for 6 weeks!

Oh.. 6 weeks.. You have passed 5 contests from @anusha96, @sandupi, @sandu, @praveenw96 and @damithudaya... We have come into the last contest of the contest series.. Don't worry, the second round of the contest series will start with the supervision of our new organizer @damithudaya with a new plan.

What is the Topic?

Talk About Your Profession

We know, the world is a collection of professions. Each and every profession keep the balance of the world. Why don't you share your story?

Talk about your profession 😊
No matter what is your profession is, we are proud of you.. If you are a student, just write about the profession that you are learning for..

  • How/why you turn in to that profession
  • How long you have been working on
  • Challenges you faced, fun moments
  • Are you satisfied with your salary?
  • Your goals
  • Your advice to someone who willing to join the same profession
  • Anything you want to tell...
  • Give some real-life photos too!



  • All entries must be your original

  • Your entry must be at least 300 words

  • Make sure you make your entry in Steem Sri Lanka community.

  • The post must include the #myprofession tag as one of the first five tags

  • The post must include your own photographs as evidence

  • The title of your post must be,
    Talk About Your Profession | Steem Sri Lanka: Contest Series - Week 6 | (Your Topic)

  • One person can post only one entry for the contest

  • Any plagiarism attempt will make you ban from the contest

📎I Motivate You To Do An Extraordinary Creative Entry To Increase the Probability of Winning

Post your entries before 8.00 p.m on 21st of November, 2020 Sri Lanka time.


Oh here is the best part,

1st10 STEEM
2nd8 STEEM
3rd4 STEEM
4th2 STEEM
Participation0.5-1 STEEM up to quality

How to Select Winners

Quality matters. Winners are selected according to the format they present, relatedness to the topic, sense of trueness. Most importantly creativeness.

So waiting to see your entry soon!!!

Thank you!


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Wow! @randulakoralage this is an amazing contest. Expect my entry soon. Thank you all.
#twopercent #nigeria #affable

I love to read and comment😍 waiting.......

Nice idea... good luck with the contest!!

No it's not 😒did you target this on me? i Don't have a joobb 😡 reminds and hurts me whenever I see this contest 😒

why your 6-month internship as a civil engineer.. 😅😅😅

Although i am not a good writer, still i participate in contests by steem sri lanka. Should try this one too.
Thank you .

😋 no you are writing well. I read them😀.. Keep writing. You will fine😊. You have many thing to write for this topic.😀

An interesting topic again 😍😍
Hope many people can join this 😊😊
Also we will able to know about interesting professions 😍

This is going to make our professions interesting too 😍
Nice concept 😊

 3 months ago 

I am confused whether being a housewife is a profession or not🤭🤭

If this competition was about your main role at the place of profession, which you are doing at most half in life, then I think it would have been better.😬😬😬

If there is no hurt feeling then it is good competition.,☺️

Jyoti you can write any thing.. I know you write nicely, if I were you I write either about teaching or being a housewife. Doesn't matter what is the role. I want to know how much you guys enjoying / hate what you are doing😊

Write any thing dear.. I love to read. Remember you r nature and me entry. It was creative and new idea😍 Come on...😋😋

Hi dear, I can write anything and I can express anything but when it comes to making a post professional there is a problem like clicking pictures, uploading photos .. it is very irritating,and time taking.😎😀

I am looking forward to the day when the post gets upvote even without

Wow! I have to write so many things 🙊❤️

Great topic you caught this time. I wish many world wide steemians will joint with this and share participation entries. Good luck all.

🤩🤩🤩🤩You can write too ayye

May be. If I have time to do it will see.

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Great topic. I would like to participate this awesome contest.

yes, join. :) Participants are also winners

Hehe maybe not. I don't think so because I've never been a winner in any event.

Give a try..

Wow! interesting topic. I might have some things to share about this.
All the best with the contest. Hope you will pass the no. entires than me.... 😁 😆 😅 😁 😆 😅

Hope you will pass the no. entires than me....

Yeah😂😂 you promised to give a prize for most entries. So I wish I can😅. Idon't need a prize but I need the party that you promised.

Write about Civi😍😍😍 my favourite profession 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Yeah😂😂 you promised to give a prize for most entries. So I wish I can😅

No... No... I mean from the second round... 😂😂😂😂

Good concept.Good contest ☺️🇱🇰❤️ Need to do an entry.

What an honour to be invited by the MOD @randulakoralagefir this beautiful contest. I'm a community health practitioner in training and I'll like to share matters relating to my profession with you. Expect my entry soon . Thanks to @steemsrilanka for accommodating me here from Nigeria.
#onepercent #nigeria

😍Hi.. yep I am waiting to read your story

¡Hola amiga! Excelente concurso, te felicito :D Me gusto mucho participar, aquí te dejo mi participación :D

Uncommon topic... Good contest... Good contest @randulakoralage.. Good luck for the contest 🤗💪🖤

thank you honey😊

Thank you @randulakoralage for this amazing contest. Just as I promised, I have been able to participate in lid contest.
this is my entry
I pray that my entry be favourably considered.
#twopercent #nigeria #affable

Un gusto para mí participar en este concurso, aquí mi entrada.

Hi guys. After an exhaustive search of photographs, I finally present my publication for you to know me better. You can ask all the questions you want, hahaha

What a beautiful contest @randulakoralage friend,
I am sorry I did not find out earlier to leave my participation, it will be the next time.

See you

It is still friday morning here dear. You have like 30h.

By the way, I want to know the situation of using google forms in your country. Are you guys usually signup in browsers with google (gmail) accounts? Is it common using google forms?

Hello, it is very common in my country to use google forms in some areas, for example my students at university are currently taking their exams using google forms.

Thank you so much for the information 🤗

Hi!!! 👋 Am I arriving on time? 🏃🏻‍♀️ Dropping my Post, here's the link:
Good luck to everyone.🙂

😅😅yes yes. 30min early

Ufff... Lucky me! 😁 Thanks. #venezuela #affable