ARMY OF THE DEAD (2021) - Disappointed?

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Army of the Dead – 2021
Dir: Zack Snyder

My Rating - 3/5


Army of the Dead is one of the most awaited films of this year. So many were really hyped after watching the trailer because they wanted to know what Snyder was up to after his controversial Justice League release. Fortunately, I did not watch the trailer and was not hyped for this movie that much. I knew this was going to be a generic action movie but damn this was overwhelming at last.

The opening scene and the opening credits were good. After the credits, a guy suddenly comes to Bautista and then the story begins, a rushed start.
The whole idea is fresh and genuine, but the screenplay is poorly written and poorly executed.


They already confirmed there will be a sequel and a prequel to this story and because of that we have no backstory or a detailed explanation on what is going on here and what will happen in the future. There are too many secrets, I am not saying that it was bad, but I am saying that it was too much. And most noticeably the plot is predictable and not curious at all.

There are lots of weak plot points with meh character development. The relationship between Scott and his daughter felt like forced and unnatural. I do not know it was not emotional at all. And the idea to create two types of zombies is good I guess but it was bad to make something like a cult out of it. The zombie leader looked like a White Walker in Game of Thrones lol. Then the ending, completely illogical and dumb af. It was just too bad ending for me. All other people who got bitten by zombies turned into one in a matter of minutes and the last person did not? Excuse me but that is just dumb Mr. Snyder. (I don’t know there may be a answer in the future projects).


Zack Snyder himself was the Director of Photography. I didn’t see anything impressive but there was nothing too bad to blame about.
After all those negative things on the movie, there are little good things too.

Despite being predictable, several scenes are really intense and shocking. There are no jump scares which is a good thing in my opinion. The actions scenes are cool but the problem is there isn’t much gun violence, only in two scenes they used guns (lmao the opening credit violence was great). The music choices are weirdly matching, but those songs are really good, actually enjoyed them – well edited. This runs for almost 150mins, it was dumb, but it wasn’t boring for a minute. Can be referred as a watchable action-zombie movie. Nowhere near movies like World War Z.

Could have done much much better. Lots of people had high hopes but Snyder wanted to over complicate things and failed.



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It was fun... watching the movie..
But the plot.. nehh
And it's a tragedy... there will be a 2nd wave of zombies in the movie too 😆😆

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Is it worth spending time to watch this? Or "nevermind" type?