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We love to visit places all around the world. Some of the people like to visit mountains, waterfalls, some significant places, shops and many more. From those places, some places become our favorite places due to different reasons. Some of your favorite place become home. It is changed from person to person.

I think when you are looking at this topic, some places may come to your mind. So, this is the chance for you to write something about your favorite place or places you have been visited so far or otherwise you wish to visit them in the future. I suppose you may have a huge list now. Because these days we can’t go to visit so many places.

So, I invite all of you to share your ideas about this topic.


  1. This is a comment contest. Put a comment under this post.
  2. You can write about one place or many places that become a favorite for you.
  3. Briefly explain why that place or places has become your favorite place.
  4. You can include maximum of 4 photos in your comment.
  5. You can use between 30-50 words.

I hope to select 5 creative and interesting comments.

1st Place – 4 STEEM
2nd Place – 3 STEEM
3rd Place – 2 STEEM
4th Place – 1 STEEM
5th Place – 1STEEM

The contest will be closed on 7th of September 2021.


If someone asked you “what’s your favorite place?” you would rather say “Yeah, it’s home. But, I would say “It’s a home away from home”-❤University of Moratuwa. ❤A place where I feel comfortable and relax. A place I want to share with my besties. But also a place where I can be myself.❤

Untitled design (3).png

I can’t imagine “who am I” without being there. University of Moratuwa- A place where I met like-minded art enthusiastic buddies. A place where bring me from nowhere to the top. A place where bloomed my multi-skills and talents. But also a place where we shared our tears and laughter.❤

Untitled design (1).png

I always dream to be there. University of Moratuwa- A place where I met my love. ❤Where stress simply melts away. But also a place where supported when someone felt down.❤
Simply a place where I can’t forget at all.❤
If time could be stopped, I’ll stay in those four years there forever. ❤

Love You always UoM

Untitled design (2).png

*(All pictures were taken by me)

Entry #23

Yes this place is another home to us. We build up in here. I have learn lots of things from here apart from the education. This place is really important to me as you. But I unable to give proper good bye to this place due to corona.

Oh,sorry to here that. lotta ppl weren't able to say "Good Bye" cause of this pandemic situ😥

I have seen these photos. but did not know the owner is you. they are really really amazing. you have done a great job. really! 😍

Thank you sandu💙 I wish to make an article about the behind the scene of this album. Hope you'll enjoy it.🥰

Yeah share with us. 😍


This is an album shared by everyone. this place has a special place in my life too🥰.

Yeah! Almost 700+ shares as I remember

I would really like to go to many places, especially where I can enjoy nature, but my favorite place has always been the town of Caripe in the state of Monagas / Venezuela, known as the garden of the Venezuelan east, for its mountains, the guacharo cave, its beautiful flora...

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-03 at 9-compressed (1).jpg

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-03 at 9-compressed (2).jpg

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-03 at 9-compressed (3).jpg

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-03 at 9-compressed.jpg

Amiga @rebedir2 realmente comparto tu opinión ese puedo es maravilloso renueva el alma y el espíritu con tan solo una visita a ese mágico lugar.

Asi es amiga @fariasrous,,,Saludos!!

Entry #06

Wow that place is so beautiful. I also prefer nature friendly environment. The flower in the first photo is different. I have never seen like that flower.

Friend Janakee, this beautiful flower is a Mountain Lily. It is a very beautiful flower, which has a unique feature, because in its interior you can see a cross (right in the center of the flower). It is a beauty to be able to admire it; just remembering it takes my mind to Caripe, where the temperature and the majestic nature with its varieties of flora and fauna take you to live unforgettable experiences...
Enjoy this additional photo, where you can clearly see the cross.
lirio de montaña-compressed.jpg

wow that's so nice. Yes its structure is different. thank you sharing this..

I do it with pleasure...

Gran elección amiga Caripe es un hermoso lugar ideal para renovar energias

Thank you @valezka1, it really is.... Greetings!!!

Caripe is a very beautiful place, its climate is spectacular, its nature is very beautiful, I loved going to the Cueva del Guacharo.


Yep, it's definitely one of the most beautiful places, it breathes peace and tranquility...I love that you visited it, @noelisdc....

Wow. this place is beautiful.

Yes, really, thank you, @rasinkani...

Hello friends Steemians a pleasure to greet you and to be able to participate in this excellent contest promoted by the moderator @janakee, where she brings as a theme my favorite place.

I can tell you that my favorite place where I find peace and really relaxes me is the beach. The freshness of the landscape, the breeze and especially the waves.





  • Photos of my property.

Entry #05

Wow another beach lover found. I also like to get that feeling from the beach. I think it clam down our mind by watching at the see. I also like to collect sea shells from the beach also.

It is super incredible the feeling of peace that the sea transmits.

of course dr.. wonderful creation of the nature.

I too love beaches. They are on my favorite list too. Luckily I live in an island so everywhere we have sea. 😍

me too

I'm also a beach lover 🙈❤️

danna pahak.. heee heee...

Ai pahak !!! Damu 10kma 🙌 🙈❤️

wow, what a beauty. Truly, the freshness and tranquility of that environment allows anyone to feel free like the waves of the sea. Very beautiful. Congratulations, @fariasrouse

this is indeed a place to throw thoughts into the sea by relaxing with the sea breeze blowing and the sound of sea water, a great place many of us went to the sea too

One of my favorite places is beach. Although it is rough in some times, it is one of the most peaceful place which I love.💓

Beach is one of my favorite place too.

take me there 😥

No 😁.

Hi steamians,
I hope you all are good.. I would like to share an amazing place that I have visited.

Diyaluma Falls

The second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka is called Diyaluma. It's located in Koslanda. I also enjoyed with my friends there. These are the some photos I took.

We can recommend it for a camping there. Would you like to see the sunrice while drinking a cup of tea? Actually I had that feeling. It was amazing.


Finally I would like to request to you be careful where you go.

Have a good day..!

What a breathtaking landscape. That is what is so magnificent about nature. With these photos you simply invite and incite us to enjoy and therefore take care of our environment. Too beautiful. How nice that through this medium we can enjoy the wonders that nature offers us, @ratnayake.

One of my dreams is to visit beautiful waterfalls. I have only visited a few such places.

Entry #08

wow that place it really beautiful. And also nice adventure too. I have never been there..

Wow. looks so beautiful. I haven't visited there yet.

My favorite place is the banks of the Orinoco River, located in Ciudad Bolivar Venezuela.


Entry #04

This place is beautiful. And also seems like lots of people are waiting for a ride on the river. Do you have get a chance to ride in here?

Waiting to board the boat that takes them to the other side of the river where a town called Soledad is located, here live many people who work where I live in Ciudad Bolivar.

Have you ride on that boat? It must be a really nice experience.

It is scary because the river has a lot of current but you can still enjoy the experience.

One of my favorite places is a mountain near my house, I like to climb it to see the back side and sometimes go down it to where it joins another mountain. The environment there is very woodsy and extremely quiet, you don't hear the sounds of the city.

Another of my favorite places is a cave located in the same mountain. Entering there is to enjoy a cold environment, it is also very quiet, except for the sound of bats, and also you do not hear the sounds of the city.




Entry #03

wow those photos are very nice. Yes that feeling is so good. I also don't like to heard the sound in the city for a long run. Visiting this kind of places relax our mind and also in another aspect it an adventure. The view we see after a huge effort is so beautiful.

Maravillosas fotografías.

Is that some kind of home of people in the earlier times? Any evidence on that ?

Wow 😍 It's an interesting place.

I think this must be a place of historical significance.🤔

A good place to stay away from all the busyness and noise of the town.

Hello friends!
The beach, definitely my favourite place to visit and to be.
Here in Venezuela we have many different beaches, which have become tourist sites for those who visit us.

The name of this place is Tocuchare one of the richest beaches in our state (Sucre).



All the beaches are calm and warm, but also have a very soft and relaxing sand. Some of them, besides their natural attraction, also have on their shore places where you can buy food and drinks while you are soaking your feet in knee deep water, like for example the beach of "El Peñon", also located in our state of Sucre.



Lugares maravillosos, regalos de Dios a través de la naturaleza para todos los seres vivos.

Seems this beach is very calm. Nice place have some fun...swim...etc.

Oh yes!
It's really relaxing @saman88!
Thanks for watching and commenting!

With pleasure amigo....

Entry #09

That beach is so beautiful. That's true. it has natural attraction. You capture it very nicely.

I appreciate your nice words and the opportunity!!
Thank you @janakee! 🙏

Wooooww.. really a Very nice place. I have never had a more pleasant experience than being by the sea.💓I love the first 2 images. They are wonderful

Thanks for your comment @roshipeiris!!


Hachinohe Onsen

Hello #SteemSriLanka,
Grateful on this wonderful community. Hopefully, everyone is doing good.
Every weekend I go to sento to unleash my body from fatigue and stress. It became my habit and it really helps my body conditioning.


Basketball Gym

outdoor basketball court

Because I love basketball, obviously I visited this place more often. Luckily, we are allowed to play even during pandemic.



Lastly, McDonald is one of my favorite places on my lists because of its delicious and affordable burgers and fries.
Regards to @janakee.

Entry #07

That is really good. Otherwise our body weight highly increase in this pandemic situation. Seems like this place is really good.

Thank you, absolutely a very good place.

good place to maintain body health and weight loss

Yes, thank you for your comments. I hope you're doing well there.

Thank you

You have nice collection of habits....

The best place for me is the archaeological areas and the mountains. They provide a lot of information about the lives of people in ancient times. The people in the old days were strong and were more healthy and physically strong. Seeing their ancient homes and castles is a good thing.

photo_٢٠١٨-٠٦-٠٩_٠٠-١٠-٠٤ (2).jpg

It is something interesting to see that this archaeological site hides an incredible history and allows you to see something mystical.

Entry #02

Wow your favorite place is different. Seems like you are very interesting about the historical things. Yes I also agree with you. Old people are stronger than us. And also, I think they have good knowledge. Because building those kind of things in that kind of era is a huge victory.

In what era was this built?

The Great Palace collapsed around 400 years ago
The valley that appeared near this near Al-Shaghar Castle, which is more than 1000 years ago

Of course, the collapse in the picture is the destruction that occurred as a result of the aerial bombardment of the Syrian warplanes

how beautiful it is to have a house in a mountainous area, the ruins of that ancient building as a source of life first

Wow... I also like to read about the history.

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