Why not why not.. It is open for everyone 🤗🤗 try. If you stuck when submitting plz comment us

Yeah sure. Let me join the party then :p

Hi @haidermehdi , of course you can 🤗🤗🤗

Hey @sandupi, i am facing a bit difficulty in completing the puzzle 😅😂
I need some hints lol😂😂
PS: Is it necessary to submit when the whole puzzle is solved or we can submit an incomplete one too?
cc : @randulakoralage

🤭🤭may be you can pick some words from stories submitted. You can submit incomplete but I suggest try more. May be you can google and get hints.. may be check your spellings

Hahaha no i don't want to cheat lol xD
I will still give it a try and if i could do on my own completely, i would submit then :D :p

Yeah you can... But try more... don't give up... 💪

Haha okay sure :p

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