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hello, guys I died with my works last week, and now im back from the grave. ah first of all I should tell u my previous post. although I posted it as I didnt expect plagiarism and also I didnt know anything about "ten ways to hack a BTC wallet" I got all info from a written article. anyway, there's nothing to worry about it because totally I accept my bad I didnt checked it before posting😇. so I accept the rules of this community... mm anyway let's jump into our topic today.
I was busy with some music editing. and I miss steemit❤. so.. last day I got up on the rooftop with my headphone. I was expecting to watch the sunset with my favorite music tracks. but I lost my hope as it was a bit cloudy day...black clouds were floating on the other side with little rain. so I sat there and think to myself "how can I get out of this damn lifestyle"🤔 lol I had no idea what can I do about it. I needed mental freedom. ah.. im out of topic...
anyway, I was looking west. I didnt see the other side well. however, I turned back and saw this miracle😍.. yeah it's a rainbow...
yeah, it's a rainbow.. after many years I saw a rainbow last day. I thought omg this is so amazing. so I got my phone and capture that on my camera.. with the south pour, I looked up and turn my face on it.. the cold wind was making me shiver.. and mm my favorite thing was melody. the melody hits me harder. because I was addicted to that feeling.
I tried to count how many layers on the rainbow. mm and tried to find the end of it. according to legends, there will be a treasure at the end of the rainbow.
yeah, I was remembering all those things and I totally forgot why I came up. I totally forgot what im gonna do and what I was thinking. I knew it was a miracle that happened. mmm.. with the thought of loneliness, I felt sorrow spontaneously .. as a reader of my posts u know I love some thrill. "horror is an art" that's my theme. so with all those colorful things, I found something horror. something really interesting to me. I saw black clouds were coming toward me. I unplugged my handsfree to feel the rhythm of the wind that makes me comfortable. can you imagine I felt like I was reading a magical book? the surround was so amazing and well fitted with my relaxing mind. the rain is the thing. my freedom.✨..


really it was amazing...The colors all crouched down in fear. rainbow crooked for the shadows of dark giants. crouched to the dark clouds.. and the pouring with the wind was a blessing... then my horror show has begun. the heavy rain🖤⛈️.. the sound of rain😍it was a blessing to me in my vision...⚡


but still, I was looking up. relaxing.I was watching the rainbow fade away.. crooked colors were vanishing at the time.. so I was in hurry to go down again as my granny was started to blaming at me. so before that, I gathered many feelings manipulated by nature.. also there was a horror show. so I enjoyed it..umm anyway.. the rainbow was a miracle. after a long time❤🌈
its a sign of hope for tomorrow🔥and I believe it⛈️🌈😍

thank you😇


I do not remember the last time I saw a rainbow🙊

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after many years I saw a rainbow last day.

I also saw a rainbow after a long time. It's beautiful.😍