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Dear @splinterlands fans in this article I want to show how powerful Spark Pixies can be.


Spark Pixies are fast, really fast. They have decent damage,
especially considering its fast delivery and reliability.

They are close to being glass cannon, but they can dodge-tank
some attacks due to insane speed and innate Flying ability.

At level 5 Spark Pixies gets powerful Stun ability, which allows
them to set up devastating blows when combined with Knockout monsters.
When maxed they unlock Dodge ability which can bring dodge-tanking to new dimension.

Spark Pixies are very vulnerable to magic attacks and to blast damage.

When it comes to rules Spark Pixies like Lost Magic matches, because it removes major vulnerability.
Close Range is also very beneficial rule, because it allows to attack when tanking front attacks.
Little League is no surprise, most 4 mana monsters are strong here.

Contrary to popular opinion I don’t think Earthquake is very beneficial for Spark Pixies – yes they have Flying, but that’s exactly what your opponent is expecting, so risk of monsters with Snare is high and its quite devastating ability against Pixies and opponents flyers also negates dodge bonus from Flying.

Summoner wise Pixies works well with Pyre - increases their speed even further,
Drake of Arnak - armor lets them survive first non-magic hit and
Selenia Sky - extra damage delivered quickly.
They shine most in low to mid mana matches.


Let’s get into match analysis, it’s ranked at low diamond.


Interesting ruleset, nothing too restrictive, but also clearly telling that we will not be facing
heal/tankheal composition. My cards are still under-leveled for diamond league and from
spying on opponent’s previous matches compositions we know our opponent will have
higher level cards. That means we can’t do "normal" composition and we need to think
outside the box. Here is reasoning behind composition submitted in very last second:


Pyre will be essential for our high speed,
high damage super fragile composition.

Extra speed will go long way ensuring our
monsters strikes first
and either allow us
to kill something before it’s able to attack
our team or in case opponent have expensive
conventional tank our Spark Pixies will have
better change dodging
attacks once our tank falls.

Pyre synergizes extremely well with all monsters used.

Cerberus is pretty counter-intuitive pick. He is usually
used in Little league as tank because of his Heal
ability, which will do nothing
here due to Healed Out rule.

But It’s best choice with 4 mana we have left for
after placing essential monsters.

High damage and decent speed also fits our battle
plan well. His job is to deal his 3 damage and
ensure that our Spark Pixies will be able to
attack twice
before being attacked.

6 health is sufficient for this task and Cerberus is far
more reliable than using 3 mana tank + Flame Monkey. Controlling flow of battle is essential with our composition.

Chicken is perfect anti-blast shield for our Pixies.
If opponent uses anticipated Fire Elemental blast
from 1st attack will be absorbed by chicken
that also makes near sure that Pixies will get
a chance to dodge instead of being caught
in blast of 2nd attack
of possible Fire Elemental.

Chicken also protects from snipe and opportunity
and possibly against magic attack at round 2.

Defense against a lot of possible things that
can devastate our composition makes
our chicken very high value card.

Spark Pixies are heroes of our composition.
They will need to deal lot of damage quickly,
ideally some to important targets.

It is essential that they survive round 2.

There is always possibility that opponent will put
chicken in front to tank 1st attack, but in that case
our Fire Elemental will deal splash damage to
something on 3rd position, which is usually
fragile monster in low-mid mana matches.

We demand a lot from our Pixies – they need to be important damage dealer and tank after our Cerberus falls.

Creeping Ooze synergizes with Pyre extremely well,
it’s nearly as good as another extra speed,
which is absolutely vital to our composition.

So vital that we place our Ooze behind Spark
to make it live longer and also to prevent
devastating hit from possible Fire Elemental
in round 2
as mentioned before.

Ooze will also act as last barrier before our main
damage dealer if our Pixies falls.

Fire Elemental is our main damage dealer
and also support monster to a degree.

While lacking high direct damage Blast is
extremely valuable ability in low-mid mana matches.

We may be facing Drake of Arnak summoner and
if so Blast will shred that armor so it will not
negate first attacks of our other monsters.

Last but not least Blast often kills squishier targets
behind heavy tanks in 1 or 2 attacks.


here is link to battle.

Battle went better than expected, Spark Pixies completely foiled opponent's
plan and delivered win against opponent with significantly higher level monsters.

I use Spark Pixies from time to time, it’s neither rarely used nor staple card because they require
bit of build around composition. Something like that you don’t use tankheal monsters without
high durability tank. They can be very powerful and they are always fun… and at lv5+ fun & stun.

Thank you for reading and good luck in the @splinterlands


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Min/maxing is still underestimated. My friend @viniciotricolor focuses on heal and agility.

Awesome post, analysis, and battle again this week!

I find these little pixies keep surprising me. Also, I agree with the earthquake idea... so including a card with 'taunt' could potentially protect them long enough for them to help deal some major damage. I kinda like these 'not so used' cards as it makes my brain figure out HOW they are the best. I dig it.

Taunt is interesting idea, fire have just one card atm, but I see potential in higher mana matches. Some possibilities (purely theoretical, I dont have Magnor atm) I thought about:

Super SneakCubedamagedurableMagnorChickenPixiesCube plan
Target PracticetankreachLord A.MagnorEttin Sp. 8+Pixies 5+vs Lord A.
Close RangePixes 5+tankdurabledamageEttin Sp. 8+Magnorfocus fire

They really are, very powerful.

a very interresante monster,
in game more mana
combined with flame imp LV5
and SPIRIT MINER lv3 is a lot of fun

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