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RE: Spark Pixies – the fastest assassins

in Splinterlands4 years ago

Awesome post, analysis, and battle again this week!

I find these little pixies keep surprising me. Also, I agree with the earthquake idea... so including a card with 'taunt' could potentially protect them long enough for them to help deal some major damage. I kinda like these 'not so used' cards as it makes my brain figure out HOW they are the best. I dig it.


Taunt is interesting idea, fire have just one card atm, but I see potential in higher mana matches. Some possibilities (purely theoretical, I dont have Magnor atm) I thought about:

Super SneakCubedamagedurableMagnorChickenPixiesCube plan
Target PracticetankreachLord A.MagnorEttin Sp. 8+Pixies 5+vs Lord A.
Close RangePixes 5+tankdurabledamageEttin Sp. 8+Magnorfocus fire

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