Double-damage javelins - weekly battle challenge

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The Javelin Thrower is a card that brings me a lot of nostalgia, is one of my oldest reward cards that has kept its place in my collection even when at one time I decided to sell all my earth splinter cards, but she along with the Wood Nymph never left my army of monsters.

It is a very good card, it has good speed and good attack points which it hits most of the time, it is a very effective card.

Javelin Thrower abilities

This ability takes advantage of all the damage points of the Javelin Thrower, piercing the shields of the enemy monsters, a very useful skill in any archer.
Combined with the speed of the Javelin Thrower makes it a very elusive card, ideal for placing in the last position and avoiding sneaker attacks

Some statistics

According to the Splinterlands Meta Snapshot, Javelin Thrower is one of the most used reward cards in the current metagame, it is used in 8.23% of the battles and is surpassed in use only by cards such as Lord Arianthus, Furious Chicken, Prismatic Energy, Creeping Ooze and Ruler of the Seas, cards that are reference in the game. Also has a fairly good Winrate of 51.39%, but in the circumstances in which it really stands out is in the game modes Armored Up and Fog of War in which it has 56.63% and 56.55% winratio respectively. A highly recommended card.

Let's see the Javelin Thrower in action with the following team.

The line up

Lyanna Natura
An extra point of life always comes in handy.
Goblin Mech
The main tank for this battle, it will hopefully stun the enemy team and take advantage of the Heavy Hitters rule.
Gelatinous Cube
I think I have become dependent on this card and whenever I can I put it to the team in first or second position, it is immortal.
shaman.png Spirit Shaman
A Stun at a distance to get even more out of the Heavy Hitters rule.
Prismatic Energy
Support with magical attack from a distance. I like this card with their magical attack and a lot of life.
javelin.png Javelin Thrower
3 points of damage that with some luck will be multiplied by 2 and there will be no shield to mitigate the damage from the double-damage javelin.
charriot.png Goblin Chariot
Another archer with Piercing ability and good damage, we will surely crush the enemy team.

The Battle

The strategy work?

I would have liked to see more Stuns, but the few that entered were enough to obtain the victory, especially at the beginning of the battle, which helped to knock down Lord Arianthus in the first turn, after that it was easier to knock down the other enemy monsters, even though the Goblin Mech was knocked down had already done its part despite being weakened by Zintar's bonus and the Octopider ability.

Stun cards are a very valuable resource when we play with the heavy hitter rule, in this case it was not the exception and the Javelin Thrower take advantage of this. I think the strategy worked very well, don't you think?

Thanks for reading my post and don't hesitate to leave your comment. See you in the game.

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