End of Season Countdown! Get 3speak Verified Today! MYSTERY GIVEAWAY!

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Hi everyone! What a great season-ending it was for me! A lot was going on with Steemit's new owner, Justin Sun! He was on dlive with Ned Scott while the season was ending! I was excited from the start when I first heard he bought Steemit. For new people to the Steem blockchain, he only bought Steemit - the Steem blockchain is not Steemit. I am very happy and I think Splinterlands is going to gain mass players from Tron. They are well known for their crypto games! The Tron community is outstanding, from my experience from the SEED Kickstarter awhile ago! I did catch some of that panic that others were feeling but that did not last long and I am powering up my STEEM POWER and will be a dolphin in a few days or so! 5K SP here we come! Dolphin city baby! It took me from June 2017 until now to do it!

Back to Splinterlands....this is the first time in 3 long months that I placed in the Top 50! Last season I was like 56, the months before 52, etc. LOL! I am very happy! I am so happy I want to celebrate with you all! Simply leave a comment below and random people will be picked to receive a mystery prize from me! It could be a common card, DEC, an Epic, etc. I hope you all had a great season-ending! Also, if you would like to get verified on 3speak all you have to do is mention them and put it in your title and add a social media where you shared it on! that is what I am doing here in this video and post. I mention them around the 2nd minute! See you all tomorrow with more Splinterlands!

Steem on!

Chris Love AKA @clove71

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71

Splinterlands Rep

▶️ 3Speak


I Love this gif, she is such a great Summoner! You won some DEC!

OMG congratulations to you and yea this season has been super exciting for me as well as first time ever I crossed 4k ratings with my gold level summoners so congrats to us 😍 All the best for the new

Wow!! You are high up there! That is so awesome!! Nice job! Congrats to you! That is a very high rating for Gold level- very nice job!! You have won some DEC too!

Congratulations Clove !!
It must feel great to finish in top 50 again :)
Also Congratulations on 2 Epic Gold cards

Was it hard to battle your way to such a high place ?

Thank you so much! I am happy today! I was like 37th place yesterday and kinda parked there but then was 54 and battled back up. It was like a yo-yo LOL! That is the hard part when you lose 32 points and drop so low. I missed being in the Top 50! I hope you had a great end of the season! I sent you some DEC!

Thank you <3

Thanks for being here!

You did it, I hope to be in the top someday

Thanks!! You will be- you are doing awesome!! I am glad you are here in the Splinterlands community! I'll see you at Telegram! This was me a few hours ago, LOL!! You won some DEC!

I appreciate your passion for the game, I love this community hahaha

Congratulations on finishing in the TOP 50 @clove71 !!!

You could just feel the Excitement of your accomplishment, Congratulations Again.......Love those Steemmonsters

YES!!! I do get excited about these Monsters!! I love the whole game- from battling and winning DEC to the tournaments- Guilds-the awesome market and more! It is great! It is the only game I play as I spend all my time on it, LOL! I love seeing you here in Splinterlands as you have been here for so long! It is a great community with players like you in it! Congrats to you as you have won some DEC!!!!

Thank You For the Prize @clove71

Congrats on the top 50, and in the soon to be dolphinhood! My aim this year is to be at least a half-dolphin, and since I'm near the 1850 SP now, I think I'll achieve it easily... would probably be faster If I wasn't buying Splinterlands cards! 😂 😂

Thank you so much!! It was so much fun! That is NICE about your status! Keep it up! I spend all my Steem on Splinterlands too but the powered up SP from posts is great!! Make sure you get in on some of that upvoting going on for Splinterlands content! You won some DEC my friend!

You're far too kind! Thank you! I've been blessed to receive a few upvotes from splinterlands content, especially with the fantasy stories. Love the lore, and the next fantasy story for the contest is on the making! ;) Good luck in those battles!

Nice double GF Imps, but dang where are all the Legendaries?? I just posted mine too, and I did not get any Legendaries either.. I haven't seen anyone actually pull any yet..

Right!? I am waiting for people to post their GFL LOL! I got an Untamed Legendary Camila earlier in a pack but I was just way more excited about being in the Top 50 again, LOL!!! I saw you representing in the dlive chat earlier! So awesome to see everyone in there! I think it will be so great as Tron is well known for its gaming and Splinterlands is the best! You won some DEC!

Heck yeah I saw you in there as well representing Splinterlands! I did a summary of it and I think I got you in the screen shot as well 😜


NICE!!! I will check that out tomorrow morning!!!

Awesome.. I saw you make a donation to give Splinterlands a shout out so I wanted to include that 😁

I was spamming in that chat a bit! LOL! I just love the game and want more people to see it!

Making it into the top 50?! That's some serious gaming. Well watching your video today I logged into 3speak for the first time in aaaages. It has been a season for firsts though as today I cashed out on my first diamond season in... well I think I had hit diamond once before when I started playing. But it's been a while. The reward weren't great but ho hum. I'll be back at it full tilt this season. Something tells me if we end up onboarding Trons gamer base we will be in for a wild ride in Splinterlands. So with that inbound I'm intending to game like a loon. Great seasons end post @clove71. As always upvoted and resteemed. :)

YES!!! I mean this is exciting news to me! Tron is well know for their popular games and Splinterlands would easily be #1 so anyway I am just excoted- I will be more excited when I hear Justin Sun just mention Splinterlands-- I thinlk we need to all flood his twitter then he will see it for sure!!! I am sending you some DEC! Have a great Sunday!

OMG thank you so much! I’ve been buying packs over the past 24 (had a poor season reward and poorer pack results) so the dec will definitely go back into the game. In regards to trolling suns twitter... I don’t have twitter or face book. Steem is the only social media I really use. However I was trolling his dlive yesterday with SMT’s questions, so the next one I’m just going to hammer on the splinterlands topic. We may get some feed back if we all do it once. Thank you again for the dec Clove71. You’re a bloody star. :)

Hi, @clove71!

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With new untamed edition, top 50 is getting even harder to get into.

The Top 50 became super hard about 3 to 4 months ago for me. It used to be hard gettin gin the top 10 but I was usually there- now getting in the Top 50 to me is like getting in the old Top 10! LOL! I love a challenge though so it is great, if it was easy it might not be as fun. I sent you some DEC!

Thnks for decs

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