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As Editor of The Steem News I have been watching the development of the new Hive Communites feature with keen interest.

It is currently in beta with, according to @elipowell in @shadowspub's January Witness Chat, a soft launch due in the next few weeks.

The full hard launch of Communities is scheduled for the next 3 - 4 months.

Rather than just observing from the sidelines I thought it best to dive in and set up a Community to see how easy it is to do, and to explore the facilities available so far.

I didn't want to impinge on any specific interest Communities that others already have, or may be about to, set up, so I opted for a Community for The Steem News that I produce.

There have been a number of ideas put forward by various people about how The Steem News might be expanded and developed - for example with its own account, a separate website, and translations.

All of those are good ideas and are under consideration but they do require somewhat greater resources and time commitment than can currently be justified.

Therefore a Hive Community seems like a very good place to start to explore and experiment with ways to grow The Steem News.

This Steem News Community will aim to be a one-stop shop for all things relating to news about the world of Steem.

One starting point may be to experiment with translations of Steem News. If anyone is interested in trying this out do let me know.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on how we can use this Community to improve Steem News, increase the readership and get it out to the wider world to promote Steem do let me know.

Thank you.



The Steem News Community



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In some ways, communities is like a well categorised area to view on. Just that its function is still an open community and not really have a way for closed private groups like what FB group could do.

Rice-illicious Cook off is one of the Community I am in as joined organising with Qurator.

The usefulness of pinning the winning recipe would be of great advantage

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Sounds good. If you have any new Communities you are involved in that you would like me to feature in the Community Watch section of the Steem News let me know.

I think it will be a good idea to have a community for the Steem News. The way I see communities is that they will help with organising and making specific topics which will help engagement in around that specific subject.

So Steem News will be a great starting point for a 1 stop shop on a quick catch up on latest steem developments.

Good luck with it but it will probably make it easier for you I'd imagine?

Thanks Nicky. Still learning how to drive this thing...

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Just subscribed to the steem news community, awesome job man! ;)

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