Build-It Weekly Contest: 20 Steem, 2250 BUILD & 100% Upvote from @build-it in Rewards

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A lot happened during the last week on Steem Blockchain and outside the chain related to Steem, which led to almost no participation in many on-going contests and events, Build-It's Contest was one of them.

As we have been stating from the beginning, this weekly contest from @build-it is an effort to engage Steemians in the positive activities and to contribute its part in making the blockchain welcoming and better for the new, old and upcoming users by providing them reasonable opportunities to earn Steem and BUILD tokens as upvotes and rewards.

This way, they will play their part to support, empower and strengthen the blockchain with their hard work, as well.

See RULES & REWARDS sections for the details of Upvotes and Rewards

BUILD-IT's Philosophy:

#Build-it is a community, born out of the need to empower and strengthen DIY (Do It Yourself) projects, How-to tutorials and life hacks.

Among many others, Build-It was set up as a means to encourage and reward high-quality DIY Projects and How-to Tutorials.

A DIY Platform to Find & Share Life Hacks


There are some changes in RULES and REWARDS (RULES are reduced and REWARDS are increased). Please go through the details carefully and follow all the rules and requirements, we don't want your hard put efforts to go in vain for any little mistake in following the rules and requirements.



Write a post or make a video in the following categories:

  1. DIY Project: This must be your own original project.
  2. How-to Tutorial: This is about what you are good at and others can learn a thing or two from you.

NOTE: Videos can be posted on Dtube/3Speak, but don't forget to use the recommended tag, also write a brief description and explanation of your project or tutorial.



  1. Wherever necessary, include pictures/s to simplify the learning process in the written tutorial.
  2. Only entries published from Build-It and/or Build-It Community (hive-129017) are acceptable as the valid entries.
  3. Use #build-contest as the first tag.
  4. Resteem this post for visibility and to get others (Friends & Followers) involved.
  5. Share the link of your entry in the comment section of this post.

END DATE: Submit your entries not later than 11:59 p.m. 14th March 2020 (GMT).



  1. First Place Winner: 10 Steem, 1000 BUILD & 100% Upvote from @build-it (Build-It's official account with 45K SP).
  2. Second Place Winner: 5 Steem, 750 BUILD & 100% Upvote from @build-it (Build-It's official account with 45K SP).
  3. Third Place Winner: 5 Steem, 500 BUILD & 100% Upvote from @build-it (Build-It's official account with 45K SP).
  4. All other participants will receive an upvote from @build-it.curator.

@diverse and @waleedtee will be the judges of this contest.

If you'd like to sponsor our weekly contest, please share with us how'd you want to support it in the comment section below. Official Links:


Tiene muy buena pinta, es un gran proyecto! Gracias por la creación! ❤️

That sounds good thanks! I have a little tutorial I will be posting this week, I’ll be sure to enter the contest with it!

Another amazing Contest by @build-it. Resteeming for more visibility!

Id love to join this contest but unfortunately I have had nothing but bad experiences entering contests put on by @build-it.. Infact, you guys didn't even judge a few of the previous contests you put on :( And the fact that someone making a recipe can beat someone building shed is a slap in the face to anyone participating in this contest.. Good luck to anyone who enters this. I hope that you actually get rewarded, but don't hold your breath.

Sorry about the ugly quandaries you've had with Build-it @moderndayhippie, I can assure you Build-it derives no pleasure or gain in favoritism or anything related to that. We had the community vote for the best before rewarding, but now I think that rule will be taken into consideration. Please don't give up just yet, besides this is a weekly contest - so we got you covered ;)

I appreciate the reply and the apology. To be honest I was super excited when I saw @build-it had finally branched out into their own Dapp because I am retired and do a lot of building projects at home. It's sad that there hasn't been much interest in these building contests, I would imagine that is because steemit/steem blockchain has been rather slow in regards to the amount of users lately, hopefully, that changes as we creep up on the next bull run (and once this tron buyout/takeover settles down). I will consider posting again because I do think this is a valuable platform to have and one that will do well when we get more people on the chain. Take care.

Greetings @moderndayhippie!

You were the winner of the contest you participated in. Build-It Contest: 1,750 BUILD Tokens in Rewards and Upvotes for all Participants was the post for new contest and winner announcement.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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Here's #how-to make a yummy tuna salad sandwich in 15 minutes, or less :)


Thank you for organizing this amazing contest, looking forward to read the entries and here is mine -

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