STEEM VILLE WEEK 5 CONTEST: Write in 100 word and above content, how you intend to enjoy Xmas Season?

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Here, we have Steem Ville week 5 Contest, where every steemian must freely exercise his/her given thoughts. The aim is to set a level suitable ground for steemians to clear off their mind, at the same, building their steem hope.

Most aim is to keep growing Steem Ville Community's official account @steem.ville for steady reward of it's members and prospective individuals. Pardon us for the delay of this contest.


Write in 100 word and above content, how you intend to enjoy Xmas Season?

1.Join Steem Ville Community and must follow @steem.ville Curation trail 100%. Click here to learn how to do it, it's simple
2.The Contest is open for the entire steemit communities
3.Upvote and resteem this contest post
4.No Plagiarism
5.Drop your entry on the comment section of this contest below
6.All entries must be submitted from now till coming Tuesday (24:00Hrs CET)


Total of 10steems to be shared.
1st Position- 4 steems
2nd Position- 2 steems
3rd Position- 1 steem
4th Position- 1 steem
5th Position- 1 steem
6th Position- 1 steem

Remember, in your writing, inviting/mentioning other steemians to join the contest attracts more mark✓

Support @steem.ville initiative by delegating your Steem Power and keep receiving our upvotes on your post everyday. Click on the box of your choice below🧫
25 SP50 SP100 SP
250 SP500 SP1000 SP
2000 SP5000 SP10000 SP

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Much regards: @disconnect @infovore

Cc: @steemcurator1 @pennsif @stephenkendal

Together we win!



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This is a nice contest and I know we are going to see many people unveil here how they wish to spend this festive Christmas season. My post is on the way. Thanks to @steem.ville for this Contest

Interesting Contest, I will participate

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