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Okay, I know, I know... Holes in jeans are meant to be trendy and in fashion sometimes but when the holes get bigger and bigger over time to a point of near destruction, especially a favourite pair of jeans, it was time to darn those holes.

Darning is a sewing technique for repairing holes or worn areas in fabric or knitting using needle and thread alone. It is often done by hand, but it is also possible to darn with a sewing machine. Source

One thing about fixing holes though is that it is not the most exciting project to work on and the mood has to come. I have posted a couple of mending projects over the months, when the mood came and last weekend, the mood came 😅.

Although my sewing machine has a darning stitch option, I chose to use a 3-point zigzag stitch instead because I can control the length of my sewing better and I can "seal" the holes or tear easier by holding the two ripped sides together. If I use the darning stitch option, the area of stitch is limited by the stitch operation by a button hole fixture.

This was the first set of holes, dangerously around the thigh area:

Using the 3-point zigzag stitch, I pressed the 2 sides of the rip together and ran the stitches by it:

After a few rounds of running the stitches, the holes are sealed:

The second set of holes were at the ankle/feet area:
This pair of jeans should be able to last for a bit more.

After several rounds of the 3-point zigzag stitches which would eventually resemble a darning stitch, the holes are sealed:

And then, there was a favourite t-shirt (worn at home) which was ripped across the back from sleeve to sleeve:

Slowly and carefully, I held the sides of the ripped t-shirt together and ran through the machine:

After about 3 to 4 rounds of stitching, the hole is sealed:

The t-shirt don't look that great with a surgery looking stitch but it is still able to serve its purpose and the t-shirt can be worn at home for maybe a few more months? 😁

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Here's wishing everyone a good week ahead and Happy #NeedleWorkMonday!

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During the process of sewing the holes shut you say the word darnit!!!

Yes I did! :D

Good job keeping thosee clothes in service.

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I had a couple of jeans like that... and I do repairs often... as you said is a mood job.. and never appreciate enough...
Thank you for share

I need the mood too! My favorite bed linen ripped, my mother wants trousers shortened and I have to do something with My handmade and ill fitting pajama pants. I am already bored while writing these task down 🤢
You did a wonderful job on the jeans, it is so hard to get a good fitting one and as they seem to be bane to the environment, mending is even more important.
And hurrayyy your sewing machine is working 🎉🎉

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