Socks I knitted in the season / この秋冬に編んだ靴下

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I finished the third pair last weekend. It was a quite productive sock knitting season. I finished Steem color socks I started the year before last year, had fun time knitting the gradient stripe socks, and made owe with yarn without nylon.

And thanks to @muscara, I got to know Colourmart. Ja, it's a yarn paradise ... !

I'm happy to have enough for next years :)

That's it about my Needlework Monday!


ナイロンの入っていない靴下用の毛糸を探しているときに、Needlework Mondayでご一緒の@muscaraさんからイギリスのColourmartという毛糸屋さん(種類が多いだけでなく、毛糸の値段は世界各国への送料込!)を教えてもらって、ああもう、、、毛糸パラダイスです。


そんなこんなの Needlework Monday でした。

Needlework Monday is initiated by @crosheille and @crystalize. Now it has its own account @needleworkmonday. Thank you to the team for hosting this wonderful & fun weekly tag!

針仕事の月曜日は@crosheilleさんと@crystalizeさんが始めた月曜日の針仕事コミュニティーです。和気藹々針仕事の話題で盛り上がります。英語の投稿にヘルプが必要でしたら discord などでお気軽に声をかけてください。


Toasty warm toes! I like the stripey ones :)

Thanks shani.jahming! Yeah, I like the fun stripy ones too :D

I love the gradient coloured pair and the striped socks look fun to wear. Do you wear both colours together? I think that can be quite a fashion statement :) You ladies sure are pro in knitting socks. I have yet to try this. It scares me.

Mostly it's covered by my shoes and pant outside but I'm happy to see them at home. It's fun to wear asymmetric colors. You'll be a member sock knitter family next season :D


アウトドアと靴下といえば、Opalなどの模様が出る毛糸で一度編んでみたいんですよ。次の秋口に一緒に編み始めませんか? :)


Your socks look so neat! Which pattern did you use? As I am still on the beginning stage with sock knitting I always knit from the cuff down with a heel flap. But I find yours look much more professional. Are you knitting them like @muscara toe-up?

I always use this toe-up pattern ... I think it was right from the beginning :D

It's quite simple except for the short rows for heel but won't be much tricky if you are already a knitter.

I think I learned the pattern by heart already ... !

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Wonderful job... I believe all the beautiful underwear clothes are to be enjoy for us... I mind when you wear and nobody sees them, but you know they are beautiful..
Thank you for share!

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