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Hello Nature Lovers !


I would like to cordially invite you to another great week of the Amazing Nature Contest. There were already so many excellent entries regarding how amazing nature can be in the past episodes, thanks to all of you, but there is still so much more to see! ^^ To participate in #amazingnature just create a post that shows how amazing nature is for you personally. This can be anything from a beautiful flower or animal to an astonishing sunset.

What is the Purpose of the Contest ?

I am a huge lover of nature and really enjoy to take pictures of all the lovely things that surround me every day, no matter if those are plants, animals or landscapes. I found Steemit to be a brilliant place to find and watch nature pictures from all over the world. There is such a diversity of great content out there, thanks to all of you, from different perspectives and out of various motivations. I would like to collect all those beautiful snapshots and their amazing stories in a weekly compilation so that you can all benefit from the beauty that we are facing all the time, but so often are not able to appreciate in the modern times we are living in.

This #amazingnature contest is at home in DNA, a organization run by people for the people, with the aim to foster and densify nature-appreciation in the blockchain. DNA is also the home of the #featheredfriends hosted by @melinda010100 .


Contest Rules :

  • Use #amazingnature as FIRST TAG and CLEARLY MENTION that your post is an ENTRY for this contest.
  • As an ALTERNATIVE you can use the #hive-127788 TAG prior to #amazingnature as the first one. It is the tag of the DNA / AMAZING NATURE community.
  • All pictures have to be your own. You can use the amazing nature banner if you like or create your own. Do not forget to mention the source !
  • Clearly STATE IN THE TEXT why those pictures are representing YOUR AMAZING NATURE. This is an essential part of this contest.
  • Drop the LINK to your post IN THE COMMENTS. You can add a picture if you like. It is NECESSARY as I have to post a link in Discord on Friday, approximately 5 days later for voting and also for my own compiling purposes.
  • The entry window is open for ~ 5 DAYS. Watch out for my FINAL CLOSING COMMENT!

If you miss the entry, please wait for the next round. As I have to work and have a family to manage, there are no fixed UTC times. The window can open in a wide range between 10 am - 10 pm and therfore also close accordingly ^^

Possible Topics :

As nature covers an incredible wide range there is really anything possible. Amazing Natures categories could be anything from the following topics:

  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Geology
  • Landscapes
  • Philosophy
  • .. Surprise us ^^


Prizes to Win :

  • 1st Place : 3 SBI
  • 2nd Place : 2 SBI
  • 3rd Place : 1 SBI

I will always try my best to link and present all participants of Amazing Nature in the entries section of the announcement posts that will be published roughly one week later on Sunday (depending on my time schedule this may shift some time ^^). This way you will have a nice compilation of them all. As an special feature, the new title picture of the contest will be created from the entry of the contest winner. This time it is from @isabelpena.

How are the Winners choosen ?

The voting for the winners will be done by the whole DNA community. Therefore we created a special contest channel in the DNA Discord (Amazing Nature Contest). Here I will post the announcement post (Announcements) EACH SUNDAY together with all your entries (Entries) EACH FRIDAY. Every member of DNA will be able to assign "voting emojies" under the entries for 24 HOURS and in the end those three with the most of them are the lucky winners. This I hope should lead to a more objective consideration than just involving myself as a judge. I will only engage in case of a draw ^^



Here we have an amazing entry by @isabelpena, a nature lover and steemian from Venezuela. This week she offers us some first hand experience on duck breeding. She tells us about a duck lady that managed to lay 12 eggs and explaines how it takes up to 4 days for her to leave the nest for only short periods of 5 minutes or less since ther eggs could cool out, or how it takes them about one month before they start venturing the farm where they go in search of food, to swim or learn everything they have to survive. But the story just starts here, as suddenly all ducks disappeared !! Thats where she started to build a small lagoon and a house for mama duck to lay her eggs more privately and much safer. But again the ducks disappeared. It is such a great post to read, like a criminal case, and I dont want to spoiler you further in case you are eager to read it yourself. But be warned as it is a sad one. "It is sad but that is how amazing nature is. The animals are beautiful and give us a lot of joy but we have to take care of them and love them" .. Thank you very much for this excellent entry to the amazing nature contest ;)

fotos varias 039.jpg
Feria 1 007.jpg


The entry of @joanstewart this week is about Africas snails and slugs. For this purpose she presents us the Giant African Snail (Achatinidae) and the Greenhouse Slug (Milax gagates). Her post is full of explanations about the shell, about how they float along on their slime (mucas), their behavior and differences. If you are interested in more just look up her entry. Thank you for this informative post Joan ^^ and for this nice african proverb ;)

"Despise not a snail for its slow and struggling movement; it has a destination and with time it shall arrive." ~ African Proverb



Here we have a post of @offgridlife. It is his very first entry to the contest ever. He is a Steemian from Ontario, Canada, and a photographer and travelor, that offers some great landscape photography, often very snowy, that he pictures while on a walk with his cute dog Lola. His entry shows some spectacular ice crystals from all along the banks of the Rideau River. These amazing ice crystals are the result of temperatures dropping below the freezing point in combination with extremely high humidity. Temperature and humidity in all combinations are responsible for so many breathtaking nature phenomenons that we were already so lucky to see in this contest. Thank you very much @offgridlife for entering the contest with those magical ice constructions ^^














WhatsApp Image 20200122 at 07.02.05.jpeg




Todays feature is @ratel, a photohunter and steemian from Siberia. His signature blog is "Wildlife: Birdwatching" with over 600 entries already. Here we can see some pictures of various birds, always with their proper name displayed. It is a great catalogue of the siberian bird diversity and and a perfect blog for everyone who is interested in ornithology ;) You will also find some videos amongst the entries and this cute siberian chipmonk ^^




DNA - Densifying Nature-Appreciation:


DNA is a non-profit organization to foster and DENSIFY NATURE-APPRECIATION in the blockchain. One of our big and ambitious goals is to establish REPORTS OF BIODIVERSITY DATA that is contributed by all of us Steemians and subsequently cataloged by us ;)

Therefore we want to ENCOURAGE you to create HIGH-QUALITY nature content, so not just simple pictures, but rather educational touched posts with added EXPLANATIONS and INFORMATIONS.

For these informative posts we are offering a CURATION SERVICE using the @dna.steem account. It is also a CURATION TRAIL and we would be highly thankful if you think about following or delegating to it.

If you want to publish such a DNA post we would be happy if you could use and populate the #dna TAG for whenever you write one of these EDUCATIONAL POSTS THAT aim to DESCRIBE and determine the BIODIVERSITY AROUND YOU with great details and information.

Of course there is still the #amazingnature TAG for all your post about the amazing nature we are all living in ^^ DNA is also the home of the #featheredfriends hosted by the lovely @melinda010100 🦢 ^^

If you are INTERESTED in DNA, please do not hesitate to ask about it, or directly JOIN in the DNA DISCORD ;)

"By The People, For The People"


Steem Terminal Discord:


There is another initiative here on Steem that I would like to bring close to you as I absolutely love them, the Steem Terminal:

It is a great location for LEARNING ABOUT STEEM, Discord, and Steem-related communities, full of nice people that you may ask if you need ASSISTANCE, with nearly everything ^^ It also host the REDFISH RALLY, a funny challenge for all those new here. You will find documents to assist you, a place to learn and practice, and find out about the many opportunities to form CONNECTIONS with other Steemians. So why not joining us? You will not regret it ^^


I thank all of you who participated and voted this week and hope that you enjoyed the Amazing Nature Contest. I am looking forward to more excellent content every week ^^. Of course this format is open for all kind of critics that can increase the quality of the contest and I am always happy about anyone who wants to join us on this little adventure.

Previous Participants :

@akinome @alinix @annamarina @annephilbrick @apnigrich @artofwisdom @angelro @atomcollector @bahttg @bigsambucca @brittandjosie @bucipuci @careassaktart @cocolefleur @davidesimoncini @dkkarolien @elkezaksek @ellenripley @engrsayful @haastrecht @hangin @iamraincrystal @ireenchew @irvet @isabelpena @joanstewart @joebtc @johannpiber @justclickindiva @kamrunnahar @karbon @kheys @lighteye @leslierevales @manojbhatt @mariacaffrey @melinda010100 @mintymile @misschance @molometer @myjob @mysteriousroad @nelinoeva @nilom @ninahaskin @offgridlife @paradigm42 @phortun @qwerrie @redheadpei @sarimanok @sayee @sallybeth23 @seadbeady @s3rg3 @theoctoberwind @thesobuz @travelsbyblue @trincowski @viking-ventures @wongbraling

If you want me to take you out of the list, or if you don't want your picture, in the case you are the winner, to be used as a new title picture, just let me know about it in the comments.


Best wishes,


Good contest. I shall participate this time.

Hey there .. long time not seen @engrsayful ^^ It would be nice to see you entering again :)

I was busy for a while. But now i am free and will participate weekly hopefully.

Thats great news, I already found your entry for this week, hehe ^^

Hey there @annephilbrick.. Thank you for this excellent entry! Those marshes are absolutely beautiful!.. Thank you for showing all this different animals and plants that are living there ^^ .. This is such a great post ;)

Thank You...!!!!!
I'm most glad you enjoyed the visual tour of the marsh near my cabin.
I really enjoyed going through the pictures. I really do miss kayaking around out there. The marsh is now resting under the ice and snow .

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Thank you very much @adalger, I feel happy to see my duckies on the cover page of this post.

Hehe ^^ .. Thank you for your amazing post. It was soo much fun to read it! I hope that mama ducks will be lucky in the future once in the future and we will read another, hopefully more happier, story from you ;)

I hope so, too. Thank you my dear friend.

Hi there everyone ^^

Thank you for another awesome week of the contest with you. You again enriched this week with really good entries ;) .. I just want to inform you, that from today on the contest test is fully located in the DNA Server, also the voting will be relocated there, please keep it in mind!

This said I wish you another great week andI am already looking forward to all your amazing entries ^^

Best wishes,

Congrats to the winners and thanks for mentioning #featheredfriends and DNA! I hope everyone comes and joins the Discord! and follows @dna.steem

Thank you for nomination in my floating dreamers in the garden. Congratulations to all participants enjoying nature around us.

@tipu curate

Thank you for entering with them @joanstewart.. It was a really nice and informative post about them ^^ And that Giant African Snail was so huuuge!

Amazing natural photos !

Thank you ^^ .. And thank you for the entry.. There will for sure be more amazing pictures, hehe ;)

🦋🤗 !!
Congratulations to all the winners. Beautiful pictures and wonderful stories/information.
Thank You for the honorable mention...🤗.

You are very welcome, as always @annephilbrick ! I wish you a great week ;)

Thank You..!!!
And great week to you too..!!!!


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and gifted with some virtually delicious cake
from the @helpiecake curation team!

Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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@helpie is a Community Witness.

Thank you for this delicious upvote ^^

Congratulations to the winners. Great photos and good stories :-)
Thanks for placing in honorable mention.

Muy hermosas.
Very beautiful @adalger

Congratulations to the winners :)
There are several beautiful pictures, thank you for the mention.

You are very welcome @misschance ^^ .. I am glad that you were pointed to the contest ;) .. I am already waiting for more great entries from you!

Thank you for this great entry about the aligators! Those pictures are amazing ^^

Thank you very much fir this super cute entry @alexanderfluke.. I am glad that you found your way to us ^^

Thanks 👍 👍 👍

Thank you for you post about the baboons @seadbeady! Especially the mommy with the baby is so super cute ^^

Hi friend @adalger

For me it is a pleasure to be able to share with all of you one of my passions which is the photography of nature, landscapes, animals and flowers. With great love and affection I share with you this my first participation in this great challenge!

Hi there @manuelramos ^^ Thank you for your first entry into the Amazing Nature contest :) .. With your passion of nature photography you found the absolutely right place here with us .. I also see that you already read a bit about dna! If you are eager you can join on the dna discord, its still very new but maybe an interesting place for you.. There are also @melinda010100 's #featheredfriends there and pictures of the biodiversity of Venezuela would be highly appreciated ^^

Hi @adalger... Thanks for initiating the nature contest...I ám joining for the first time and here is my entry:


A Viennese Wood - My Entry To The Amazing Nature Contest by @Adalger

Thank you for this beautiful entry ^^ .. This poem is absolutely amazing! .. I am glad that you found your way to us and I believe you will love it here with us ;)

Great choices and wonderful contributions for this contest ^_^
a2xhmx.png to the winners and thank you for the mention @adalger 😉

You are welcome @barbara-orenya ^^ .. I am glad you like it here and entered already with your nice daisies :)

Hey there @engrsayful! Thank you for one more great and philosophical touched entry from you ^^ This combination of red and yellow is so great .. Also thanks for populating the hive with your entry :)

Hey there @kamrunnahar!.. Thank you very much for your pictures of your visit to the national park ;)

Wow. Thank you very much.

You are welcome ^^ .. I am glad that your first entry already landed in the winners list :) .. I am abig fan of water in all its states and thise icy needels were absolutely amazing. I cant wait for another entry from off the grid @offgridlife ^^

Thank you @brittandjosie for entering with Jack this week ^^ This is really a nice and informative post :) .. If you ever meet Jack again make a picture of him. Only if he has not already been hitchhiking his way to eastern Europe ^^

Here is my Next Entry .... Cedar Tree growing out of an ancient Rock on Lake Superior Canada.


Thank you very much for another great entry from you @offgridlife ! .. I am so glad that you decided to stay within our little community. That ocean loving tree is simply amazing ;)

Hi, this time I will not miss to enter the contest.
Here is my post about the suicide tree.

Thank you for another great entry from you @nelinoeva!.. Also that suicidal tree is a bit frightening and sounds dangerous if you do nit know about it.. I never heard of it before

Here is my entry for this new week:

flores, mami, patos, etc 009.jpg

I give you this yellow flower that means friendship.

Thank you very much for another beautiful entry from you @isabelpena ^^ .. It is a very nice and colorful this time :)

Congratulations to the winners and for all of the wonderful nature photos.
Hi @adalger! I am happy that you and the former bioportal.steem merged. I am also a nature lover and this is my first entry to your amazing contest and features a pregnant praying mantis:

Hey there @whatisnew! Thank you for this excellent entry to the contest.. It is such an excellent one about the pregnant mantis, and so informative ^^ .. I love it a d hope ti see much more from you in the future ;)

Yay! I am happy to know that you like my post and am very much looking forward to being a weekly contributor. Thanks so much for your kind words @adalger! : )

Wow, I am glad to hear this ^^ .. So I will see you far more often from now on, hehe :)

Thanks so much @adalger. I have something up my sleeve (a surpise) for the weekly posts here. : )

Thank you very much for another entry from you @haastrecht.. I really appreciate that you choose to stay at amazing nature and I am glad that you also entered dna already :)


Thanks for another entry from you full of beautiful pictures. Using food for questioning about the individual vs the group is a really cool idea ^^

Thank you very much!

I so love little ducklings they are super cute :)

It was also such a nice, but sad, story to read ^^ I am sure there will be far more baby ducks in the future, hehe

This post was chosen to be voted by THEUNION.

Thank you very much for the upvote ^^ Gracias !

Hey there @barbara-orenya ! .. It is so nice to see that you are entering the contest again, this time with an amazing photishoot by two topmodels in front of a beautiful landscape, hehe ;).. Thank you also for populating the hive!.. I really appreciate it ^^

I was a bit in the last hours, I wish I was more organised with all the different themes, communities, contests, and also choosing between posting my art or photography ...LoL...not to mention my alt @luigi-the-gnome that would like to post from time to time but who I'm obliged to pass last when I don't have enough time 😃

Everything that is related to animals, I'd like to support, so I have many projects in my head but I'm easily running short of time 😊
Did you see the sticker I've made to support the FeatheredFriends community ..? I would like to extend my support to other communities, without necessarily doing it in the same way, but always by using what I know how to do best: creating joyful art and highlighting those I appreciate 😉

Hehe, I saw the sticker and it is super cool, I also had to smile broad when I saw the horse and donkey sticker you created for the post too, hehe 😁.. If you ever had some free time I would be honored on a sticker or maybe a new banner 😍 .. By the way, if you ever encounter problems or have questions about steem and discord or need suggestions on structuring and organising problem I could highly recommend the Terminal to you!.. They are great and super helpful (just ask anyone there or directly @brittandjosie (Terminal and DNA), she is kind of my mentor here 😁).. Also, as you are loving also the #featheredfriends by @melinda010100 you should think about taking a look on DNA. We are both at home there with our projects. It is dedicated to densify nature-appreciation and would fit very good with your interest in animals. It is still a very new project. Actually I believe that combining art and nature is such an amazing beautiful concept. If you ever would like to try something in that direction both amazing ladies I mentioned above would welcome you with open arms on that idea and support you as much as possible I believe 🤗

it's kinda "planned" (as much as it is possible that I plan things, given my disorganized nature ...😃 ) that I will do something artistic for your community 😉
Thanks for the info, Discord is my weak point on Steem, this is so time consuming that I never find some time to go there, except if I have an issue, I wonder how people are managing to be there...😊

Hehe, I am soo exited about it! Your artwork is so great and it would be a huge enrichment to the contest 😁 .. To be honest, I also only have limited time, about 30 min a day to browse through all of it, do the commenting and everything else, and there are moments that I am really absent from discord for weeks and those where I check in every hour, but the communities can be so nice, that sommetimes just 5 minutes there are highly enjoyable.. It is not nessassary but can be a huge enrichment to the blockchain experience 😜

Hello there @adalger :) I'm glad to participate on this amazing contest ^^ This is my entry for this week:

Hey there @mariacaffrey ^^ .. Thank you for your entry! This is a great post about complementary colours and a wonderful reminder that the beauty of nature can be found everywhere around us ;)

Absolutely! Mother nature is the best artist. Thank you!❤️


I am CLOSING the ENTRY window now

The VOTING will START in the DNA DISCORD soon ^^

Thank you all for participating this week ;)

Best wishes,

Thats a great entry @redheadpei ^^ .. Unfortunately you submitted it a bit too late for the voting period :( .. But I you want I can add you to the next week ;) .. No wonder that they are all visiting you so often if you are luring them with blueberry pancakes 😂🥞

Thanks @adalger. It would be great if you would add me to next weeks.

They really love blueberry pancakes. I only cut up a couple as a special treat when it is cold outside. 😂

My first entry into the Amazing Nautre Contest 🤗

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