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RE: Does STEEM Look Like an Abandoned Project?

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Despite everything, I am optimistic. If I compare Steemit last year and the current one, I see good progress.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask you. Are you planning to join the DIP team? Maybe you have already joined, I just don't know it. What do you plan to do? Maybe you will continue to do your front end? This is simple human curiosity on my part🙂.


I am also optimistic :-))

I don't think it would be possible to join the team. Members are more to be appointed. Besides, there are already very competent people there.
Yes, in any case, I would like to continue working on my site. I already have a few things in mind for a full text search. I'm also working on the feed page as an entry point for bloggers.
(Unfortunately) so many interesting things on the blockchain keep distracting me :-))

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