[Contest] My Skill Is My Power || Season-13 And Best Contributor Of Season -12

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Hello everyone,

This is @pea07 from Bangladesh and one of the newly joined moderators of this Community . I am going to start my contest in this community . I am grateful to #steemitblog for everything. I hope you will enjoy the topic of this contest.

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"The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways."

  • Robert Greene

Skills are an asset. Many of us know that knowledge is the power of people and to be able to use that knowledge properly is skill. According to me, success will follow us if we can achieve skill in any work. We have knowledge in many things but not skills in everything. Different people are good at different things. Some are skilled in crafting, some in art, some in cooking, some in blogging, some in sewing. The main objective of this contest is to highlight the skills of the users.

Contest hints

All you have to do is share your skill with us atleast in 5 steps.

Contest Rules

  • Contest posts must be submitted only in the #Steem Fashion&Style Community.

  • Title should be "[CONTEST] My Skill is My Power || Season-13 by @user".

  • Post must be abuse free and containing minimum 300 words.

  • A quality article must have atleast 3 pictures.

  • Participant must have joined any of one club such as #club5050 or #club75 or #club100.

  • Use tags #myskill #(your skill related tag) like food/recipe/ tutorial/crypto/ creativewritting, #steemexlusive #country(Example : #bangladesh) and the club you are in, for example, #club5050 #club75 #club100

  • Add #burnsteem25 tag if you set 25% beneficiary to @null. We Highly appreciate supporting this project of steemblog.

  • Use your own captured photos. This contest is about your skill, so your used photos should be your own.

  • Invite at least three friends to take part in the contest.

  • You are allowed to write your post in any relevant Language.

  • Share your post in any social media platform and share that shared link in your post's comment section.

  • Submit your post link in the comment section of this post so that I can find your participation easily.

  • Upvote and Resteem this post and mention me (@pea07) anywhere in your post for finding the post easily.

  • Comment on other's posts to get more chance to win .

Contest Deadline: Till payout of this contest announcement post.

Contest Prize

1st positionBooming Vote
2nd position2SP

Wish you all the best. The vote is not guaranteed from @ steemcurator01 , @ steemcurator02 .

Best contributor of Privious season

The participants of this contest makes me happy. There were 9 participants and all the participants have submitted their post on time following all rules. Thanks all for participating and congratulations to the winners.

1st winner

User name: @rajusam
Post link: Click here
Rewords : Booming support

2nd winner

User name: @safdarali
Post link: Click here
Rewards : 2 SP

Winner will recieve their prize pool shortly.

Cc, @ashkhan


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Best regards,

 last month 

Dear @pea07 I did not get my reward yet.

 last month 

Hi friend, sorry I didn’t notice your comment. If I saw this before It would be great. For the first time, I forgot to take a screenshot of sending reward and comment but no worries I sent your reword 7 days ago. Here is the screenshot friend.

Screenshot_20240518_024202_Opera beta.jpg - It's from your wallet.

 last month 

Thank you so much

 last month 

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 2 months ago 

Upvoted. Thank You for sending some of your rewards to @null. It will make Steem stronger.

 last month 

Assalamu Alaikum, how are you, I hope you are well. I am really glad to see you on this platform. Thank you very much for organizing such a beautiful contest on this platform. I hope you will organize more beautiful contests on this platform. Stay well.

 last month 

Dear @rajusam apu and @safdarali best wishes to you for winning the competition.

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