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They're back!!!

In case you don't know, many years ago I began running an account called @little-peppers as an opportunity to document some family fun and memories and as an investment opportunity for my children's future. It had been about a year since I actually posted on it, but they've been encouraging me to get back to it for some time. Recently, I started back up by sharing a few of Pinkie-Pepper's photos, and now I'll be sharing some of Red-Pepper's.

Recent photo from Pinkie-Pepper - Check the @little-peppers account for more

We've got some children's book projects planned, so I'll be sharing some of the shots and edits from the @little-peppers account, and asking for some feedback too. Here's some photos of Red-Pepper the photographer, along with "Awesome" the Opossum, the "star" of our newest project. Stay tuned to the @little-peppers account for more (and please be careful in the comment section, as some accounts have been posting inappropriate images lately both on my account and theirs.)


Until next time…

Make today special!


She is so cute!!! Btw. I started the podcast - diving back in...
Do you still have the same email? Going to send you one :)

It is the same. Do you still have it?

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