Now that's a yucky yolk!

I got called in for a snake removal recently, and it was an impressive Black Rat Snake (Pantherophis obsoletus) that reached a length of over five and a half feet. In total, I guess that it had seven or more eggs inside of it, and when I picked the creature up, it eventually began regurgitating some of the eggs that it swallowed. To see that bright yellow yolk dripping out of the massive black snakes mouth was an interesting sight to behold, and we caught it one film too. If you're interested in checking it out, here's that video.

If you'd prefer just to look at some photos quickly, an assortment of them are available below. These were all taken with my GoPro 7 Black. I wish I had some macro shots of this scene, but I wasn't set up for that at the time. They still allow you to grasp the situation, and the dripping yolk.


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Hopefully you gave it a nice LONG car ride to greener pastures!

Wow! I am averse to snakes, but it looks as if you are not perturbed by snakes , especially this one.

But how did we know the numbers of eggs it had, since it is yolk that was being expelled, not the whole eggs?

I could feel several eggs inside it that it had swallowed whole.

 last year 

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