Turn Right

in NONSENSE2 years ago

Turn over a new leaf,
To find a worm of grief.
Turn right at the traffic light.
Turn left when you feel bereft.
Turn up whenever you please.
Turn over and back to sleep.

Some news will soon be flashed. I have created a new community, NONSENSE, on Steem. I hope that those people who participated in my Nonsense Writing Contests will rejoin the fray. More details to come. In the meantime, feel free to cross-post in NONSENSE - this is a community, not a prison. Anything wildly inappropriate will be mercilessly lampooned - and then harpooned.

Till next time.

Image: Photo by Dmitriy Nushtaev on Unsplash, edited.


The nonsense writing contest

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Thank you for opening a new community. I'm good at nonsense. haha~

I came to check it out, but it looks like there is nothing here!

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