STEEM Poker League - 100 STEEM NLH + 100,000 SPORTS NLH Freerolls!

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100 STEEM Freeroll

This Friday, December 20th @ 3PM ET @guiltyparties is hosting the "My Precious" Holiday 100 STEEM No-Limit Holdem Freeroll on and everyone is invited to play and win some STEEM!

100,000 SPORTS Freeroll

The very next day on Saturday, December 21st @ 3PM ET @inthenow and @brosgn will be hosting a SPORTS Freeroll for 100,000 SPORTS.

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Daily/Weekly/Monthly Freerolls

Every single day we have Poker Freerolls for STEEM, SPORTS & XRP running as well as some weekly & monthly games! Here are just a few ...

  • 1 STEEM BRO Top Series NLH AM/PM Qualifiers
  • 1 STEEM Dos Uno No-Limit Holdem
  • 1 STEEM Four Banger No-Limit Holdem
  • 1 XRP Warmup No-Limit Holdem
  • 1 STEEM Wingman Exclusive No-Limit Holdem
  • 500 SPORTS Wingman Exclusive No-Limit Holdem
  • 1000 SPORTS No-Limit Holdem Fiddy50 (1/2 of Table Wins)
  • 10 STEEM No-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
  • 10 STEEM H.O.R.S.E.
  • 20 STEEM Pot Limit Omaha
  • 20 STEEM No-Limit Omaha
  • 25 STEEM Friday Night BROmaha
  • 50 STEEM No-Limit Holdem
  • 200 STEEM No-Limit Holdem

Even m0ar Freerolls!

Even more Freerolls are running thanks to sponsorships by other Steemians : @followbtcnews - @guiltyparties - @bethalea - @c0ff33a - @derangedvisions - @honeychip - @fitcoin - @ericwilson ... so what are you waiting for?

See you at the tables!

Not Gambling Sites
BRO Sports & Gaming Network's suite of sites are not gambling sites and are always FREE to play on to win STEEM, SPORTS and other Tribe tokens and cryptocurrencies. Our websites operate like a faucet with fun multiplayer and single player games that you can play for FREE daily. Deposits are not allowed, but you can still win your favorite tokens!


I have been out of the loop and played a lot two years ago on Luckysacks.

I will be joining you guys this Friday!

Cool, good to have you back!

@tuck-fheman Upvoted and resteemed and shared on Twitter - people this is the best poker playing group around - and it's FREE to play - come join us!

=) Thanks blueeyes!