Lockdown birthday

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I turned my flat into a wonderland of lights to celebrate my birthday, I love them so much I think I will be keeping them up!













Happy birthday !

Happy birthday

Did you even upvote this post or wish the birthday girl a happy birthday?

No you didnt, but you think its alright to crash her comments section and chase SC01

Hello Dear @steemcurator01 !!!

Today I saw a post of a Crypto Professor @yohan2on about the centralized & Decentralized


He is Misguiding the community because Steemit is not Decentralized it's Centralized and you guys made it censored and mostly users know about it expect new users.

Everyone is learning about the crypto and the platform by these crpto professor and if they misguide them what will happen next.

Kindly look over it and ask yohan to edit his post because most of the users are posting related posts ...!

Thank You in advance♥️♥️♥️

Says the person with 9 SP

You have zero clues about what is Decentralized, what's being censored?

Does SP Matters? Oh Yeah off course I forget someone can freeze them🌞

And let it go....

Mention me when you will get a notification about this comment 😜

Picking up a blockchain and duplicating the users content that already exists would be copyright infringement. - which is illegal

Freezing funds or blacklisting users can be done on any platform worldwide

Tbh I found steemit a lot more free and open since loads of people left for Hive. To me hive is far more centralised as they flag you if they don't like your opinion and they force you to verify yourself as an artist every few months on the discord channel. It's a headache. I have never felt so free on steemit since steem cleaners and a ton of their friends left for hive. I am on hive but I much prefer it here honestly because I actually feel more free here.

yeah i agree 100%
Since that mob left things have definitely changed for the better, when i got my Hive i powered it down and brought steemit with it :)

God dam - how many times do they (hive) want people to keep verifying themselves...that's a bit ridiculous

It made me laugh how they complained that it was centralised and controlled, yet It has never felt so free. The only one censoring and controlling anyone was them honestly. I have ppl i like who moved to hive but steam cleaners and those at the top I found very controlling. I think they were just being triggered by their own shadow.

They flagged all my posts one day and stopped me earning anything till i downloaded discord and verified myself by putting all my links on my twitter or my official website lol. Rather than just ask if it was my art they accused me of plagerising and flagged every post I made on an auto bot till I went to a huge effort to go on the discord channel. Irony is was the second time i had to do it..... because the old person had left or some rubbish. It drove me mad. Honestly the platform is soooo much better I now I feel freeeee lol

Steemit is worth a lot more now which, I knew it would be too.

Illegal ? While the 95% community and witnesses was agreed with the proposal.

If the community decided move from the platform maybe it was there own decision which I think was better than get censored by someone who doesn't care about there efforts and content like something happening right now...!

If someone think they stole your assist than let me clarify you always have the option to delete them from the other platform and everyone is most welcome the pass are same they can do it anytime if they want but no one did it. Everyone was busy in swapping and earning more and more if you were not agreed than why you moved your Hives 🤣🤣🤣

And hey no one freezes your funds because they know the efforts behind them,

Everyone was and working on the platform without any greed and putting there efforts on the platform instead of getting upvotes from @steemcurator01 who just gave the greed to some members and those basters are busy in fooling they own friends and country fellows.

Yeah every platform have the auth to freeze the fund if they provided them like sc01 is giving to the community on any xyz content but not those funds which the community earned by there own efforts.

It was 🌞 his fault he invested on the wrong place while he doesn't have any knowledge what decentralized community can do with him. Yeah I feel really sad about him because he lost his investment and still putting more but to be honest I salute him who never stopped it even everyone just kicked his ass😜

Welcome to Steemit where you are not allowed to ask or say something which sc01 don't like but if you have more power something like ho together or the other one upvc what ever he is sc01 keeps his silence😁

Misguiding the community or dumping the members is also an illegal act and if it is decentralized community then I have the rights to ask even with 9 Sp or with 0 Sp .

Clap Clap Clap...!

There is thousands of things which I can say here but I am not here for the argument , against or defending someone\something.

But yeah I will never kept my silence while someone is doing wrong and dude don't try to defend when you know the truth.

Happy Birthday - hope you had a great day

yes thankyou <3 and the lights are still up!

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