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This is a huge blessing!

This is actually our first year growing peas to eat here in the Ozarks. We grew some back in Wisconsin in 2014 or 2015, and last year we tried about six varieties here. While we ate the ones in Wisconsin, the ones here were basically a test to see which variety would do best, and then we let them all go to see to save them all. The Wando variety was the winner for us, so we started off with a lot of seeds for them this year. We are also trying a new variety as well, but those Wandos are cranking production into high gear right now.

For us, it makes most sense to pick the younger pods, just before the peas fully develop and the pods are still crunchy and tasty. This saves time on shelling the peas, and also give us a bigger harvest, in my opinion. Plus, whether we want raw pods by themselves or in a salad, or cooked peas by themselves in butter or added to a stir fry or into a soup, we've got plenty of ways to enjoy them. It looks like every day we can harvest about as much as is shown in the photos, or possibly even more. Check it out!


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