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What's Up is a curation for sustainably minded, eco-conscious and friends on the blockchain! If you are lucky enough to have a garden, or even a balcony, you might be surprised what you can grown in a tiny space. If you have wondered what an earthship build looks like, you can follow @stortebekers journey. Meditation, reflections, poetry, and a lovely selection of other posts in this weeks ecoTrain community curation. Thank you for making Hive a more special place to all of you posting and reading!


A feeling manifested into a thousand colours 🌱

Seven years ago I went sun-gazing every day in London (with @sebcam) where I looked directly at the sun (for periods of up to 44mins) visualising a beautiful family and the ability to live freely in a land I felt good about calling my home. By the way, I was born in London and had tried on many occasions to save enough money to leave but my habits were closer to that of a materialistic, ego-driven drug addict than the thriving energy surfer I am now.

So today my heart is warmed to its core by the manifestation of this feeling because here I am in the South of France living that dream, doing exactly what I love day after day, despite the current climate of fear, uncertainty & doubt (FUD).

Quick side note here: Sungazing is unquestionably the key to unlocking the unfathomable capabilities of the human mind but it should be done with caution at first, until the basics are understood. I made a film about it here if you are interested to open your Third Eye, also known as the Pineal Gland.


Mazunte Build - The Circle is Complete, We're Pouring Tomorrow

Finally! Ten weeks after starting our project, we are ready to pour the bond-beam. And indeed, we have come full circle in many ways: our budget has been all used up, we've gotten all the material we'll need, time wise we're at the very end (or way past it, however you want to put it). And although we've been working all day, every day for the last week, the hardest couple of hours is still ahead of us: the actual pour.

Saturday Concrete Fest

By now Mazunte is under full lock down, nobody can enter the village, and those who leave can't come back. Alcohol and parties are prohibited, the beach has been closed, and anyone going out needs a damn good reason to do so. This hasn't stopped our neighbors and many others in Mazunte to offer their help in making concrete. So doing it on a Saturday naturally makes sense. It's literally a ton of concrete we have to make (20 sacks) so any help is appreciated. And overwhelming as it may seem to do all this in one day - the bond beam must be made in one pour - our helpers are convinced we'll be finished before lunch.


Dr. SHIVA - CITiZEN SCIENCE vs. Scientific Establishment

At last, a politician you CAN trust!! - Republican Senate hopeful Shiva Ayyadurai calls for firing of U.S. pandemic-control czar Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Republicans are starting to use the term "fake science" to describe what they see as a globalist attempt to shut down the economy and benefit Big Pharma and the government of China. The most articulate advocate of this point of view is Shiva Ayyadurai, a Mumbai-born and U.S.-raised entrepreneur with a PhD in biological engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His academic research was focused on modelling whole cells. He was also a Fulbright scholar who studied how to integrate traditional medicine in South India with modern biological systems.


The Humble Bee by Ralph Waldo Emerson - Asmr poetry whispered by sallybeth23

Hi Five Hivers!

I hope you are all having a great day. If you are in the mood for a few minutes of relaxation-style natural medicine then dive into my latest whispered poetry reading. My wish is to help you unwind by focusing on nature and the small delights of our beautiful planet. Every day we stay home it gets less polluted and more alive out there - the turn around is spectacularly fast in fact - have you noticed? My poetry reading is accompanied by nature video clips I shoot in my garden.


On the paramount importance of just sitting: meditative reflections

I've just got back into meditating properly, and below are a few reflections on today's realizations.

@eco-alex wrote a post a couple of weeks ago suggesting we write weekly post reflecting on meditative insights, and I quite liked the idea so here it is....

Meditation Log 13/04/2020

Timings approximated

1 minute - settling
2 minutes - 'nice' easy postural adjusting, centering and breathing.
4 minutes - first general distractions - thoughts about Jack Monroe (who I'm a fan of) on Daily Kitchen Live earlier this morning reminding Matt Tebbut of the total non-necessity of Arborio Rice. She had a point!
5 minutes - realise I'm getting distracted, back to centering.
6 minutes in - back to distractions, mulling over what an easy blog post writing about Daily Kitchen Lockdown Live would be, and thinking through that.


Primitive Technology: How to build a Tiled Roof Hut with Underfloor Heating (film)

In a departure from my normal format I have uploaded a film today because I find this guy to be particularly amazing. His system feels intuitive and logical. His tools are home-made and his techniques are simple. I don't think he uses anything other than mud, wood, stone & fire.

The words under his film are as follows:

I built this tiled roof hut in the bush using only primitive tools and materials. The tools I used have been made in my previous videos. It should be pointed out that I do not live in the wild and that this is just a hobby. It should be obvious to most that this is not a survival shelter but an experiment in primitive building technology.


Phyllis Krystal guided meditation series: The maypole

Welcome! Today I'm humbly offering a meditation spoken by me and designed by Phyllis Krystal, called the Maypole, which allows us to connect to our higher conciousnes and receive relaxing, healing, and cleansing energy. We also open up to receive unconditional love for ourselves and to send some of it onwards to loved ones and people in need.
A beautiful exercise to first strengthen yourself and then in this time of need do something that is of great use to the world in Corona crisis right now: Send it Love.

Phyllis Krystal was a psychotherapist who dedicated her life to spirituality. She was a Sathya Sai Baba devotee who was one of the first people to use archetypes and symbols to help people transform the deeper-lying issues. Because she was a very spiritual person, I find her archetypes and symbolism to be very pure and accurate and therefore highly effective.


Garden Journal 2020 ... Let's Get Busy!

With the snow no longer blanketing the ground, it's amazing how a couple of sunny days can motivate one to get outside and start digging in the dirt. Preparing the beds for planting the new seedlings is always fun because you know summer is just around the corner.

Having taken care of some of the beds following the 2019 growing season should make it a lot easier to groom the beds.

Why don't we take a little walk around the vegetable gardens to see what we will need to address before planting?
In this picture, you can see the potato bed just to the right of where the hops have been covered with hay.


'The voyager conspiracy', season 6, episode 9 of Startrek Voyager, is very relevant today!!!

In episode 9 of season 6:'The voyager conspiracy' of Startrek Voyager, Seven of nine downloads a lot of information into her system through her alcove, 'learn while you sleep' and finds herself waking up with newfound insights due to links her brain makes between all the new bits of information.

At first this seems useful as she discovers connections between the spices Neelix bought a few months back and the power conduits losing their resolution.
In short: It appears the spices contained larvae of Photonic fleas that, when hatched, flew out into the nearest sensor grid that was open due to repairs Ensign Kim was making. The mating pair of photonic fleas and their offspring were since then feeding on the plasma particles in the conduits. Hence the power conduits losing their resolution. And hurrah! they are then able to correct it.

But the next night she downloads even more information and her brain starts seeing connections between random facts and starts spinning conspiracy theories while she tries to make sense of it all.




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Thank you very much for including my post in the, What's Up! From ecoTrain Community! #2. To be mentioned along with the other featured articles is an honor.

Happy to see this is still happening. I will check out Hive.

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