ecoTrain Question Of The Week 5.4 TIE UP POST - 🌇What would you like to see happen to our city spaces?

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Hey everyone! It's time for the belated ecoTrain QOTW tie up post! Its good to wait a few more days it seems to i can catch all the late posters! SO many posts this week, and there is again a theme! No surprise i suppose but we all definitely want to greenify our cities and in so many ways! @stortebeker has a brilliant idea of using the many glass buildings as greenhouses! I think every part of the buildings have been put up for greenifying including the roof and balconies.. That was not all though so check below for this weeks summary, a nice easy way to see the main points we all had without having to read all the posts!

A few of the things that you have all mentioned.. A kind of summary!

A new opportunity for all

If you change everything changes

Making the Most of Glass Buildings for vertical food forests

Buying land and 'homesteading'

Large ticket items - thinking at least three months ahead, or more!

Care of the self

"parks" on top of roofs

Solar paint

Collaborative City Spaces



add more trees to city roads and sidewalks

Add more Bike Lanes and encourage more usage of bicycles

Encourage more usage of Electric Cars

Add more plants to office windows/balconies,

Rooftop gardens

Instead of building more offices, create more parks

create lakes

Maybe a brilliant smiling face of the people

I would love that every day and throughout the year there are reasons for people to end their day in harmony under an environment that allows them to have a quiet and healthy relaxation


What a great question - not only because of the possibility of their being future lockdowns but also because it's a chance to rave about the importance of planning and self-reliance!

I missed the deadline for answering by a long way and there's already plenty of great response here, but here's a few belated thoughts on how I'm planning and prepping for future lockdowns...

Buying land and 'homesteading'

Fingers crossed my land purchase will go through next Friday and that will give me access to year round food, assuming I can get a decent water storage system in place.

I'll also have a couple of acres of woodland so I'll be able to meet a lot of my building and heating needs from the land too.

I won't be anywhere near self-sufficient at first as a lot of the fruit and nut trees I'm planning on establishing will take many years to get going, and I'm fairly sure growing carb-stables won't be worth it, easier to buy and store those.

With around 5-6 acres I'll also have plenty to keep me occupied and plenty of space between me and 'the man' imposing any future lockdowns, so what with my DIY aspirations and my living a bit in the sticks, I'll probably hardly notice any lockdown impositions.



Cerro El Ávila, our vegetal lung

I live in the capital of the country Caracas and my city has been very attacked in recent years by pollution due to the growth of industrial zones that have been established in the sector. Our life in this concrete jungle has been nothing but a fight against the clock, we live accelerated, running and living badly.

Fortunately for us we have a vegetable lung called Warairarepano, also called Cerro El Avila. This vegetable lung is an impressive mountain that covers the entire northern area of the capital until reaching the state of Miranda, in that place is where we all go to get fresh air, recreate and get out of the routine that has become our life.


I'm so excited about this weeks's QOTW. The question is What would you like to see happen to our city spaces? This is a topic I have been passionate about way before Covid came along to make the first step in clearing out the cities, forcing us to rethink our already poorly functioning use of urban space. In other words, the way is (literally) cleared for our radical ideas to improve our cities. As for what they are, they most certainly depend on the city. So let me take my current place of residence as an example: Mexico City.

Mexico During Covid

While Covid restrictions have turned many other cities all around the world into virtual ghost towns, here in Mexico the situation a bit different. While many places remain closed, there is still a lot of activity in the streets. Vendors and beggars likewise are trying to make a buck. Still, there are much less people and virtually no crowds to drive you crazy. Actually, you could almost say, the situation has become more bearable. No literal traffic jams of pedestrians, no trains and buses filled to the brim with passengers, just enough people so you won't have to feel like you're in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.


Hello everyone, this week's question is quite interesting if you ask me. It's interesting because at least for me, it's a little bit hard to answer so i had to think... a lot. To give you a better "view" of how my minds work, most of the times that i take part in the question of the week i already have the answers so simply start writing.

To begin with, i think that we have to separate the city spaces into public and private. When i say public i mean everything that the state owns and therefore, they need to build something for the public (us) as well. While on the other hand, we got a private city space that may a store owner, a well-known businessman or the average joe has in their possession.


Hi! Good day to everyone!

The pandemic has forced everyone to live on now what is called the "New Normal". Everyone, everything is affected no one is left untouched.

At the peak of the pandemic, I saw that some places have recovered their natural beauty like the parks, beaches, and forests.

With that said, here are my thoughts on the question of the week - what would you like to see happen to our city spaces?

On city roads and sidewalks

Take a look at the photo below, the road behind the red Volkswagen beetle obviously has trees in it but not all roads and sidewalks do have trees. I think governments must add more trees to city roads and sidewalks because we do know that trees reduce carbon dioxide in the air. Reduced carbon dioxide means less burden to mother Earth.


Good day to all of ecoTrain community!

Before I made my return to Hive I read a lot of articles about global warming and how we are going to reduce it I also read articles about healthy lifestyles.

I think this week's question relates to both global warming and healthy living.

With that said here is my thought on this week's question...

Roads and Sidewalks

Add more Bike Lanes and encourage more usage of bicycles

By using bicycles we are reducing our emission of carbon dioxide into the air thus we are contributing less to global warming. Not only that, riding a bicycle proved to be very beneficial to our health too.

Encourage more usage of bicycle


Yes with the lockdowns and so much of business going down and more importantly a lot of business getting online, more and more shops on the roads are shutting down. While it is not a very good thing to see, because it is impacting livelihoods of many people.

But if we have to think on the positive note in this situation, then there can be some pros also; like practically every shop has a store house wherein they store their products and then the front shop where they can sell their products. Imagine if majority of all these front line stores start getting into online business, then there are multiple advantages to the shop owners as well. The most important is that they would save on rentals of the front shop and only need the storage space, second, lesser showroom staff and all the expenses of electricity and other maintenance going down benefitting them in overall cost reduction. But then again one disadvantage here is loss of jobs, which they need to identify how to accommodate, they may also employ the same staff in doing online promotion and sales work. The benefit for the consumer will be saving on time and energy.


Enjoying the smaller things more often

I remember complaining about wanting to leave the city for a small village or at least somewhere surrounded by more green and less traffic pollution. In my younger years, I would have enjoyed city life in this city much more than I do now. Now, I enjoy the silence and walking through nature with the family. Although that's not been happening much lately. It's winter, and we're under a curfew so.

I have to admit, that before the first wave last year, we didn't do this as much as we should either, but the first wave of the pandemic has opened our eyes to what's important and that we should not take each day for granted. We should go out more and enjoy the weather and nature when we can.

As soon as the first wave and restrictions were lifted we went out to enjoy nature where we could. We didn't even wait fort he weekends, but also went out more after work during weekdays. Just enjoying the sun on our faces without the mask madness was a treat after these months mostly inside and with less sun rays on our faces. It was noticeable in our moods as well, we were in need for vitamin d!


I'm really glad that according to @ecoTrain 's plan this week, I'm able to provide feedback on the changing state of my city, which is how I want my city to look in the future.

Bangladesh is a populous country in Southeast Asia. Every day thousands of people gather in the city for employment or study. As a result, the population of the city is increasing day by day. At the same time, the increase in the population of the city is affecting everything. For example, the number of shops is increasing, or buildings are being built to fill the vacancies, or industries are being set up, the number of vehicles on the roads is increasing and the environment is being ruined.


Since the dawn of time, mankind has worked to grow and develop in societies and, to this end, has created places of concentration to help achieve this goal. Man is social by nature, and the cities he has built have been built with the intention of living together, growing, and sharing common spaces.

As time went by, cities became dehumanized, privileging the artificial over the natural, turning into concrete jungles that literally drown not only man but also nature.

But, what happens when it is nature itself who stops this self-destructive escalation of humanity by presenting itself in the form of a lethal virus that covers the planet, causing reclusion as a sanitary measure of preservation and the abandonment of common spaces destined for work and leisure... It happens that the priority is to survive.

Faced with the lack of control over the pandemic, the governments of the world have opted to extend social distancing, which has caused the cities to stop operating as they used to and to submit to a new way of relating to each other in order to carry out the issues that are a priority to guarantee human survival.


loneliness of every place in each country is so obvious. There are even places the sound of the wind is only making noise. Although on the other hand, it's nice to live in a quiet place. There's no threat from peace. Crowded places can't be found. We can move freely I know. It's just that it doesn't seem right.

The socialising that we need to build a bond. It's essential to living a happy life. Like there's someone you can talk to. Someone you can help and can help you. Both of the reasons are important to living a life. But because of the pandemic, most of our happiness is being killed slowly. We are tired of living we are not used to. Something we can't explain that something is lacking. Just like we want to do what we want to do.

If I may ask what kind of City I wish to see. Maybe a brilliant smiling face of the people. I want to live where people don't need to worry about something. The children can play as much as they want. They will never care about a threat or that can make them hurt. I know it's a bit hard living in a perfect world. Bad things will always happen to identify good things. Even so, it's nice to experience it without hurting themselves. That way they can overcome it while living in this world.


Para responder la QOTW de esta semana voy a iniciar relatando una experiencia que se relaciona al motivo por el cual me encantaría los espacio de mi ciudad estuvieran impregnado de arte - vida.

Yo tengo como habito hacer mis diligencias e ir al trabajo caminado Gracias a Dios me queda relativamente cerca, me acostumbre desde hace mucho tiempo, por la situación de transporte en la capital de mi país Venezuela que cada día es un caos, siento mucha incomodidad ante el colapso de las servicios de transporte terrestre y subterráneo los cuales uso solo cuando tengo que dirigirme a mayor distancias o cuando se me hace muy tarde para llegar a casa.


To answer this week's QOTW I will begin by relating an experience that relates to why I would love the spaces in my city to be impregnated with art . life.

I have as a habit to do my errands and go to work walking, thank God it is relatively close, I got used to it a long time ago, because of the transportation situation in the capital of my country Venezuela that every day is a chaos, I feel very uncomfortable with the collapse of ground and subway transportation services which I use only when I have to go to longer distances or when I am very late to get home.


What an amazing question to be asking these times! I have already seen what happend when everybody was in lockdown.

Life is not back to normal nor do I wish it to be. I feel for the business owners but its just noise at this point and the world was so much better off without us stressing around feeling "useful".

So. What could change?
Well, a bit of context is needed I think. I am currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark and I don't think we are as bad as many other countries. On "big" public roads we still some places have trees planted in the middle which is amazing and we also host quite a lot of parks and we are quite good when it comes to renewable energy with our windmills at the sea.
But, we ain't perfect.





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