A New Website to Easily Find Active Communities On Steem

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It feels good posting about something other than Steem / Tron! Finally I feel ready to get back to what we were doing! Before this whole saga happened we were all just getting our heads around Steem Communities! Remember, they are happening ;-) . These new features, whilst long awaited, also brought in a new layer to Steem. Communities are still new and are still developing and growing! New communities have been popping up like popcorn, and most of us have hard time finding ones that fit our personal interests. Steempeak has some filtering options, but they are not currently tied to specific keywords of the topics of the group.. and even if they are we can have so many communities to choose from, many with no activity, that it can be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack.

To help us all, @eco-alex has created a new website at https://www.steemcommunities.net . If you are looking to find new and active communities on Steem, or if you would like to whitelist your own community and have it added to the database then please visit and check it out. There are many features, and it is extremely simple and quick to use. Just click on the topics that interest you and the relevant communities will flash up before your eyes with some simple descriptions and a link to further info. When you find a community you like just follow the link to www.SteemPeak.com and Subscribe!

Here are some of the features of this Communities System:

- In-Line Keyword Filtering For Topics (Ajax)

- Multiple keywords can be toggled on and off to expand your search.

- Tool Tip Pop Ups to easily read basic community information.

- Sub filters for multiple Languages
- Sub Filters For Geographical Location (coming soon, please add your community!)

- Submit Your Community Form

- Random community listing on default page for equal exposure of each community.

Right now there is a relatively small database of communities. It takes quite a lot of time to find all the logos, banners and text manually! So I have created a submit your community form so that you can provide me with all the information I need to add your community. Please note that not all requests will be approved! We require a certain level of activity and number of subscribers on your community to be added. There is no fixed number, each community will be added based on their merit.

So please do take a look, and of course let me have your feedback on the website and usability. I am continuing to develop it and will be taking all your feedback into consideration as it evolves. This includes different ideas for other filtering options. I think language and location are two great filters to start with, and im sure there are more useful ones for us all.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Is hosted on Renewable Energy with 300% of power used fed back into the grid from renewable sources.

If you like what you see please consider donating a small amount of Steem to @eco-alex help cover some basic costs. Thank you!



Wow.... you have put in soooo much work!! Does it update automatically?

The whole communities thing needs some dedicated weeks to settle & for people to discover the potential. You're right... back to the business of connecting & communicating constructively. 😊

Nice job @eco-alex!

its coming long, thank you. It doesn't update auto,, for various reasons.. its also manually added to ensure only active communities are in.. but also we have more info such as topic tags that help to categorise the communities..

haha, he doesnt look so impressed!

yea but we are : )

Impressive, great to see, well done there.

thanks Julian!

This is great Alex, thanks so much for taking the time to do and yeah time to get back to what we do best on this platform xx

thank you! yeah lets get back to the fun stuff already!

i am the first one to be tangled up with so many communities, and i don't know where to publish. thank you very much for creating these tools that allow us to clarify a little bit the panorama and thus advance. happy day

thank you, im glad this has helped you out!

interesting post finding the tribes and communities tab now in steempeak

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Thank-you for doing this @eco-alex! I found that to be a weakness on Steem was the search-ability and communities seemed to address it somewhat but if their community name didn't have a keyword for the niche they were hard to discover. Now we can finally search by topic!

yes! that is exactly right, and why i made this.. having topics makes it so much easier to find communities.. esp when the title isnt part of the topic.. glad u get it! ;-0

Wow, this is just... wow! What an amazing contribution, love the design and everything! Thanks for this!