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Hello dear friends. Are you familiar with the Hegelian dialectic? I’m sure you probably are, but for the benefit of all who may be reading a quick history lesson.


Hegelian dialectic, usually presented in a threefold manner, was stated by Heinrich Moritz Chalybäus[27] as comprising three dialectical stages of development: a thesis, giving rise to its reaction; an antithesis, which contradicts or negates the thesis; and the tension between the two being resolved by means of a synthesis. In more simplistic terms, one can consider it thus: problem → reaction → solution. Although this model is often named after Hegel, he himself never used that specific formulation. Hegel ascribed that terminology to Kant.[28] Carrying on Kant's work, Fichte greatly elaborated on the synthesis model and popularized it.

On the other hand, Hegel did use a three-valued logical model that is very similar to the antithesis model, but Hegel's most usual terms were: Abstract-Negative-Concrete. Hegel used this writing model as a backbone to accompany his points in many of his works.[29]

The formula, thesis-antithesis-synthesis, does not explain why the thesis requires an antithesis. However, the formula, abstract-negative-concrete, suggests a flaw, or perhaps an incompleteness, in any initial thesis—it is too abstract and lacks the negative of trial, error, and experience. For Hegel, the concrete, the synthesis, the absolute, must always pass through the phase of the negative, in the journey to completion, that is, mediation. This is the essence of what is popularly called Hegelian dialectics.

Right, the Hegelian dialectic has been the choice tactic by governments since the beginning of well...government. It’s a tried, tested and true method for getting what they want. What do they want? Well, more power, more control of course!

Why am I talking about this. Well if you didn’t catch my last post, you’ve missed out. It’s a doozy! Perhaps you should go and read that one now, because it’s important to this post. However, I have to warn you, it’s a very long post. lol

The Coronavirus Pan(dem)ic Part 5: Something Wicked This Way Comes

However, this post is all about the ‘solutions’ coming forth to address this current ‘pandemic’ and the future outbreaks via bioterrorism. These solutions are to keep you feeling safe in your daily life, of course. All for the small cost of your freedom.


First, setting up the narrative [for failure].




Quick note: The anthrax attacks shortly after 9/11 were predicted in a pandemic exercise at John Hopkins center for health security, called “Dark Winter”.


I’m sure you are well aware of John Hopkins 4th pandemic exercise Event 201 and how it predicted our current situation with coronavirus (covid-19). As I stated in part 5, I believe Clade X (the 3rd exercise), much like Dark winter, are both pandemic scenarios centered around bioterrorism with a manmade virus.

Is the next big pandemic going to me a result of a bio terrorist attack. Well according to my research, everything is pointing to this being the case and it was only a couple months ago that our nerd in chief Bill Gates confirmed my hunch.



Ineffective detection systems that is. I recently watched a council meeting on biofence, that is no longer available on the US Homeland Security YouTube channel or elsewhere. Fortunately I have it downloaded.

Oh, by the way, this meeting took place on October 17th 2019. 1 day before Event 201 took place.



New vaccines for a safer world

”As the COVID-19 pandemic shows, in a world characterised by increasing population density, human mobility, and ecological change, emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) pose a real and growing threat to global health security.

I like how it says population density, because we used to hear population ‘growth’ for years. However, guess what, the human population isn’t growing anymore, we are shrinking. So now we are being clustered together in big cities, creating the illusion of overpopulation.

This is for multiple reasons. To monitor, surveillance, track and trace and to better control citizens. Eventually this could be used as a giant farm pen. Leaving us vulnerable to greater depopulation campaign. Certainly, it leaves us susceptible to wmds, such as bioterrorism.

Epidemic diseases affect us all. They do not respect borders.

(So disrespectful 😠)

The costs of EIDs are vast, in both human and economic terms. As well as the devastating death toll and disruption to societies, COVID-19 could cost the global economy $4.1 trillion, or almost 5% of global gross domestic product. Even small epidemics can cause tremendous economic disruption.

Imagine instead of shutting down businesses, we used common sense to manage the virus. Oh, wait. They don’t do that anymore, new normal and all. Heh...

Vaccines are one of our most powerful tools in the fight to outsmart epidemics. The development of vaccines can help save lives, protect societies and restabilise economies.

Except that there’s nothing smart about a vaccine. It’s just a dead or attenuated virus in a toxic cocktail of heavy metals, fetal tissue, cancer cells, formaldehyde (disinfectant), gmos, etc, designed to flare up your immune response (aside form poisoning you). In hopes that your body will then recognize and be able to defend against exposure to the wild version of that virus.

Here’s a fact: a vaccine has never once stopped a pandemic. No really, you look into it. In every case the virus burns out and yields to our natural defences and herd immunity before the vaccine can be developed and distributed in time.

No, if vaccines were the answer, the flu vaccine would have wiped out the seasonal flu, seasons ago. Honestly though, if you asked me, I think that those seasonal flu is a direct result of the vaccine schedule. Without the vaccines, how prevalent would influenza be?

That’s essentially what they want to do with coronaviruses. They want to turn it into a seasonal shot type of thing. Except they have never had a vaccine for a coronavirus before.

Matter of fact when they’ve trialed a vaccine using ferrets, the vaccine appeared to have worked, building up strong antibodies in the ferrets. That was until they were then exposed to the wild virus, which induced a enhanced immune response, that resulted in all the ferrets dying.

So, umm there’s that...

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations’ (CEPI’s) mission is to stimulate and accelerate the development of vaccines against emerging infectious diseases and enable access to these vaccines for people during outbreaks.“


Okay, so what’s the point of me bringing up CEPI? Well, not just that they are working on vaccines. Well.. just check this out.


Oslo, 27 February 2019—The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and CureVac AG, a biopharmaceutical company pioneering the field of mRNA-based vaccines, have announced a partnership agreement worth up to US$ 34 million for the ongoing development of The RNA PrinterTM prototype—a transportable, down-scaled, automated messenger RNA (mRNA) printing facility. This innovative platform will provide a rapid supply of lipid-nanoparticle (LNP)-formulated mRNA vaccine candidates that can target known pathogens (including Lassa Fever, Yellow Fever, and Rabies) and prepare for rapid response to new and previously unknown pathogens (referred to by WHO as “Disease X”).

How LNP-formulated mRNA vaccines work

”The genetic blueprint for an organism is contained within its DNA. The genetic code stored inside DNA provides specific instructions for the fabrication of proteins. A molecule—known as mRNA—transports genetic information from the DNA to the cell machinery responsible for protein production. Traditional vaccine approaches administer live or inactivated pathogens to generate an immune response. However, the LNP mRNA vaccine candidate delivers mRNA into a cell, instructing it to produce a specific protein or antigen (ie, a foreign substance that induces an immune response). To prevent degradation of the mRNA and improve vaccine effectiveness, the mRNA is also encapsulated in a protective shell of lipid nanoparticles.”

The The RNA PrinterTM manufacturing facility

”The RNA PrinterTM is capable of producing several grams of LNP-formulated mRNA (enough to produce more than a hundred thousand doses), within just a few weeks. This platform can also produce mRNA vaccine candidates against multiple pathogens using the same technology, saving time and reducing costs compared with other vaccine platforms”


Wow, can you imagine? I find this particularly interesting, because I presented evidence in part 5, that points to 3D printers (in key locations) as a potential method for distributing the deadly (synthetic) virus throughout the globe.

Here they have a prototype printer for distributing a vaccine ‘cure’ (in key locations) around the globe as well. I also wonder what if these mRNA printers could be hacked? Could they too be used to produce and distribute the virus?

I don’t know, but what’s clear is that printing viruses, synthetic biology is a very real technology. Something that we will definitely see moving to the forefront of medical science in the near future.


Here’s a great video by my friend @camille1234. This video brought my attention to mRNA printers.

Excellent work! Don’t forget to sub Camille’s channel after watching the video!

Oh, this next ‘solution’ is nuts!




“PAC-MAN”,? “CRISPR torpedo” wtf am I reading here? I’m not sure what you’re thinking with this information, but there’s a very interesting theory that I’ll share with you after this crispr article.


Before we continue, I wanted to go through a little about this DARPA program for a moment.


”Protection against many common pathogens and environmental stressors is written into our DNA. Our skin responds to sun exposure. Our immune system mounts defenses when we get the flu. Our bodies inherently work to mitigate the potential for harm caused by these health threats. However, these intrinsic responses are not always quick, robust, or appropriate enough to adequately defend us from harm, which is why many people experience sunburn after intense sun exposure or suffer severe symptoms, even death, following exposure to the flu.”

* “Military service members, first responders, and civilian populations face threats far more severe than sunburn and respiratory infections. Pathogens with pandemic potential, toxic chemicals, and radioactive materials can all quickly and powerfully overwhelm the body’s innate defenses. And though significant public and private investment has been focused on the development of traditional medical countermeasures such as drugs, vaccines, and biologics to guard against the worst effects of these health threats, current countermeasures are often limited in their effectiveness and availability during emergencies. DARPA is looking to make gains beyond the status quo. Inspired by recent advances in understanding of when and how genes express their traits, DARPA’s new PReemptive Expression of Protective Alleles and Response Elements (PREPARE) program will explore ways to better protect against biological, chemical, or radiological threats by temporarily and reversibly tuning gene expression to bolster the body’s defenses against – or directly neutralize – a given threat.

“The human body is amazingly resilient. Every one of our cells already contains genes that encode for some level of resistance to specific health threats, but those built-in defenses can’t always express quickly or robustly enough to be effective,” said Renee Wegrzyn, the PREPARE program manager. “PREPARE will study how to support this innate resistance by giving it a temporary boost, either before or after exposure, without any permanent edits to the genome.” The program will focus on four key health challenges as proofs of concept for what DARPA ultimately envisions as a generalizable platform that can be rapidly adapted to emerging public health and national security threats: influenza viral infection, opioid overdose, organophosphate poisoning, and exposure to gamma radiation. “Each of these four threats are major health concerns that would benefit from disruptive approaches,” Wegrzyn said. “Seasonal flu vaccines, for example, are limited in that they try to hit a perpetually moving target, so circulating flu strains are often mismatched to vaccine strains. Programmable modulation of common viral genome sequences could potentially neutralize many more circulating viral strains simultaneously to keep up with moving targets. Combining this strategy with a temporary boost to host protection genes could change how we think about anti-virals.”

”PREPARE requires that any treatments developed under the program have only temporary and reversible effects. In so doing, PREPARE diverges sharply from recent gene-editing research, which has centered on permanently modifying the genome by cutting DNA and inserting new genes or changing the underlying sequence to change the genetic code. Such approaches may cause long-lasting, off-target effects, and though the tools are improving, the balance of risk versus benefit means that these therapies are reserved for individuals with inherited genetic disorders with few to no other treatment options. In addition, some indications, including treatment of pain, may only require temporary solutions, rather than life-long responses. The envisioned PREPARE technologies would provide an alternative that preserves the genetic code exactly as it is and only temporarily modulates gene activity via the epigenome and transcriptome, which are the cellular messages that carry out DNA’s genetic instructions inside cells. This would establish the capability to deliver programmable, but transient, gene modulators to confer protection within brief windows of time for meaningful intervention.”

“Focusing only on programmable modulation of gene expression enables us to provide specific, robust protection against many threats at once, with an effect that carries less risk, is limited but tunable in duration, and is entirely reversible,” Wegrzyn said. Success will hinge on developing new tools for targeted modulation of gene expression inside the body. Researchers must identify the specific gene targets that can confer protection, develop in vivo technologies for programmable modulation of those gene targets, and formulate cell- or tissue-specific delivery mechanisms to direct programmable gene modulators to the appropriate places in the body. Although the immediate program goal is to develop defenses against one of the four focus areas determined by DARPA, the ultimate objective of PREPARE is to develop a modular, threat-agnostic platform solution with common components and manufacturing architecture that can be readily adapted to diverse and emerging threats.”

”Research will be conducted primarily using computer, cell culture, organoid, and animal models to establish proof of concept. However, DARPA’s vision is to generate new medical countermeasures for future use in humans. As such, DARPA is working with independent bioethicists to identify and address potential ethical, legal, and societal issues. By the end of the four-year program, DARPA aims for each funded team to submit at least one final product to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for regulatory review as an Investigational New Drug or for Emergency Use Authorization. Throughout the program, teams will be required to work closely with the FDA to ensure that the data generated and experimental protocols meet regulatory standards.”

Do you understand what they are saying here? They basically want to make people resilient to all the toxic shit, corporations have created. They want to find ways to mutate us. Can you imagine what the natural progression of this would be? Crispr babies designed for a world of poison and radiation, essentially a Brave New World of humans, but that’s a story for another time. Let’s look at the 4 main issues that DARPA spoke of.

1. Influenza viral infection: their future manmade bird flu pandemic

2. Opioid overdose: A precursor to SOMA perhaps?

3. Organophosphate poisoning: Pesticides/herbicides, roundup ready humans.

4. Exposure to gamma radiation: Ahh 5G!

I did a livestream awhile back when the 5G was hot in the news. Youtube iced it, because it was too fresh, well at least my thumbnail for it was. Anyways, I came across some stuff that would be a potential method of circumventing the health problems of 5G, other than the simpler way of just not having 5G.

That potential solution in my opinion is Tardigrades. Yes, if you didn’t know this tardigrades are virtually impervious to 5G radiation. They have a gene in them called “Dsup”, that scientists are experimenting with, binding the gene with human DNA, potentially so people can go to places like mars and fair better, than there unaltered counterparts.

Well, it is my theory that they might use it as one of their ‘solutions’ after 5G is fully deployed and the great health crisis in modern history begins as a result.



Wow, this shit is all too much.


They couldn’t get a sample? lol “No problem guys, we’ll just synthesize the virus! Oh, don’t worry, it’s non-replicating!” 😂. It’s just so stupid.

They don’t call it a Novel coronavirus because it’s new ya know. In fact, if it were a novel in a bookstore, you’d find it in the fiction section.




Great! Just what we need ‘CRISPR CONDOMS’ for our genes. 😝 Joking side this sounds like a form of Antivirus protection? Are you serious? Yes... Yes they are.

Now, I found this article on my own but there was an article that I came across before while searching for the Bill Gate’s quote:

“We also face a new threat, that the next epidemic has a good chance of originating on a computer screen of a terrorist Intent on using genetic engineering to create a synthetic version of the smallpox virus. or a contagious and highly deadly strain of flu”

Okay so the article I found is great. I feel this guy’s take really hits the mark in some aspects. However, his assessment was based on the coronavirus known as covid-19, thinking it was the bioweapon.

I disagree wirh the notion that covid-19 is the bioweapon. I believe it’s the Trojan horse before the actual bioweapon. Anyways, I’ll let Martin Vrijland lay out his scenario.

With the knowledge that governments are able to finance and arm proxy forces and then label them as terrorists and then fight these terrorists themselves (to subsequently steal the land and resources), you might wonder if we are dealing here with a new kind of terrorism or a new kind of biological warfare, where again a kind of "terrorist group" could be blamed.

Remarkable reports state that the current corona virus appears to be adapting and mutating. It therefore appears that there is a virus that does not have a constant composition (see the video below and then read on):

If we are dealing with a biological weapon here and this weapon can also be edited online (for example via the CRISPR-CAS12 read and replace functionality that this latest CRISPR method offers), then we can more or less compare it to a computer virus. If the (possibly) synthetically designed virus is provided with the enzyme that offers wireless read and write functionality, then the "terrorists" could always adjust the virus, so that any vaccine to be developed no longer works.

If that is the situation in which we have landed, then a virus among the population can only be fought through something similar to what we know from a Norton or McAfee antivirus software package.

If viruses are in fact nothing more than an "information package", then the solution cannot be found in the custom-made reconstruction of an anti-virus (and to inject it into people as a vaccine). Then the solution can be found in the administration of an enzyme that makes CRISPR-CAS12 possible. Then you can wirelessly transfer the ever-changing composition of the virus (the DNA or RNA code) to any individual and disable the virus by cracking the virus code.

Does that sound too futuristic and absurd to you? Then have a look at the presentation below to get an impression of how that CRISPR-CAS12 method actually works and to discover that we are not dealing with a strange conspiracy theory here. (read further under the video)

If we can see biology more and more as 'information' and the human body as a bio-computer, then the 5G network offers the bandwidth for the anti-virus system that we might be able to purchase through a Microsoft offspring company . In that regard, it is useful to know that Hubei province already had good 2019G coverage in July 5 (according to the website

Yiwu, the Secretary General of Hubei Provincial Communications Institute, stressed that Hubei had built 4.993 5G base stations at the end of July, taking third place in China, after Guangdong and Beijing. In 2021, Hubei would build 50.000 5G base stations to take the lead in the country.

Already in my book I announced that we would probably go through a major false flag or psychological operation to make vaccinations compulsory worldwide. In that book and in my latest articles I have always pointed to the need of the ruling power to be able to modify the population online in the direction of the transgender transhuman, to the hermaphrodite image of the god of the new world order (being Lucifer).

To be able to realize the transhuman (the cyborg human), two things are necessary. First of all, everyone needs the DNA and secondly the enzyme must be introduced into every individual, with which one can rewrite every piece of DNA online (via the CRISPR-CAS12 method).

The realization of the transgender seems to be a process that has been going on for several decades. I described the latter in detail this article.

In summary, we could say that we could be dealing with a problem that fits into the maxim 'Problem, Reaction, Solution', in which the problem appears to be an uncontrollable and constantly mutating virus; The consequences are tens of millions of deaths with great panic as reaction among the world population and the solution can be found in offering the enzyme that makes the CRISPR-CAS12 solution possible: the Microsoft antivirus system. With that solution, in the future, everyone may be virus-free, but Microsoft can also send the necessary updates to your body's operating system unsolicited.

Right, an excellent assessment but again, this is not the virus. The virus that will truly tip the scale in the new world order’s favor (if we fail to stop all of this), is still to come. I have a significant amount of material that points to a bird flu pandemic to be the real deal, one like no other.

Now, if you weren’t creeped out enough by that scenario. Here’s a bit more to give it even more weightiness, that extra umph so that if sticks into your mind like it has mine.





Damn, this article really oozes agenda. Definitely go to my sources section at the end of this post and read through the whole article, it’s nuts!

Now, I’d like to share with you a piece written by Giorgio Agamben (translated to English)

Biosecurity and Politics (Giorgio Agamben)

What is striking about the reactions to the apparatuses of exception that have been put in place in our country (and not only in this one) is the inability to observe them beyond the immediate context in which they seem to operate. Rare are those who attempt to interpret them as symptoms and signs of a broader experiment — as any serious political analysis would require — in which what is at stake is a new paradigm for the governance of men and things. Already in a book published seven years ago, now worth rereading carefully (Tempêtes microbiennes, Gallimard 2013), Patrick Zylberman described the process by which health security, hitherto on the margins of political calculations, was becoming an essential part of state and international political strategies. At issue is nothing less than the creation of a sort of “health terror” as an instrument for governing what are called “worst case scenarios.” It is according to this logic of the worst that already in 2005 the World Health Organization announced “2 to 150 million deaths from bird flu approaching,” suggesting a political strategy that states were not yet ready to accept at the time. Zylberman shows that the apparatus being suggested was articulated in three points: 1) the construction, on the basis of a possible risk, of a fictitious scenario in which data are presented in such a way as to promote behaviors that allow for governing an extreme situation; 2) the adoption of the logic of the worst as a regime of political rationality; 3) the total organization of the body of citizens in a way that strengthens maximum adherence to institutions of government, producing a sort of superlative good citizenship in which imposed obligations are presented as evidence of altruism and the citizen no longer has a right to health (health safety) but becomes juridically obliged to health (biosecurity).
What Zylberman described in 2013 has now been duly confirmed. It is evident that, apart from the emergency situation, linked to a certain virus that may in the future be replaced by another, at issue is the design of a paradigm of governance whose efficacy will exceed that of all forms of government known thus far in the political history of the West. If already, in the progressive decline of ideologies and political beliefs, security reasons allowed citizens to accept limitations on their liberty that they previously were unwilling to accept, biosecurity has shown itself capable of presenting the absolute cessation of all political activity and all social relations as the maximum form of civic participation. Thus it was possible to see the paradox of organizations of the left, traditionally in the habit of claiming rights and denouncing violations of the constitution, accepting limitations on liberty made by ministerial decree devoid of any legal basis and which even fascism couldn’t dream of imposing.
It is evident — and government authorities themselves do not cease to remind us of it — that so-called “social distancing” will become the model of politics that awaits us, and that (as representatives of a so-called “task force” announced, whose members are in an obvious conflict of interest with the role that they are expected to exercise) advantage will be taken of this distancing to substitute digital technological apparatuses everywhere in place of human physicality, which as such becomes suspect of contagion (political contagion, let it be understood). University lessons, as MIUR has already recommended, will be stably online from next year; you will no longer recognize yourself by looking at your face, which might be covered with a mask, but through digital devices that recognize bio-data which is compulsorily collected; and any “crowd,” whether formed for political reasons or simply for friendship, will continue to be prohibited.
At issue is an entire conception of the destinies of human society from a perspective that, in many ways, seems to have adopted the apocalyptic idea of the end of the world from religions which are now in their sunset. Having replaced politics with the economy, now in order to secure governance even this must be integrated with the new paradigm of biosecurity, to which all other exigencies will have to be sacrificed. It is legitimate to ask whether such a society can still be defined as human or whether the loss of sensible relations, of the face, of friendship, of love can be truly compensated for by an abstract and presumably completely fictitious health security.
May 11, 2020
Giorgio Agamben

Amazing! Now I will share some tech ‘solutions’ as a result of the current pandemic, that will naturally apply to future outbreaks and solidified after pandemic 2 (Bioterrorism).



Boy, ain’t it great how all these companies have been working on technology that can just be ‘repurposed’ for the crisis, just like that? No, foresight at al... oh, haha my bad.


Truly a touching story. Hey, umm how’s your stock doing after the shift? Oh, and where’s your company located? Just curious.

And your company’s name is foresight?...

Okay, but what are the 4 main symptoms? You mentioned elevated temperature (not necessarily a fever) and coughing and fatigue (neither need the tech to detect). What’s the fourth main symptom? What are the other symptoms for that matter? They said it can detect up to 6 symptoms. Why can’t I find which symptoms those are?

Not to mention, the symptoms of coughing and fatigue. Neither of these need this tech to see. What if you sneeze in front of one of these things, will that sneeze be enough to find you being brought to a backroom for testing?

Fatigue? No one ever has a bit of that on their way to or from an airport. How about coming home after a long day of work? Will the tech know the difference between work fatigue and a viral symptom of fatigue? Doubtful!

Hey, but don’t worry if you can’t pass the covid detectors, which is all for everyone’s safety. Just think of your new found time in self-quarantine, as mini-staycation. Where you have time to give thanks to the tyrannica- err I mean benevolent dictatorshi-, no, wait, to big brothe- no, Bill dicGatership? Hmm, not quite. Ahh! To our technocratic bio-security overlords. Yeah! I think that’s about right.

I’m sure y’all are familiar with Bill Gate’s quantum dot tattoo and digital certificates, So I’m not going to include all that. Instead I will share a little paper by the EU on what essentially sounds like an digital vaccine passport for citizens. Followed up with some predictive programming for the quantum dot. Should be a lovely time. Enjoy!

Roadmap On Vaccination


Wow and that was from July 2019. Well before the pandemic and gates revelation.

If you haven’t seen the clip from the Netflix original “Stretch Armstrong and the flex fighters”. Just check this friggin one out. This episode is called “Masters of Order” (season 2 episode 9)

This isn’t the only interesting thing about this 2018 series. Just check out the titles of some of these season 2 episodes.




Think maybe they are spelling something out for the kiddos (or the adults living in a suspended childhood) here?

Here’s a scene from the movie Elysium (I haven’t watched the movie) that looks a lot like the quantum dot tattoo.

Now for comparison lets watch a video talking about the quantum dot tattoo, by some random dude I know nothing about.

🎵 Send in the Drones, those tiny, spying drones🎵

Ahh, drones. Don’t you just want to take a baseball bat and well... play a game of droneball perhaps.

I’ve covered the drones before, check out my livestream I did awhile back

Before you watch that finish this article. You’ve reached the part about pandemic drones. Oh, yes.

“Pandemic? We have a drone for that”



Have you ever read a Brother’s Grimm tale, like I dunno, Pinocchio? Just curious. Anyways, please continue.


Why would they be upset? I mean it’s for our safety, right? LoL I know I joke a lot, but this stuff is just so crazy! What are you suppose to say?

Again we see the repurposing of their (creepy) tech.

No really, these drones are not an invasion of your privacy, they just want to measure your heart rate, breathing rate, maybe check your core temperature. That’s all.

Clip from season 1 episode 1 of Omniscient. Pretty accurate depiction of our future with drones

If you don’t have any disease (or anything to hide) you have nothing to worry about. Never mind the fact that pre/asymptomatic spread is “very rare”.

All that I ask is that you try not to sneeze or touch your face around them.




Well that’s too bad, because honestly it would take some buzz to get me to go shopping anywhere nowadays. What with the plague of masktards sweeping across the land. Fack dat!

Let’s take a look at the company Predictmedix.

Oh, but wait. What is this?

Wait what? Are you telling me (what I already know) that your screening machine can detect asymptomatics cases and therefore Presymptomatics either?

Well, why do we need these machines? It’s not hard to tell if symptomatic person is infected and in all likelihood (nowadays) will not be shopping anyways. So why is this necessary? Oh, wait. I get it.

The screening tech is a total farce, because if you are presenting symptoms you hardly would need the screening machine to tell you that. So this is not about detecting illness and rather a machine for conditioning the masses into be good little sheep willing to endure the process of being screened wherever they go.

This is literally talking the horrible experience of going to the airport and bringing the airport to you, on your everyday shopping experience. This ‘new normal’ that is being created from this ‘crisis’, is really about creating an open air prison for everyone. Whom by default, are automatically covid-ed til proven healthy.

Right right, shut up now.


Look, I could go on forever. I could probably make a series just on the ‘solutions’ that will come from this pandemic and the next pandemic. It will never stop unless we reject it all completely.

I don’t want to have antiviral software in me. This is a gateway to transhumanism. It’s not my dream to live forever, especially if this is the future they want to create from all this insanity.

Honestly, who would want to live forever in a world that is being so twisted beyond what makes us human. Rewriting all that is natural and pure. No, this is a elite wet dream, that will never happen unless we all continue to allow ourselves to be ruled by fear.

If there’s a deadly virus that comes either naturally or through a 3D printer in the hands of terrorist, mad scientists, white supremacists environmentalists, whomever they will blame for the act. So what? It’s all about the terrorist.

What do I mean by terrain?






Hey, let me get in on this quote business. [Clears throat]

“You can’t kill me until you’ve taken my terrian” - VenomnymouS

How was that? Not bad eh? Hahaha.

I Thank you dear friends for once again devoting your time and attention to reading my thoughts and more importantly the information I presently here today. That’s it for today, until the next time.

Reporting from the BRAVE NEW WORLD, I am...


Sources and other links in the comments.


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