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I'm sure many of us remember this viral video from the Deadspin ThemTube channel, that did the rounds a couple of years ago. For those of us that don't, it was a video mash-up of a scripted and politicised message that was televised by multiple, local news broadcasters, which are affiliated with the Sinclair Broadcast Group. Here is the news mash-up, just for the memories:)


Unfortunately, the 'fake news' mantra has been heavily promoted and spread in a partisan fashion, when in fact there is ample evidence, that it's being massaged and manipulated by both sides of politics - when it suits them domestically, and weaponised against any foreign adversaries in complete lock step, when it suits the empire's needs. In general, it's a power game of spin, within spin, within spin.

The above clip, was originally uploaded to Deadspin's ThemTube channel on April 2, 2018. By the very next day, The Amazon CIA-Post, produced a video report and critique on the scripted broadcasts of the various local news broadcasters, with a heavy focus on the Sinclair Broadcast Group and it's connections to the Trump administration. Here it is!



Viewing and analysing these past clips, does serve us very well in hindsight when dealing with current news cycles. It allows us to get a historical perspective on the spin at the time, and apply it to the spin in the now, to get a better understanding on what story we are being sold, from a long game perspective.
The one thing we learned most from that video report, is that this type of scripted news reporting is "very dangerous to our democracy", which according to The Amazon CIA-Post, also "Dies in Darkness" because of that danger that is aimed at us all.
Whilst this is accurate in general, I'm sure that the Amazon CIA-Post has a great understanding of it's own scripted news reporting and how dangerous it can be, in view of it's very own connections to intelligence agencies and flawed reporting techniques!
Couriernewsroom has recently uploaded another mash-up of scripted news which was aired by 11 local news broadcasters...this time, produced and sponsored by Amazon through the deep pockets of Dr. Evil himselff, Jeff Bezos.


This scripted news segment, produced and sponsored by Amazon's PR team, was due to increasing pressure from both workers and shareholders with regard to the safety policies and procedures, directly due to the covid-19 outbreak. In reality, Amazon had plenty of safety and other issues with it's workforce, way before this outbreak took place, as has been reported in the past by various media outlets. Therefore, this scripted PR campaign is mostly an attempt to sway public opinion back in favour of Amazon and it's services.
You can find a pdf copy of the scripted news proposal that was pitched to the local news networks, here.

In light of The Amazon Cia-Post's then critique of the Sinclair Group's scripted news in 2018, it now finds itself in an interesting and awkward situation, given the release and exposure of this new mash-up of scripted news. Will they be just as critical and afraid of the "danger to our democracy" this poses, or will it be too inconvenient, to report on this at all. Maybe it will just be another game of chicken, played in the fake news arena. However one perceives it, you could definitely say that the ball is firmly in their court!




As always, have a great day and PEACE



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