Coronavirus Panic, Closures & Nonsensical Insanity Distracts From the Deadliest Virus of All

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After 10 days in the forest away from society, and outside of cellphone reception without internet access, I was in for quite the shock upon my return. It’s amazing how much can change in ten days, especially when the masses have been induced into a state of manufactured panic and fear.

The last coronavirus news I remember learning of just before ‘unplugging’ from the system for those ten days, was that the cost of a coronavirus test was over $1,000 for individuals without health insurance, and over $300 for people who do have insurance! I remember thinking this is insane, as this followed Trump signing an $8 billion coronavirus spending bill, and if that money wasn’t being spent to cover the cost of testing, then what on earth was it being spent on!?!? Little did I know, that was just the beginning of the insanity, and things would be ten times crazier just ten days later.

My first reintroduction to the coronavirus ‘story’ was on my last day in the forest before heading back to Silver City on my way to a new campsite, when the forest road I was camped next to was suddenly flooded with new camping parties that evening. One of these, a nice couple and my newe and closest neighbor informed me that the reason for this surge in campers here was due to a forest service closure of all campgrounds due to coronavirus - throughout the entire Gila National Forest (largest national forest in the country I was told) and presumably throughout the entire state of New Mexico, possibly even countrywide as the forest service is a federal agency.

Campers were told the closure was due to the risk of the spread of the virus on surfaces like picnic tables and outhouses, but dispersed camping outside of official campgrounds was still permitted, so of course people all diverged upon areas such as the one I was located where there were viable campsite areas outside of campgrounds. I was told by another couple who had just arrived that this was the largest concentration of people in one area they had seen in any of the places they had camped in New Mexico, and they had been camping in the Gila NF for a while.

So while the stated goal of the campground closure was to deter the spread of the virus, it actually pushed people who had once been widely scattered to become much more concentrated, which seems quite counterintuitive. Of course, focusing these efforts on such relatively sparsely used areas like campgrounds in the backcountry while there are still numerous high-traffic major operations up and running in the towns and cities doesn’t really make any sense to begin with.

After all, as I would find out the next day when I returned to Silver City, the Post Office was still open and fully operational - because apparently hundreds of pieces of mail coming from all across the country, passing through all the major population hubs of the country and even around the world, each piece of mail being handled by a number of people throughout its journey from sender to receiver, isn’t seen as a big danger or high threat of spreading the virus, but people using low-use picnic tables and outhouses in the backcountry somehow is. Further illustrating that this campground closure is entirely pointless and disingenuous is the fact that there are still countless forest service trailheads and trail systems wide open and in full use - complete with countless gates which must be opened and closed each time an individual passes through, but apparently such widely used surfaces in the forest only pose a high risk of spreading the virus if they are within a campground :)

Upon returning to Silver City, I quickly realized that many state-run operations had closed down due to the coronavirus, including the welcome center and library, but as I mentioned the post office which seems to pose a much higher risk of spreading the virus is still fully open for business.

A number of businesses are closed, but many others are open just as usual, while yet others are open with restrictions such as a maximum number of customers inside the store at one time at the local Co-Op, or limits on certain food items at Albertsons. Most restaurants and fast-food joints are only open for takeout and delivery. But at any other number of places it seemed to be business as usual, and one would be hard pressed to know there was any sort of pandemic anywhere around, if not for the large number of people wearing dust masks.

Odd, that people are in such fear of catching this thing that they will wear a mask everywhere they go, but apparently don’t bother to research which type of masks will actually be effective to protect them from exposure, as I have yet to see a single person wearing a fully sealed mask, let alone any type of eye protection, as the virus can enter through the eyes as well. It really doesn’t make any sense why people bother to wear any mask at all if it isn’t capable of stopping them from contracting the virus...

As far as food and toiletry shortages, Silver City has now gone two full weeks with no available toilet paper and paper towels at any store (that I’m aware of).


Toilet paper and paper towel aisles completely empty at Walmart, Albertsons, the other big grocery store in town, and I was told that the Dollar General was also out. Same story 11 days earlier right before I left, and still today, making two weeks. My new neighbors for my last night in the forest before I left hadn’t been able to find any toilet paper anywhere, despite several trips into town over the past week. I imagine stores still get stock in once a week, and it just sells immediately, but maybe there is too big of a demand that there is no supply left further up the chain, I’m not sure. Only glad I stocked up on toilet paper at the first sign of this when Wal Mart had run out but other stores still had some, as two days after that is when I noticed there was none to be found anywhere in this whole little city...

There are lots of food shortages as well, but not as bad as toiletries, and I was able to find everything I was looking for at least at one of the four different grocery stores in town. Wal Mart is completely out of rice and beans, low on most cans and jarred foods such as pasta sauces and peanut butter, and most places are low on dry goods including pasta and flour, if there are any in stock.

As far as I can tell locally, it seems like a lot of panic for nothing, misguided or mid-directed fear-based actions in the name of caution and stopping the spread of this virus, all while doing nothing to shutdown the places that would logically pose the biggest risks for exposure - such as hotels, the post office, and Wal Mart.

I certainly prefer a partial shutdown, however, no matter how nonsensical and backwards it seems, to the total lockdown other states have instituted. Funny how in the states imposing all-out medical martial law shutdowns, threatening fines and even jail time for quarantine violations, somehow the government officials appear to be above the ‘safety’ requirements, able to freely travel from their homes to government offices to make such announcements, while the media is clearly still allowed to be out and about, with police and military necessarily violating quarantine in order to enforce it.

I personally do not know of a single person who has contracted this virus, nor have I met or talked to anyone who personally knows of anyone who has caught it yet. Does seem odd how celebrities, sports stars, politicians, and members of the royal family are getting infected left and right, but as for the common people, not so much... They probably are out there somewhere, and myself along with dozens of others just aren’t in the right circles of people to know those who would know those who would know a single person who contracted covid-19, but the reality still sure doesn’t seem to warrant the reaction. Yet people are nevertheless in a state of clearly manufactured panic, fear and worry, thanks to the government and media of course, which are now coincidentally busy implementing their multi-faceted pre-planned agenda, taking full advantage of this ‘crisis’ to push their own selfish agendas.

Bankers are using the opportunity to push through a $2 trillion ‘stimulus’ package which Trump just signed into law, saying it was actually a $6 trillion package, but surely it will mainly ‘stimulate’ the government and corporate America to ‘save’ the economy, not those truly struggling because of loss of work due to business closures or medical bills due to coronavirus testing or hospitalization. In reality you can’t truly stimulate an economy with a massive devaluing of the currency, making this more like the largest highway robbery of the American dollar of the century, swindling the masses via mass counterfeiting of trillions of worthless (worth even less now) federal reserve notes. But the masses will be thrilled with that $1,200 or $2,000 ‘stimulus’ check they’ll be getting out of the deal, while the banks and giant corporations are given billions. Of course it is unlikely that either nontaxpayers or the homeless will be getting such a stimulus check.

Speaking of the homeless, while everyone is in total panic mode about whatever coronavirus related fear the media tells them to be panicked about in this moment, homeless panhandlers are struggling to collect anything, because people don’t want to handle money much anymore, and yet these are some of the most vulnerable to the virus having no home, insurance, access to medical care, etc. and likely won’t be helped by the government with any ‘stimulus’ money. I hope I’m wrong on that last point at least, for if the government and bankers are going to rob us all blind, the least they can do is make sure their measly consolation checks make it to the most needy of us all, those without even roofs over their heads.

‘Social distancing’ is the new normal, apparently, the hip phrase being circulated to advocate isolation, because when times are tough and those around us need a helping hand, and common sense along with a sense of community would tell us to band together, instead the best thing to do is keep your distance and not gather together with others to formulate plans to help each other, but rather beg or wait for the government to do it all for you (even though their efforts don’t seem aimed at stopping the virus, but rather rolling out a pre-planned agenda).

My first night back into cell service I got the daily Apple news update that informed me the number of confirmed cases of the virus in America had just surpassed every other country in the world, rising to #1. Sure enough, this is the news trending everywhere, the story the programmers want the masses looking and worrying about while a number of deadlier and more dangerous threats remain alive and well, and fully ignored.


I wonder if this had anything to do with the initial government reaction, incompetence and lack of preparedness for such an outbreak, along with the CDC refusal to test fiasco. Or maybe the numbers are just inflated; after all we know in China many of the ‘confirmed’ coronavirus cases weren’t confirmed, just rather people who showed the symptoms.

Regardless, there is an awful lot of panic going around, and tyrannical measures being talked about and imposed, all over a virus that to-date still hasn’t killed as many people as the common flu (influenza) each year, and which mortality rate is clearly much lower than originally hyped up to be.

In fact, after looking further into the available data, the UK health ministry downgraded the status of the virus threat, but the British government then went on to impose a nationwide lockdown anyway...


Just days before U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a nationwide lockdown to contain the coronavirus epidemic, health officials in Britain quietly lowered the official threat level for the pandemic, saying the COVID-19 virus did not meet the criteria to qualify as a “high consequence infectious disease” (HCID).

Speaking of agendas being rolled out, it isn’t just media-induced panic/fear, mandatory quarantines, medical martial law, strange choice of government establishment closures, awkward social distancing recommendations and massive spending bills on behalf of the rich banking corporate, government and banking elite, but also an under-the-radar rolling out of 5G while everyone is locked up or self-quarantined in their homes.

5G bill:


Trump just signed it into law amidst the manufactured panic and confusion. It “directs the president to come up with a plan for adopting secure 5G technology.”


Never mind all the health risks 5G poses, and the staunch opposition to it imposition by so many; because of the coronavirus panic, no one is noticing. And yet it appears that it is already being put into place, with reports of 5G antennas going up in Canada and all around world.

And then there is of course the push for forced vaccinations, with Bill Gates recently talking about a future where travel will be restricted to only those people who have certificates of vaccination...

So many agendas being pushed through that people would typically never stand for, but are rolling right over and accepting without question because of the coronavirus psyop, the manufactured state of panic and fear people find themselves in, with the whole ‘pandemic’ being hyped up and blown out of proportion for this very purpose.

People are in such a panic and in so much fear of this particular virus, which has still not yet surpassed the common flu for total number of cases, deaths, or death rate. Big Pharma opioids kill thousands of Americans every single year, not to mention vaccine-caused illness, but no panic over that and indeed a cheering on of Big Pharma coronavirus vaccine development. Same high number of deaths with car accidents and alcohol, but no rush to ban cars or whiskey, or a push to impose a nationwide lockdown on drivers or shutdown of drinking establishments over those ‘pandemics’.

Fear itself is probably the most dangerous virus known to the human race, causing people to accept and even cheer on any number of great evils, that when not under the influence of fear they would never accept or endorse in a hundred years.

And the deadliest virus known on planet earth is by far government itself - the state - the number one killer of humans in the last century, and that is excluding wars. Governments around the world killed 262 million unarmed people in the 20th century alone


And yet the people are looking to government for the solution to this virus, relatively minor in comparison to government sanctioned murder and war.

The US government that people are looking to for ‘solutions’ during this viral ‘pandemic’ itself killed over a million Iraqis in the post-9/11 war on that country between 2003 and today, a war based entirely on lies. In the previous decade US sanctions on the same country is estimated to have starved over half a million Iraqi children, a price that, in the words of one of these mass murderous government psychopaths, they think “is worth it.”

Where is the panic or outrage over 1.5 million dead Iraqis and thousands of Americans, all based on a lie, and countless more dead from the depleted uranium illegally used by the US in both Iraqi wars, not to mention injury to American troops themselves caused by the committing of this horrendous war crime, and the countless births of increasingly deformed Iraqi babies caused by the same depleted uranium?

This war crime has poisoned Iraq for the rest of time, and made innocent Americans who never even served sick for the rest of their lives, exposed to the radiation from those who did serve in the Gulf, the government doing their best to refuse to pay for the healthcare needed to care for the sickness caused by their own crime. There’s no panic over that, although an increasing number of innocent Iraqi children will continue to be born so utterly deformed they will not be able to function, or even make it into early childhood alive. That is multigenerational genocide and permanent radioactive poisoning of the earth, and people are in a panic over the coronavirus, which they claim at this point has killed 1,000 Americans - less than the relatively small Iraqi war alone killed.

Iraq is just one small example of the mass killing perpetrated by the US government, for there was also Vietnam and two world wars, and more recently countless Syrians killed by US-sponsored radical Jihadist terrorists, and we are still only beginning to scratch the surface of the death and destruction caused by this government virus plaguing humanity to this very day.

Anywhere you look in this country you can see those who are sick or dying all around you because of the US government, Big Pharma, Monsanto, the corporate Big Food industry poisoning us all, and the increasingly deadly American Police State, but yeah, go ahead and panic about the coronavirus, even though its effects are yet to be seen by nearly anyone.

Maybe that will change, and it will truly spiral ‘out of control’ to the point where average people will begin to see those around them become affected, but even still, it will never do the damage done by the US government, corporate America, Big Pharma, the military industrial complex and its imperial war machine, along with the rich global elite who have the power to save the whole world, but instead choose to starve it, destroy it and ravage it to satiate their own greed and maintain control of the earth’s resources.

Maybe it is time that people wake up, stop panicking and allowing themselves to be kept in a perpetual state of heightened fear over a mere novel coronavirus which will be here for a short while and then be gone tomorrow, and instead begin focusing on eradicating the far deadlier virus which was here long before and will still be here long after covid-19 has gone, stronger and more tyrannical than ever.

They feed off our fear, and sell us deception. Maybe it is time people wake up and realize they are being played like a banjo, and to instead of panicking free themselves from this virus called fear, stop feeding this mass murderous virus we call government with their consent, and live as free and loving beings, rather than as the mind-controlled slaves most have become.


yeah great writing ! welcome "back"... flee 5g and forced vaccination like the plague... you saw the people falling in the street in china with ncov2019-0.1? I guess you will not see many in italy, spain or usa in the coming weeks... even any...

why? 5g? certainly... direct energy weapon test? or simply effect of high pulse electromagnetic fields?

did trump arrest ghislaine? or fired jeff session to replace it with AG Barr son o the guy who hired esptein in the skool? I mean it's beyond loling... but the bottom? who knows...

Yeah Man. You got it. I've been sharing a lot about this too in my posts (more recently over on the new chain).

However, there is a way out. I hope you will investigate Matrix-8 to find out more and help free humanity from the chains of the powers that shouldn't be. Find out more here:

Your feedback would be much appreciated.


the powers that shouldn't be. lol, like ghislaine maxwell?


I'm completely in agreement with your observations regarding preplanned rollouts of 5G, various medical martial law and other societal control mechanisms, and the theft of the wealth of everyone not classed as a bankster, but not entirely comfortable with your apparent dismissal of the pandemic threat.

"...there is an awful lot of panic..."

I would appreciate your definition of panic.


My definition of panic in this scenario - something along the lines of the manufactured state of fear, worry and associated actions of the people, which has led to all of the above mentioned Big Government and banker-backed measures taken without question, the imposition of social distancing and other new (& absurd imo) social norms, and has incited people to act in ways no one would have imagined a matter of weeks ago - fighting over TP, mass shortages due to irrational hoarding, and societal shaming of anyone who dares violate the quarantines, social distancing or group limit recommendations or requirements (depending on location.)

You are correct in your assessment of my dismissal of the pandemic threat, as portrayed by the media and government. To be clear, however, I do not believe it is a total hoax, but is rather just being blown way out of proportion and massively overhyped. I don’t believe it is truly a ‘pandemic’ anymore than the common flu is a ‘pandemic’ every winter, and many medical experts are in agreement on this point.

If you check out my most recent post, at the very end there are links to 2 articles with a total of 22 medical experts, whose findings and opinions on the matter are in stark opposition to the generally accepted and MSM-pushed panic-inducing ‘pandemic’ narrative. The general consensus by these dissenting experts seems to be that this is no worse, or at least not much worse than the common flu, the official fatality rates are massively overhyped and in reality much lower than we are told, the majority of people who become infected have minor cold-like symptoms or no symptoms at all, mainly only the elderly are at serious risk (as with most illnesses), herd immunity is already being formed in the masses (there may even already be more ppl immune than at risk of contracting it), and the government reactions are both unnecessary and mostly ineffective.

Just two brief examples below.

Quarantine belongs back in the Middle Ages. Save your masks for robbing banks. Stay calm and carry on. Let’s not make our attempted cures worse than the disease. - Dr. Richard Schabas

Dr. Michael Levitt:

“What we need is to control the panic,” he said. In the grand scheme, “we’re going to be fine.”



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