"When Money Dies" ... Where do you want to be when shit hits the fan?

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When momentum stops, and we let go.. and completely break out lifelong patterns, we can be left seeing everything in a different perspective. All that time we spent running around, working hard, spending, buying things.. What was it all for? maybe there is a better way to live?

COVID19 is now a much more complex issue than may first meet the eye. Our governments, worldwide, have decided that the best way to handle this pandemic is to isolate everyone, regardless of consequences. It's worth mentioning that not all countries are doing this, and some more than others. I am writing this from Holland, where we maintain social distancing, but are absolutely free to go out at much as we please. Most shops are open, but not all, and yes it is Very quiet also! In the UK, or India on the other hand things are much more extreme. The purpose of this post is NOT to discuss whether those measure are right or wrong, but instead to discuss the implications and knock on effects. It seems very few people are discussing them.

$2,000 a month during COVID-19 pandemic In USA?


What a short term joy and relief right? That never happened before, who would have ever thought we would get FREE money? Meanwhile in England UK farmers desperately need people to pick fruit and vegetables. Let me ask you, what couch potato is going to go working hard in a field when they get free money? I believe this stimulus check will end up extending to the UK and many other countries. It is at least in theory a great support, but of course, a recipe for economic disaster.

What makes this draconian response all the more concerning is that it is not yet known if we will have herd immunity for the coming 2-5 waves of coronavirus over 2021 and 2022. If the virus comes back, which it will, we won't know if we have immunity or not. The response is therefore going to be, in my opinion, and from what i can gauge reading many sources of news, is that the lockdowns will continue at least for two years, if not indefinitely That doesn’t mean total lockdown, but it will mean something more like Holland has. It is free, but still it is a different world.

What seems clear is that this is going to go on for long enough that we will start to find other ways to live, mainly at home. There will be a surge in new apes that let us collaborate in every way. We will be able to start trading things with our neighbourhood using apps, and all kinds of interesting things.

We will have gotten out of the habit of a daily commute. Shops will have such low numbers that most will just close, there simply won't be as much reason to go to town. I can only hope that Amazon will get some decent competition, and i hope that will be several smaller companies that can service the world.

SO what i can see happening is that we will fully migrate most commerce to the digital world. It is about time really, even though i cant believe its happening like this. IF and when the dollar does die, most likely we will have a new digital currency. Everything and everyone will be tracked, they already are.. only now its public.

How will they phase these new laws OUT I wonder. Most of the things that were meant to be temporary have been permanent from the USA government. Even going back to the end of Gold being used to back the dollar. That was meant to be temporary. What about the stimulus package of 2008, and the debt accrued to prop up the economy. That was meant to be temporary but the debt never went down, and is now going up exponentially.

Who knows how long it will take for the repercussions of printing 10 Trillion + dollars will be. I’m not an economist, but i know it will take some time, perhaps a year or two. Just HOW will we evolve during that time? What will our lives look like in December 2021? Will we have just migrated our minds almost totally to the internet, or will we have woken up and gotten back to our roots. Will we finally, collectively, "Switch Off The Television Set and go do something less boring instead?"

In 1923, German currency became effectively worthless: the exchange rate in December of that year was one US dollar to 4200 trillion marks. The Weimar Republic was all but reduced to a barter economy. Expensive cigars, artworks, and jewels were routinely exchanged for staples such as bread. In desperation, the Bavarian prime minister submitted a bill to the Reichsrat proposing that gluttony be made a penal offence — his exact definition of a glutton being ‘one who habitually devotes himself to the pleasures of the table to such a degree that he might arouse discontent in view of the distressful condition of the population’.

What I feel at the moment is that Nothing makes sense, or feels right. Whilst the world sits back and takes a deep breath, i wonder just how long we can hold it! What will happen if and when the bubble does burst is up to you. I think its suddenly time to leave cities and start a new life whilst you can anywhere rural. Its a completely different world when you are away from the city. The best comparison i can think of is the Anarchist Zion Movement in the Matrix Movie, compared to those who live IN the matrix.

So i hope you all take a deep breath with me, because there is nothing we can do to change this.. we can only sit it out... and preferably choose somewhere nice to sit!

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We were supposed to be having a break in Amsterdam this week so I kept an eye on updates from the Netherlands. I heard today that there is now a lockdown and that you can only leave for essential food and medical reasons, not even daily exercise. We have postponed our break until October 🤞🏽

Getting out of the city is a good idea i.m.h.o.

Hey our thoughts and blog posts today are very similar. Mine was a bit more ranting and revolution than yours, though yours is more common sense, but we both touched on multiple exact same topics and themes in our deep dives. Retreat to the shelter in nature makes the most sense now, before the looting and anarchy arrive.

oh NICe! i will have a read of yours shortly!! thanks for letting me know..
yeah i try to tone it all down a bit .. especially if im not 95% sure about that im saying.. i try to find a balance that wont put everyone off ...

Good strategy there, makes lot of sense.