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RE: The Old Dog Presents: The Roots as Art. Rooart Contest!

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Regards dear friend @kus-knee.

I appreciate and value the work you have been doing with your art contests. I congratulate you brother!
These kinds of initiatives are the ones that add real value to the blockchain.

This time I will not participate because I really believe that I do not dominate the world of digital art. Also you do it in an excellent way!

I hope that you continue to promote this type of initiative. Cheers!

Your friend, Juan.


Thanks for the nice comment. Just a picture without editing is good too. So far no entries!

No entries?
Then I will invite my friend @carlosadolfochac to participate.

Thanks for your kind reply.
I hope you don't mind if I ask your opinion about "moving" to Hive. Maybe you plan to stay on both chains?

You may know that together with my friend @crypto.piotr we have created Project Hope Hive and have recently launched our own Curation Trail @project.hope. Our goal is to perform manual curation of quality content and we are proud to invite you to participate.

Would you mind checking our recent post please?

Thanks in advance.

Your friend, Juan.