Important info for those who are interested.

In this video, I cover the basics of how to keep your family safe around wild snakes, especially venomous ones. Understanding snake safety can really help anyone who lives in areas where snakes also live. From basic protective clothing, to reducing habitat and increasing education, a few simple steps just may safe your life, or the life of one of your loved ones.

The most important thing to remember is that most people are bitten when they are trying to either capture or kill snakes. Avoiding these two activities will exponentially reduce the risk of a snakebite, and remember that children should not play with wild snakes on their own. For parents who are comfortable with their children checking them out or holding them, I would recommend that parental supervision would be wise. Hopefully this video will help.


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Love the thumbnail and intro. Awesome job everyone!Good video too. Thanks much.

Great acting at the end. LOL! You're a natural.

My concern about vacationing in Arkansas is my eyesight. I can't tell the difference between a watersnake and a cottonmouth until I am WAY too close. I know about the pupils and the presence of the "pits" but I can't see that if I am crossing a stream and there is a snake in the water or on the shore. Any other advice? I like to swim in the lakes and collect water and cool off in the streams and simply try to notice by going slow and avoid either one.

Basically, unless you step right next to one on shore, they shouldn't present a problem. I've intentionally swam with them just to see what would happen.

Really?! Ok. Well, that does make me feel better. I like the really remote areas with a nice hike from the car so thanks. That helps. Like you said, perception vs reality. I'll still watch my step, LOL! Thanks bro.

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